11:16 – Meaning

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Signs from our guardian angels start appearing in our lives during some important moments in our lives. They respect our free will and don’t interfere with their influence unless they estimate that it is very important to do that.

These are usually moments when we are in some kind of danger, or we struggle to make a decision, or solve a problem, or we worry whether we have made the right choices and following the right direction. Their influence is reflected in the message they are sending us through the signs they are making us see frequently.

Many people don’t believe that the Universe and our guardian angels have any role in our lives. Most people don’t believe in the existence of angels and they usually ignore their messages as something irrelevant and not worth their time and effort.

With such attitude they miss the opportunity to make improvements in their lives or solve some important issues, but it is their choice and the angels respect it.

It is not easy to believe in the existence of beings from other realms of reality and it is not strange why some people refuse to acknowledge it. Still, many of them decide to change their mind when they encounter with the persistent attempts of their guardian angels to seize their attention.

Our guardian angels can be very persistent when they want to grab our attention. They will keep showing you the same sign until you become aware of it and start wondering about its meaning.

When they start sending us signs, they usually choose signs that are certain to catch our attention. Their sign can be a song we like or a sentence that means something to us, or also a special name that has significance for our lives.

They also use other signs, such as repetitive hours or numbers. These signs are a very common means of communication the angels use. The main reason they use them is the easiness with which they could convey their message to us.

Numbers all have specific meanings which they use as their message.

If you started seeing repetitive numbers or number sequences, or looking at the clock at exactly the same time day after day, there’s no reason for you to be worried. Trust that the angels are working in your favor and give their message a chance.

If the signs are repeating frequently, it is likely that you are being contacted because they have something important to tell usually regarding some current issues you are facing. When you decipher the message you will be amazed how accurately it fits your current life circumstances and needs.

You need to try to decipher their message, and if you have been seeing the hour 11:16 a lot in the past days, you have found the page to find out about its meaning and discover what your guardian angels are trying to say.

11:16 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

If you are reading this text about the 11:16 mirror hour, it is likely that you have been seeing this hour a lot these days and your curiosity, fear, worry, or some other feeling made you start looking for its meaning.

What you are experiencing is an attempt of your guardian angels and the Universe to contact you in order to deliver you a specific message.

The message they want to communicate to you is hidden in the specific meaning of the numbers contained in this triple mirror hour. Mirror hours are hours where the numbers of the hour mirror the numbers of the minutes. In the case of the hour 11:16 we have a triple mirroring of numbers.

That amplifies the energy of the number which appears three times. Triple mirror hours are a powerful message from the Universe and the angels, and should not be ignored.

The specific meaning of the numbers contained in the hour deliver a message related to specific areas of our life, or general messages about our personality or current problems we are facing.

The mirror hour 11:16 brings a message related to the subjects like family, kindness, help, support, humanitarianism, creativity, idealism, home, self-expression, philanthropy, etc.

What Does 11:16 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour 11:16 resonates closely with the energy of the guardian angel Lehahiah. With the mirror hour 11:16, this angel encourages you to put in the effort to finally achieve your goals.

This hour is a guarantee that you will be secured at your job, and you could expect advancements and promotions at work and in your career as well. This mirror hour could signify professional success and it is a good indication of success in your current professional endeavors.

If you have some plans to improve your career this is the time to start taking actions in that direction.

The guardian angel Lehahiah will give you support in all your actions related to your work and career. If your desire is to work independently, this angel will help you make that transition without much struggle and difficulties.

If you have been disappointed with the circumstances in your life and you find it difficult to be hopeful and optimistic about your future, Lehahiah will help you overcome the fear and worries.

He will help you regain your faith and fill you with optimism, and release all negative feelings and thoughts.

The triple mirror hour 11:16 could also be a sign that the time has come to reap the fruits of your efforts in the past. If you have been expecting some reward or acknowledgement of your worth, it is likely that you will receive them in the upcoming days.

Lehahiah can help you gain support from people in high position and those who can help you in achieving your goals. He will create for you the opportunity to meet these people and make the best impression so they will be more than willing to offer you their help and support for your endeavors.

When the hour 11:16 starts appearing this could also mean that a period of calmness is entering your life. Lehahiah will help you find peace and release resentment towards some people.

He will help you forgive for the things they’ve done to you and move on with your life without turning back.

This angel could help you in calming your nerves and temper, and begin controlling your reactions. If you are prone to angry outbursts and inconsiderate behavior Lehahiah will help you change and become more tolerant and show more respect to the people around you.

The most important is that this angel will help you release all negativity from your life, whether in the form of thoughts, beliefs, past hurts, people, etc.

