1042 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Some people think of angels as of pure energies of the universe, divine, formless energy, in very abstract sense.

Other people love to think of angels as beautiful winged heavenly beings, imagined in a perfectly beautiful human form.

There were warrior angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim and other orders and offices of angels. Guardian angels could be any angels.

Angels are ethereal beings; it is said that they could take a form as they like.

They are not bound by physical limitations like we humans are, but certain boundaries of time and space apply to angels, as well.

Angels are messengers, just as their name, that is, the term angel, says. It comes from a Hebrew word for ‘a messenger, later translated into Greek angelos.

These beings are of spiritual nature, in essence closer to human souls than human bodies, created by God and obedient to the heavenly law.

It would be better to say that angels serve the laws of heaven by their own desire and will, since they are free to choose, they have free will, although this question has been debated since ever.

Angels have their hierarchy, some of them are well-known by their names. Angels are higher beings than humans, considering their closeness to the divine source and their specific abilities.

Regardless of the exact concept of angel you take, let us talk about guardian angels.

Whether perceived as a flow of the divine energy or a beautiful winged spirits, guardian angels are there, watching over us.

Guardian Angels

First, let us just tell that guardian angels were not a class or an order. They simply have the task to guard you, one they take willingly and gladly.

Each human being has a guardian angel.

We could have more guardians, according to some sources and those guardians could come and go. However, some guardian angel would always  be there.

Guardian angels listen to our voices, whether on a subconscious or conscious level.

They would hear you, even if you do not address them directly, even if you were unaware of the contact with angels.

Most of people do not think about it at all; yet, guardian angels listen and answer, offering us precious guidance.

Now, one thing should be clear. Guardian angels do not offer a direct, concrete help or solution. They actually help you find your own way.

What angels do is making us realize what we are capable of; surprisingly or not, most people are unaware of own potentials and opportunities in life.

While guardian angels would not stop anything from happening or jump in to prevent you from making a terrible decision, they would send you messages of guidance.

If you pay attention, you would start noticing signs along the way and those would possibly be of tremendous help. What are angelic messages and how do they work?

Angelic Messages

Angelic messages are all kinds of signs our guardian angels choose to send us.

Those could be simple signs of blessing and support, such as a beautiful white dove on your window, a pleasant sound or a melody, an interesting trinket coming out of nowhere or whatever else.

Some people collect playing cards, others constantly dream the same song, some others see shapes in the clouds.

All these could be angelic messages and, what is most important, these messages are never meant to harm you.

If you ignore them, well, nothing bad would happen because of that, but you could have avoided or resolved unpleasant situations by paying taking them into consideration.

Certain types of messages are extremely powerful.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers fall under the category of very powerful and meaning full messages.

Each number has a specific vibration: numbers are vibrations alone.

A single digit number sent to you by guardian angels usually carries a very straightforward message and a very strong vibration.

Multi digit ones are complex, especially those of four or even more digits, such as number 1042 here.

Such angel numbers are loaded with meanings and represent a set of carefully intertwined vibes.

Guardian angels know what number to send you. How will you know if it was an angel number in the first place?

Angel numbers are characteristic by their consistent, repetitive occurrence in the life of an individual.

If you start seeing the same number or a numerical sequence at work, at home, on a bus, on the street, in books, on your mobile phone, on your laptop screen or wherever else, there is very likely something more than a coincidence in it.

Any number could be angelic, even if some appear insignificant and very common, even uninteresting, if we could be that harsh.

Angel Number 1042

Such is the number 1042. Apart from resembling a medieval historical year, this number does not appear particularly alarming.

However, if you keep seeing it all around, look into it, search for its meaning.

If you were interested into medieval history, well, look into the year; the past repeats itself more often than we think.

However, the general meaning we will find in angelic numerology. This number is complex and so its message has more levels. We shall deconstruct it and analyze systematically.

Let us begin with its constitutive elements and see what message they form when put together.

Angel Number 1042 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1042 consist of 1, 0, 4 and 2. On another level, it consists of two numbers, 10 and 42, that is, 1 and 6, according to the practice of summing up the digits, until reaching the core number.

On a base level, all digits summed up equal number 7.

Number 1 represents the self, the first, beginnings, goals, ambitions, optimism and drive, courage and motivation, authority and self-confidence.

Number 0 reinforces vibrations of other numbers, being associated with the god force, the infinity, all opportunities and potentials that could be, with wholeness, but also with emptiness.

Number 4 represents order and organization, loyalty, dignity, honor, preservation, traditional values, honesty and responsibility, discipline.

Number 6 represents nurture, care, compassion, family, home, unconditional love, self-sacrifice, selflessness.

Together, 4 and 6 create an incredible bond and stand for traditional family values, love for homeland and compatriots.

Number 7 represents the inner self, the spiritual, spiritual journey, awakening and enlightenment, philosophy, research, learning, mysticism and knowledge, isolation, searching for purpose, ascetic life, solitary life, search and pursuit for knowledge, for divine wisdom, spiritual growth and development, vision, being ahead of this time.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1042

Meaning behind this angelic number is complex and layered and it is a mirror of you as a person.

You are quite an unusual fellow; you have impressive inner depth, you are intrigued by the unknown and you think ahead of the time.

At the same time, you have strong bonds with your own family, your land, tradition and you respect order.

Your personal strength is sometimes torn between the two seemingly opposing parts; you struggle to reconcile the two, but do not actually know how.

This is an amazing, though a challenging angel number. Your guardian angels want to help you connect the two.

The problem is that people who are stretched in this way by their own nature often think as if something was wrong with them.

The truth is different; it tells about the depth of your personality, not of limitations.

You are capable of seeing values in your fantastic and unusual ideas, your daring spirituality and philosophy and traditional, well-established and already determined values.

You should take it as an advantage, because you have a much wider perspective than many people do.

Angel Number 1042 and Love

Generally, you lack self-confidence, because you feel a bit torn from within.

You probably have to step away from so much thinking about it and enjoy simpler pleasures of life; love of another person, for instance.

You should let someone get closer to you, without taking things too seriously.

Most likely, when you meet someone, you start thinking about marriage and future or become too philosophical for your own good.

There are times you should simply let it all go and surrender to romance.

You could find needed courage in sharing simple pleasures of life with another person.