08:08 – Meaning

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Mysterious energies of the universe always find ways to sneak up into our lives.

Since the first days of our life on earth, until contemporary time, we have been trying to understand signs these energies form and send us.

Mirror hours are a modern phenomenon, to say so, but they have equivalents in older ones. Mirror hours could be seen only on digital displays that show the time of the day.

So, if you thought our modern, fast, technological world has no place for mystical phenomena that maybe come from some other realm, you are wrong.

How many times has it happened that you took a glance at your phone display, computer toolbar with a clock or anything similar and you saw mirror hours? Mirror hours are when hour digits are the same as minutes.

It does not happen too often, but is not a strange phenomenon. Spiritual people would say these numbers are messages from angels or spirits or something else. In any case, mirror numbers are specific points in time that carry messages for a viewer. Why is time so important, in the first place?

Well, no one exactly thinks about it, but all the categories of time make our life structured, which is opposite to chaotic.

People measure and record time since earliest days of our existence. Even in prehistoric times, our ancestors lived according to time cycles. People noticed how patterns of seasons change with changes of skies, movement of planets, starts, whole constellations.

There are things we would perhaps never find out, such as, when the beginning of time was and what it was exactly. You can take any from religious point of view to purely scientific.

Nevertheless, we have started calculating, recording and measuring time long ago. We could say that civilized life has much to do with the invention of calendars and all. It helps to make a form of organized life.

You could see it both in micro and macro space. You know, as if when we say that it is time to study and then to eat and after all of it to go out or sleep or whatever.

Counting Time

Recorded, structured and measured time makes our everyday life meaningful. In far past, people started watching stars and planets, recorded their movement, associated it with changes of seasons and all. Some of the first calendars are very old.

Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations are known as masters of astronomy of the day. Ancient Babylonians, a marvelous civilization, invented the first mathematical calendar!

Another of amazing early calendars was Chinese calendar, based on the observance of the Moon. Okay, but calendars count years, months, seasons, not the time of the day. What about it?

How we ended up with our smart digital clocks and, with them, mirror hours? Some of the first clocks were sundials, based upon watching shades cast by the glorious Sun.

Oil lamps used by Chinese were prototypes of clocks; they would use them to measure parts of time, while sundials were the first to divide the day into particles of hours. Clepsydra or the water clock was another interesting invention.

First mechanical clocks originate from medieval times, while the most amazing example is definitely Astronomical clock in Prague. This magnificent mechanism is still working! Some parts of the clock are as old as early fifteenth century.

Finally, we ended up with far more advanced and practical way of recording and counting time. Our digitalized devices are easy to manage and carry around.

We know the time of the day wherever we go, which is a blessing as it is a curse. We are bound by time today more than we were ever before, it seems.

However, there is still magic in it. Let us see into mirror hours.

Mirror Hours

Only digital clocks allow us to see mirror hours. Mysterious forces that make the world go round perhaps use our digital devices as a channel. There are different explanations on what mirror hours exactly mean. How mirror hours look like?

They look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and so on, depending on how you choose your clock to display time (mirror hours could be 11:11 as PM time or 23:23; it counts all).

In any case, mirror hours seem as a coincidence, but the Jungian theory of synchronicity speaks differently. It challenges the idea of causality and it speaks about association between two simultaneous events, seemingly unrelated.

The association between them makes them meaningful, simply speaking. It all comes from archetypes that are part of the collective unconsciousness.

This idea of synchronicity opens up a truly amazing point of view. Take seeing mirror hours, for example. Without this idea, you could simply think of them as matching digits.

Once you take into consideration the idea of synchronicity, which implies there is something more, it gives mind the completely new field of exploration. Amazing, isn’t it? There are more mystical approaches to it.

Some say mirror numbers are messages from another realm, like from spirits of the deceased who watch over us or that they are messages from guardian angels.

Whatever you think about it, you cannot miss it out, if the number keeps occurring repeatedly or you all of a sudden start seeing different mirror numbers all over the place. In any case, it does have to be ‘all of a sudden’.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Seeing mirror hours happens on chance; you cannot make it happen. You could stare at your display and wait for digits to match, but it is not as if you have seen a mirror number. It comes when you least expect it.

The message behind certain mirror numbers is stronger if you keep seeing it all the time. You could see it anywhere around, it does not have to be only your digital clock.

So0mepeople see these mirrored digits everywhere, on their phone, computer, on a bus, in the shop pr elsewhere. Some even dream about the same number. What does it mean? Should you be scared?

Seeing mirror numbers is not a reason to be afraid, but to think more about yourself and your life. Mirror numbers are often considered messages from guardian angels.

