14:44 – Meaning

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People are generally aware of the visible reality and they don’t consider the possibility of other realities existing parallel to our reality. Some go so far as ignoring such possibilities and only acknowledging the existence of beings such as angels and things they can see and touch.

For these people it is not easy to accept the fact that they are being contacted by beings from other dimensions. They begin noticing the same repetitive pattern of signs and symbols appearing in their lives but they don’t know their meaning.

The usual reaction people have is fear and worry because of the possible significance of these events for their lives.

Angels are mythological and religious beings who are intermediaries between people and God, but also protectors and guides of humans. Our guardian angels are always in our proximity, watching our actions and protecting us from harm.

They rarely appear in person and they use subtle methods to avert our attention, such as sending us signs and signals repeatedly. They respect our free will and usually don’t interfere in our lives unless they consider necessary.

Their messages can have many different roles. They can represent guidance, advice, warning, encouragement, support, etc. It is important not to ignore them and acknowledge as something significant for our lives. We need to put in effort to decipher the meaning of the signs they are sending.

Our guardian angels carefully choose their signs to fit our current needs and they know what we need because they are always present in our lives. Their message is created to help us in the current moment, whether it is to overcome an obstacle, make a decision, get encouraged and supported to continue on the chosen path or avoid some danger.

If you keep seeing, or in some other way experiencing the same sign repeatedly, be sure that it is your guardian angels contacting you because they have something important to tell you. Be open to receive their guidance because it will benefit you immensely. Upon deciphering their message you will be amazed how accurately it fits your needs.

Our guardian angels are very persistent when they consider that we need their message.

They keep making us see or hear the same thing as long as it takes to realize that it is not a coincidence. They use symbols and signs, such as animals, feathers, and birds appearing in different occasions and places, repetitive words, sentences, songs, repetitive numbers or number sequences, repetitive hours, etc.

They often use numbers and hours because they are a simple way to convey their messages.

Numbers all have specific meanings, which the angels use as a message. If they show us a sequence of numbers or hours the message will be a combination of meanings of the numbers contained in the sequence or hour they keep making us see.

Our guardian angels often use hours, especially mirror hours to deliver their messages to us. Mirror hours are hours where the hour numbers and minute’s numbers mirror each other. Triple mirror hours are those hours where one number appears three times.

When they choose to use hours as their sign, our guardian angels keep making us look at the clock at exactly the same time.

At first, it might seem interesting, but after a while this occurrence becomes disturbing to most people who don’t know its meaning. That is usually the moment when people begin to look for explanations.

This is probably what you are doing right now. If you or someone who is close to you is seeing the triple mirror hour 14:44 repeatedly, now is the time to find out its meaning.

14:44 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Seeing the triple mirror hour 14:44 is a very important message from the universe. This hour speaks about the need to be patient and determined if you want to achieve your long term goals.

It is an indication of establishing stability and a solid base for your future and the future of your family. It indicates that you will need to take on some responsibility and become more dependable.

This hour also brings a message of the need to be grounded and know exactly where you are headed. Your guardian angels are on a mission to help you gain financial stability and provide for your future.

They will help you alleviate fears about your financial wellbeing. It is important to prevent negative thoughts from arising.

Don’t allow yourself become overwhelmed with fears and worries about your finances because you will attract more reasons to be worried about. 

What Does 14:44 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour 14:44 resonates with the energy of the guardian angel Seheiah. He is the angel of longevity and stability.

He appears in your life through this mirror hour to confirm that you will be blessed with a long and healthy life, filled with satisfaction and happiness. He also confirms that you will have his protection from any kind of disaster and accidents, such as lightning, accidents, and collapse or illness.

Seheiah will help you develop the gift of clairvoyance and become able to predict future events. With his aid you will heighten your intuition and you will learn to rely on your intuitive insights.

Your instincts will become sharper and you will instinctively know who and what to be aware of.

He will help you develop an ability to predict events and get ready for them before they happen. You will gain wisdom and be able to apply it to your everyday life and benefit from it.

This guardian angel wants to reassure you that you will have his guidance and protection in all your endeavors.

If you are going through a process of recovery, the guardian angel Seheiah assures you that you will be completely recovered and that your health will immensely improve. If you have some health issues, this hour is a sign that you can expect improvements in the upcoming days, especially if you have digestion problems or problems with your spine.

Expect to find calmness and balance within yourself as well as in your outer circumstances.

Seheiah will protect you from anxiety, fears, careless decisions, trouble, and illness. He will help you find balance and satisfaction. He will help you to get rid of negative energy from the people in your surroundings.

If someone is jealous at you or has some bad intentions towards you, Seheiah will help you become aware of their feelings and remove this person from your life.

14:44 in Astrology and Numerology

The triple mirror hour consists of the energies of the numbers 1, 4, 14, 44 and 58. The dominant energy of this hour is the energy of the number 4, which appears three times in this number and is also the sum of the digits in this number (1 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4)

In astrology, the number 1 is the number of Sun and sign of Leo. The number 4 is the number of Uranus and sign of Aquarius.

The number 1 in numerology symbolizes new beginnings, success, progress, achievements, initiative, ambition, individuality, independence, moving forward, power, energy, manifesting dreams into reality, achievements, determination, confidence, self-sufficiency, new ways of doing things, leadership, moving forward, assertiveness, etc.

The number 4 in numerology symbolizes movement towards your goals, practicality, determination, creating foundations, system, order, organization, enthusiasm, truth, consciousness, hard work, patience, tradition, responsibility, integrity, traditional values, honesty, passion, drive, efforts, etc.

The number 14 in numerology is a combination of energies of the numbers 1 and 4. It symbolizes manifesting your goals and desires into reality patiently and putting in a lot of energy and effort.

It is the number of balance, harmony, independence and enthusiasm. It requires maintaining an optimistic outlook on the future and expecting only the best.

The number 44 in numerology doubles the energy and influence of the number 4. It is the number of stability, support, solid foundations, strong will, determination, perseverance, and achieving success through hard work.

The number 58 is a sum of the digits in the hour and minutes part of the triple mirror hour 14:44 (1 + 4:4 + 4 = 58). This number could be a sign to deal with the causes of anxiety you are becoming overwhelmed with.

If you are feeling depressed or stuck for some reason it is advisable to confront the cause for your emotional state. Otherwise you will keep building the pressure.

The combination of these energies is a sign of progress and achievements which come as a result of efforts, patience, and hard work. This is a great sign from the Universe, confirming that you are on the right path and heading towards the achievements of your goals.

Your physical and emotional state will improve, and you will get rid of anxiety and worries regarding your health and financial future.

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What to Do If You See 14:44?

Seeing the triple mirror hour 14:44 often represents an encouraging sign from your guardian angels and the Universe. Your angels are supporting you on your chosen path.

They ask you to be patient and get rid of negative thoughts and people from your life. Try to choose the most practical ways to achieve your goals.

This mirror hour is a sign of a gradual progress and fulfillment of your desires. You need to have an organized approach and carefully plan your actions.

Don’t be impatient and try to rely on your inner guidance to give you the answers you seek.

You don’t need to be worried about any outcome of your actions. Know that you are guided and supported by the Universe to achieve all your goals.

Quick Summary

Seeing the triple mirror hour 14:44 is a sign of support from the Universe and your guardian angels which confirms that you have chosen the right path.

Listen to your inner guidance and intuition to decide your future actions. Don’t allow worry and doubt to overwhelm you and only imagine the best outcomes of all your activities.