11:10 – Meaning

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Synchronicity is a phenomenon first noticed by Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychologist. Synchronicity, also called meaningful coincidence can be described as a series of events without apparent connection but still being related with some joint meaning. This phenomenon happens into every person’s life, but most people refuse to acknowledge it.

Repetitive signs and symbols are signs of synchronicity. The Universe and our guardian angels stand behind these events. Even though it might be hard to believe for many of you, the Universe and our guardian angels have an important role in our lives.

We are constantly given signs and guidelines regarding the paths we should take or decisions we should make. Our guardian angels carefully watch over us and our lives making sure we don’t make any mistakes and make the right decisions.

Because we have free will it is up to us whether we will choose to ignore their signs or embrace them and implement them in our lives. We hold the responsibility if we choose to miss the opportunities we are given by the Universe.

Our guardian angels don’t interfere in our lives often. They choose the most important moments to convey some message that will help us in some way. They often warn us about possible danger we could encounter, or prevent us from harming ourselves either with our actions or with our decisions.

Their messages can be a great advice in situations when we don’t know which way to take or what to do. They could also be supportive and encouraging confirming us that we have chosen the right path and doing the right things.

When they want to grab our attention, our guardian angels keep sending us the same sign or symbol, or making us experience the same event repeatedly. They often use numbers and hours as their means of communication with us, mostly because the numbers they keep showing us have specific meanings which they use as a message to us.

At first, when these signs begin appearing in our lives, most of us, especially those who are not acquainted with angelic communication can become frightened or worried about the things they are experiencing.

In the beginning, seeing repetitive numbers or looking at the clock at the exactly the same time every day might seem funny and interesting, but after many repetitions the person could become scared and worried about the meaning of the events they are experiencing.

This is a completely normal reaction because we all fear the unknown. The angels will keep repeating the same sign until they make you look for its meaning. Some people refuse to do it and they miss the benefit that this message could bring into their lives. For those who do want to listen to the angels, it is important to decipher the message they are showing them.

If you are being contacted by your guardian angels which keep making you see certain numbers or hours, you can decipher their message by deciphering the meaning of the numbers which are being shown to you.

Hours and mirror hours are their common way of communication. These are hours created by mirroring hours and minutes which give them extra power. And, if the triple mirror hour 11:10 is the one you keep seeing lately, prepare to discover its meaning.

11:10 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

The triple mirror hour 11:10 carries a strong message from your guardian angels and the Universe. If you now read this text, you or someone close is probably wondering what seeing this hour frequently means.

This hour is a sign to be careful of your thoughts. Don’t think about unwanted things and try to think only about your desired outcomes. Fill your mind with optimism and enjoy every moment of your day.

Don’t allow negative people influence you in any way. This is a good time to manifest many of your desires and it is important to maintain your trust that everything will unfold in your desired direction.

This mirror hour indicates opportunities to achieve your desires. Be alert or you might miss some important ones. Some doors might close during this period, but for sure some new ones will open for you.

You need to be patient and thoughtful with your decisions and don’t allow yourself to rush into things without giving them enough thought.

What Does 11:10 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour 11:10 resonates closely with the guardian angel Lehahiah, which is an angel of calm, tranquility and good luck. When this mirror hour starts appearing in your daily life, this is a sure sign that good luck will follow your current and future actions.

This guardian angel will help you build your patience and calm your nerves to be able to wait for the manifestations of your desires. He will also help you maintain your calmness when dealing with rude people.

The guardian angel Lehahiah will also help you deal with people who are prone to deception or are unfaithful.

He will also help you overcome any resistance towards people and situations and make you accept any situation without a problem. If you encounter obstacles Lehahiah will help you overcome them.

Lehahiah is the guardian angel which rules cooperation, authority, order, obedience, and discipline. He will help you gain these traits and learn to be loyal to those who deserve.

This guardian angel will teach you to become more responsible and honest, to appreciate kindness, sincerity, and reliability, as well as to become more sincere, reliable and kind.

He will get you acquainted with the Universal laws which will make you understand some things with more clarity. You will have his support to establish peace and stability in your life. He often appears to people who struggle with these issues and live in uncertain and conflicting living conditions.

He helps the person to understand the need to free themselves from such unhealthy conditions and he helps them do that.

If you suffer from superiority complex, Lehahiah will help you get rid of it and make you more stable and less self-consumed. He will teach you cooperation and diminish your competitive drive.

Also, if you are confronting situations such as betrayal, infidelity, cruelty, impulsiveness, rejection, he will help you get out of these situations with minimum harm.

The mirror hour 11:10 is a reminder to focus on the goals you have and don’t waste time on irrelevant things. The angels encourage you and ensure you of their help along the way.

They ask you to keep your thoughts positive and don’t allow negativity creep in.