Why would angels send you digital mirror numbers’ Angels use any channel possible to get in touch with people they care for and they find those easily. Guardian angels are immaterial, celestial beings that rarely take physical form and talk to us directly.

This is possibly because they are guides and guardians; they are not meant to change our destiny.

They send messages of hope, of guidance, of encouragement, but also of warning. They choose channels such as mirror numbers, because it is something you are most likely to notice and tray to understand.

As for understanding the true meaning, you could find it in angelic numerology, numerology and astrology, in the first place.

If you are not very likely to ascribe occurrence of mirror numbers to a source from another realms, you could probably take it as the widespread belief that actually relies on mystical connection between people.

Many believe that seeing matching clock hands and mirror numbers mean someone was thinking about them.

08:08 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 08:08 calls for relaxation and self-care, because number 8, if you look at it from the perspective of angel numbers, represents personal power, authority, prosperity, provision, planning, self-reliance, pragmatism, executive skills, self-confidence and many more.

Number eight has also to do with social relations, giving and receiving, compassion and love for humanity, but it is strong and very self-centered.

Seeing this mirror hour calls for exercising all of the is the best manner, which requires self-understanding, self-care and relaxed approach.

Number 08:08 comes to you as a sign of opportunities, especially in financial matters, achievements, success, self-realization.

Number 0 gives its full potential or erases it all. It is up to you to use your resources the best way possible.

What Does 08*08 Mean Spiritually?

This leads us to spiritual meaning of number 08*08. Wherever you see it, be it as a mirror hour or elsewhere, number 8 stands for what we have just described.

Number 8 has much to do with ego and one’s inner potential to achieve great things in life through their own work, skills, talents and strategy.

This number is about justice and trustworthiness. Number eight stands for what is constant, for control, especially self-control.

It is also about free will and authoritarian attitude, but it does not allow for exploiting others.

However, people who are connected with angelic number eight could be tough. However, they are usually down to earth, practical and persistent in their goals. In these terms, seeing it as an angelic message, in this combination means to pursue your goals bravely and that there is no reason for self-doubt.

In 08*08, we also have zero, which amplifies the effect of the 8. Zero represents infinity, the Alpha and the omega, as the beginning and the highest. Zero is nothingness, but not in a negative way.

It represents the universal widespread celestial energy. It is the number of opportunities. In the combination with 8, it offers opportunities for great success, if you manage to use your potentials correctly.

0808 in Astrology and Numerology

These numbers are amazing combination for achieving stability, material success, good social connections and great relationships with people in general.

Number 8 focuses more on material and 0 more on spiritual, so together, they make perfect balance. Since number 0 is far more transcendental, let us see more about numerological aspects of number 8.

Number 8 was highly praised by ancient civilizations, such as Babylon and Egypt. It was related to the energy of the Sun. Catholic Church considers it symbol of new life and resurrection.

For Pythagoreans this was the number of peace, prudence, balance and solidarity. In addition, number 8 is connected with the symbol of caduceus and its snakes, where it stands for harmony that only antagonistic forces create.

In many cultures around the world, since ancient times, until modern day, number 8 has been having strongly positive meaning and is usually associated with fortune, abundance, wealth and luck in general.

In China, number 8 is considered especially auspicious number; even apartments containing number 8 are pricier than others.

Fun fact about Chinese lucky number 8 is that Olympic Games of 2008 hosted by Chinese began at 8th of August (the eighth month) at 08:08:08 pm.

What to Do If You See 08:08?

Well, if you believe Chinese obsession with number 8 as very auspicious sign, you could consider yourself very lucky about seeing 08:08.

Of course, think about this zero, because it is a number of beginnings and endings, of opportunities that are infinite. It means you could be extremely successful or not at all.

This number is also a reminder to take good care about yourself in general, to nurture good relations with people and diligently to work on your plans.

Since number 8 has a lot to do with ego and self-reliance, while 0 reminds of infinity, nothingness and fullness, opportunities for both, this could be a good reminder to reasonably approach to realization of your plans and not be arrogant r too proud of yourself.

This number suggests you are an independent personality, so even if you have lost your confidence, it will be restored.

Quick Summary

Mirror number 08:08 is a good sign, in general. Number eight is commonly associated with karma, so if you keep seeing this combination, it is a reminder of your decisions and actions, in a way.

Seeing this mirror number should reminds you of all of your qualities, but also of ways to use them.

Remember that bad sides of 8 are too high Ego, superiority complex and the will to dominate all. Zero reminds that there are always two sides of that coin.