6161 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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What are angel numbers, you may ask. Angel numbers are blessings from our guardian angels.

We could talk about them in such a kind manner, since angelic messages, be they in form of numbers or letters or any other shape, are always essentially good and sent to us with a good intentions.

Angels watch over us and they see we make out the best we can. Angels are different from us in their ethereal essence, but they understand our nature.

Before we move on to interpreting particular angelic numbers and see into this type of angelic messages, let us talk about angels.

What are they? Are angels actual entities, embodied in beautiful forms we depict in paintings, in literature, in religious works and elsewhere? Why do we imagine them that way?

Angels are, by essence, immortal and immaterial. It is believed they were created by the Most High principle, the Deity, God.

If you search throughout historical accounts, religious texts, religious beliefs and systems from around the world, very soon you would ‘meet’ angels or some spirits, ethereal beings that resemble the Abrahamic idea of angels.

Angels are believed to be ethereal spirits of light, benevolent, that love humankind; nevertheless, powerful and strong.

Angels are divine messengers and this is exactly what their name, the term ‘angels’, mean. Angels have but the most divine task; they carry the deity’s messages, watch over our earth, take care about humankind.

Since we are imperfect in this earthly life and exposed to many influences, most of those created also by ourselves, angels are there to guide us and help us return and pursue the path of goodness.

They do not interfere with our lives directly nor do they act in our place. Angels would like us to figure out the best course of action and thinking by ourselves.

In other words, they help us find the goodness within, influenced by the goodness that come from heavens. Angels are good, loving and caring spirits, on a mission from the Divine Principle. This is why many people believe angels are beings with no free will.

Angelic Guardians

This belief is not entirely true, if we see into religious texts and sources. There are many sources that actually prove angels are immortal spirits with free will.

They chose to follow the path of righteousness, as they firmly and wholeheartedly believe, if angels had hearts, that God is good and that their ultimate purpose is to follow his ways.

They were never forced to do so. The story of the fall of angels perfectly illustrates these ideas.

The unfortunate fall of the third part of the Heavenly Host, as interpreted from Christian religious sources, with similarities to be found in other ones, proves angels could chose to sin, to stray from God’s path, to revolt and do things out of their own passions.

Moreover, they could freely act. The proud archangel, once known as Lucifer, was told to have rebelled against God and fell, forever exiled from Heaven.

Regardless of the dire consequences that fell not only upon rebellious angels, but also on humankind, the story proves angels definitely could act out of their own will, even if it opposes the Deity.

Why this matters to us and our story about guardian angels? Well, guardian angels are those ‘good’ ones, obedient in the gentlest sense.

These good angels do not choose do spoil humans and do harm them for their purposes; they willingly guide and help us.

Whether our misfortunes and difficulties come from some outer forces, our fallen nature or represent some kind of a punishment or a lesson, our guardian angels help us improve ourselves.

The question proposed has been a subject of countless debates ever since and we would not enter it this time.

Here, we would like to talk about the ultimately positive aspect, our heavenly guardians and their messages.

Angelic Numbers

We have already mention angel numbers are messages from heavens to people.

Angel numbers are specifically chosen single numbers or numerical sequences that our personal guardians send to us. They choose numbers as a powerful and practical channel and medium.

Numbers are everywhere; modern approaches to understanding angelic roles often combine pseudo sciences, spirituality and religion. This, numerology and guardian angels are often seen in a connection.

In numerology, it is said everything consists of numbers. Numbers are the tiniest particle of the existence, in a way. They are abstract and they vibrate with energies of cosmos.

Angels are also beings of pure energy; they ‘understand’ numbers more close than we do, perhaps.

They know how numbers resonate. Therefore, they use this knowledge and numerical energies.

Numbers are everywhere around us. It is interesting that we would understand that one number represents something different from thousands of numbers we see and pass by every day, to say.

Angelic numbers repeat themselves; angels make sure we get them. You could start seeing the same number all around.

It would catch your attention and you will probably end up searching for a meaning behind it.

Angel Number 6161 – Interesting Information

Speaking of which, let us interpret angelic number 6161, since this is your message from a guardian angel.

This angel number is a complex one and your angels have a reason to choose it. Let us see into its structure and composition.

This number is consisted of two numbers, six and one and they are repeated, so they also hide specific undertones. We will see into it later on.

The first number is that of 6. Number 6 represents balance, peace, harmony, family, domesticity, protection, honesty, justice, provision, grace, reliability and dignity. It stands for values that make this world a balanced place, as much as it is possible.

Number 6 represents harmony within, balance between personal integrity and tolerance and love for others.

Number 1 is different, as it speaks mostly about an individual. It represents ambition, self-confidence, energy, action, force.

It stands for achievement, success, bravery, power, authority and competitiveness. Number 1 also represents the start, new beginnings, and new opportunities.

In short, it represents the start and the goal and gives one inner power to endure the journey from one to the other.

It is also the number of fame, fulfillment, glory and omniscience. One is about inventing a reality for yourself.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 6161 thus represents a message of universal contrasting forces within a human being.

It represents our two sides, in terms of our personal needs, our strivings to make out the best only for ourselves and our love, tolerance, affection and sharing with other people.

Number 6161 is about finding balance between needs of others and your own. People often tend to neglect other’s needs out of fear they might lose personal integrity.

We choose to focus on ourselves also because of our deeply suppressed inner fear, the loneliness and helplessness.

At first, it sounds paradoxical, while it is not strange at all. We are afraid of being dependent and helpless if all others were gone. We push away others and reject their affection, because we think it would be the best to get used to being alone.

Number 6161 tries to teach a different lesson. It suggests there can be balance between these two. It is natural for us to make connections, to relate to other humans, on an emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and so many other plans.

Being connected does not make us weaker; it, in fact, makes us stronger.

It makes us humans, beings fully conscious and aware of our abilities, our weaknesses of course, but also our incredible advantages.

Number 6161 in Love

Number 6161 sends exactly the same message when it comes to love life, specially the family and romantic aspect of it.

Do not reject people that show affection towards you. Do not refuse your partner’s kindness, their emotional help and support in times you feel a bit down.

Yes, you could probably do all on your own, but your lover’s gentleness would not weaken you.

Do not be cold towards them; maybe it is they who find comfort in your arms and they need it, but you do not happen to see it, because of your own insecurities.

Facts About Number 6161

Now we come to 6161 undertone. If you sum up these digits, according to numerology practice, you will end up with number 5.

Number 5 is an extremely interesting one. In this balanced combo, it represents a needed creative power, individuality that is unafraid of connection.

Number 5 is about personal freedom, but also openness towards others. It represents adventurous, pleasure seeking spirit, friendliness, sharing, vivaciousness and kindness.


Angel number 6161 represents a true blessing from your guardian angels.

You may have been feeling a bit lost lately, as if you are unsure where your emotions would be directed. The answer is, everywhere you feel.

Do not suppress them out of fear of dependability, weakness or future helplessness. Do not think in advance in a negative manner.

We all lose something in life, but we should not think about it all the time and imagine such scenarios.

Be where you are and pursue optimistic ideas. Be there for your loved ones and allow them to be there for you.

This is the ultimate message of 6161. Do not be afraid to be a human who loves him or herself, but who also loves others.