He will help you get rid of negative and toxic emotions, like anger, resentment, sadness, animosity, jealousy, aggression, etc. He will also help you get rid of any egotism and superiority complex you might possess by realizing how useless these traits are for your life and personal growth.

The guardian angel Lehahiah could also help you get in touch with your intuitive side. You are able to feel the feelings of people around you and sometimes read their minds. Listen to your inner voice and guidance.

Often Lehahiah will be speaking through this voice. He will help you sense the insincerity and false intentions of some people in your vicinity that will help you get rid of their presence.

Sometimes when you start seeing the hour 11:16 it will be a calling from Lehahiah to begin pursuing your artistic interests and using your gifts and talents. This hour indicates good luck following all your actions.

11:16 in Astrology and Numerology

The mirror hour 11:16 consists of the energy of the numbers 1, 6, 11, 16, 9, as well as the number 27, being the sum of the digits of the hour and minutes.

Being a triple mirror number where the number 1 appears three times, the energy of the number 1 is amplified.

The number 1 is a symbol for individuality, independence, freedom, self-confidence, ambition, initiative, success, progress, leadership, accomplishments, manifestation of desires into reality, energy, power, egotism, etc.

The number 6 symbolizes home, family, unconditional love, gratitude, selflessness, harmony, balance, compromise, idealism, humanitarianism, material needs, enthusiasm, helping others, self-sacrifice, etc.

The number 11 symbolizes higher purpose and our soul’s mission. It is a sign that you need to start pursuing your goals and following your soul’s purpose. If you don’t know what your soul’s purpose is, it is important to go within and listen to your intuition to give you guidance.

People who resonate with this number often have a purpose in life somehow related to the improvement of humanity and helping people. It is also the number of spirituality and spiritual development. It indicates the development of your spirituality and intuitive abilities.

The number 16 symbolizes introspection, wisdom, independence, intuition, philosophy, perfectionism, self-confidence, solving problems, setting goals and pursuing them, family, love for study, beauty, gaining knowledge and wisdom, etc.

The number 9 symbolizes philanthropy, tolerance, humanitarianism, universal love, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, lightworking, lightworkers, charity, intuition, self-sacrifice, life’s purpose, soul’s mission, wisdom, spirituality, spiritual awakening, strength, helping people, humility, altruism, empathy, ideals, etc.

The number 27 symbolizes development, self-expression, and creativity. This number is an inspiration to use your imagination and intelligence to reach your goals. It asks you to trust your originality and potential.

It could indicate overcoming obstacles before reaching goals. It could be a sign of receiving some good news soon. This number symbolizes our soul’s purpose and confirms that we are following the right direction.

In astrology, the number 1 rules the Sun and the sign of Leo, the number 6 rules Mercury and the sign of Gemini and Virgo, while the number 9 rules all planets and signs.

As a combined influence of the energies of the numbers in the mirror hour 11:16, this hour sends a message of following our souls’ mission in this life.

It is a sign that we’ve made some good choices and discovered our purpose, but it can also be a sign to start discovering your soul’s purpose and following it. This purpose is often related to self-sacrifice, humanitarianism, helping others, etc.

What to Do If You See 11:16?

If you have recently started seeing the triple mirror hour 11:16, and you have doubts and worries about the meaning of such events, you should stop the negativity immediately.

This number is a sign from the Universe and your guardian angels which are sending this sign to convey to you the message of Universal love, spirituality, our true soul’s purpose, love for humanity, helping others, sacrificing for others, our family, etc.

When you start seeing this hour frequently, your guardian angels might be asking you to seek within and discover the purpose of your existence on this planet. What is the mission you were meant to accomplish?

In the case of the triple mirror hour 11:16 the meaning is often related to matters of helping humanity and serving people in general whether they are a part of our own family or our community, or doing something for the benefit of humankind.

Trust that you have the right guidance from your guardian angels and don’t ignore their messages. They are specially designed to help you overcome your doubts and worries and focus on achieving your goals.

It is likely to have some important revelations about yourself and your purpose when this hour begins to appear frequently in your life.

Follow your inner guidance and start following that path. It will lead you to the place where you are meant to be. 

Quick Summary

The angels are our invisible guides. They watch over us and our actions and react when they realize that we need their help. They use signs to attract our attention and often these signs are repetitive hours.

If you are seeing the mirror hour 11:16 often don’t ignore it because it carries a very important message for you and your life. The message is related to your souls’ purpose and mission and the right path you need to take.

Listen to the voice of your inner guidance because it will give you all the answers you need about the actions you need to take. Your guardian angels will speak through it.