11:10 in Astrology and Numerology

The triple mirror hour is a combination of energies and influence of the numbers 1, 0, 11, 10, 111, and the number 3, which is the sum of the digits of this hour (1 + 1 + 1 + 0 = 3).

This hour could also be interpreted through the meaning of the sum of the digits of the hour and minutes, which in this case form the number 21 (11:10 = 2:1 = 21).

The number 1 symbolizes power, success, initiative, ambition, progress, leadership, independence, individuality, stamina, new beginnings, strength, freedom, motivation, confidence, self-expression, spontaneity, adventure, egotism, assertiveness, creation of your reality, creativity, achievements, etc.

The number 0 is a symbol of wholeness, eternity, infinity, oneness, the beginning and the end, ending of cycles and beginning of new ones, continuous cycles, God and the Universe, spirituality, spiritual evolvement, opportunities, potential, chances, etc.

It contains the energy of all other numbers and amplifies the strength of other numbers.

The number 11 is a Master Number talking about a higher purpose in life and our soul’s mission. This number is stimulating the person to embark on a path of pursuing their true life purpose and mission.

It helps the person go within and discover the reason beneath their existence on this earth.

This purpose is often related with the help this person could somehow provide for humans and humanity in general.

This number resonates with the energy of awakening of one’s spirituality and reaching spiritual enlightenment. This number has a powerful vibration. It indicates the development of the person’s intuition and their psychic powers. It helps you trust your inner strength and rely on your abilities.

The number 10 is a symbol of our dual nature, both spiritual and psychical. While the number 1 is materialistic and firmly stands on the ground, the number 0 is the supreme number of spirituality and symbolizes our connection to the other realms. It indicates new beginnings, which always come after endings of cycles, relationships, etc.

This number is an encouragement to start pursuing your goals. It ensures the success of your actions and fulfillment of your desires.

This number reminds us that we are the creators of our life’s circumstances and we bear the sole responsibility for the satisfaction or dissatisfaction we feel about them. You have all it takes to make your dreams become your reality.

Trust that all is possible, and begin following your dreams. That is, one of the messages this number is sending to you.

The number 111 has a powerful energy and represents the manifestation of our dreams into reality. It combines the vibration of the Master Number 11 and the number 1. This number is asking us to discover our soul’s purpose and put in the energy to accomplish it. It symbolizes spiritual evolving and reaching enlightenment.

It is a sign that we have reached a point where our thoughts are manifesting into reality quickly; that is why, we need to be aware of possible negativity that we are keeping inside because we might unwantedly attract the things we don’t want.

The number 111 is a sign to go through your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations and get rid of all the ones which don’t serve your purpose. It asks you to be optimistic and expect the best.

This is the time to start fulfilling your desires. Have faith that everything will unfold perfectly. Discover your true desires and put in the efforts to achieve them.

The number 3 is a symbol of independence, freedom, expansion, adventure, growth, creativity, spontaneity, self-expression, communication, sociability, encouragement, energy, manifestation, determination, and skills.

This is also the number that resonates with the energy of the Ascended Masters.

The number 21 symbolizes change, transformation and progress. It is a sign of improvements that are coming. If you have been struggling previously, this number is a sign that things will change for the better.

It is a sign of help from the Universe to overcome some major problems and obstacles. This will help you clear the path towards your goals.

This number is asking you to pay attention to the circumstances around you because they could give you the answers to the questions you have. It also reminds you that it takes effort to take you where you desire to be.

The number 21 is also a sign that your sense of responsibility will improve. It could indicate your desire to serve and help others selflessly and without asking anything in return. It is a sign of communication and sociability.

The number 0 is a number of the planet Pluto which rules the sign of Scorpio. The number 1 is the number of Sun and the sign of Leo. The number 3 is the number of the planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius.

The triple mirror hour 11:10 is a sign to be aware of your thoughts and get rid of all the negative ones. This hour announces a period when your thoughts are manifesting into reality with great speed.

Use it wisely and think only about the desired things and outcomes. You have the support and guidance of the Universe and your guardian angels.

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What to Do If You See 11:10?

Seeing the triple mirror hour 11:10 is a good sign from the Universe and the guardian angels.

It reminds you to be patient and think thoughts of growth, prosperity, success achievements, etc.

Have faith that things are unfolding favorably for you and don’t let any negativity disturb it.

This mirror hour announces a time of fulfillment of your desires and goals and you should use it wisely.

Don’t be afraid if you encounter any obstacles because you will be guided and protected from your guardian angels. You will be presented with many opportunities and make sure you use the most of them. 

Quick Summary

The triple mirror hour 11:10 is a wonderful sign sent to you by the Universe and your guardian angels.

They want you to be happy because your desires will soon be materialized in the form you desire.