21:12 – Meaning

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When we keep seeing the same hour on our watches day after day it is almost impossible not to think that these events have some particular meaning for our lives. The phenomenon is even stranger when we see mirroring numbers.

Most people become obsessed with the fact that they keep looking at their watch at the same hour almost every day and in some cases daily and they want to know their meaning.

These events do have a significant meaning and they are usually a message from their guardian angels and the Universe.

They have a special way of combining circumstances when they want to convey some message to us. They use symbols and their meanings can decipher the content of their message.

When they use numbers and hours as their symbols, the content of their message can be deciphered by discovering the meaning of the numbers which are a part of the particular hour we keep seeing.

The message we discover upon deciphering the meanings of the numbers usually incredibly resonates with our current life situation. These messages often carry some important answers and advice we should listen to.

It is important not to neglect these signs and do all best to decipher them. The Universe can be very resourceful in finding ways to get through to us. If we choose to ignore some of its ways, the message will certainly find some other way to reach us.

But it is smarter not to waste time and listen to the guidance the Universe provides for us. 

21:12 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hours or twin hours are hours where the hour corresponds to the number of minutes (like 22:22). They can also be reverse mirror hours. Seeing these hours can be a very important message from your guardian angels, and therefore they should not be neglected.

Our guardian angels are always present around us and are watching over our lives.

They often react when we are in danger, sending us warning messages or preventing us from doing something that could potentially harm us. They can also give answers to some doubts or questions we have.

The reversed mirror hour 21:12 appearing in our life has a great significance for our life. This hour is carrying a message regarding our family, idealism, optimism, and our creativity.

When it starts appearing in our life, this hour is reminding you to release your fears from the future and trust in your ability to achieve your goals. You have what it takes to fulfill your desires and you need to have faith in yourself.

Trust that you will receive help in your endeavors when the time is right.

When you start seeing this hour repeatedly, you could experience a sudden urge to begin a relationship with someone or fearing to enter a relationship with someone because you believe it won’t work out.

You could be experiencing some very strong emotions and having difficulties controlling your behavior.

This hour often starts appearing when the person is infatuated by someone and would do anything to be with them. If this is happening to you, maybe you feel that you are doing things like canceling all your plans just to see or be with this person.

You could completely be neglecting yourself and putting the other person before you. This behavior could prove to be counterproductive because it might scare the person.

This number could be a reminder to begin controlling your reactions and don’t let the other person see how obsessed you are with them. 

What Does 21:12 Mean Spiritually?

The angel number 2112 combines the energies of the number 2 and 1, as well as the number 6 as a sum of all the digits. The number 2 and 1 also appear twice, which amplifies their energy and influence in this number.

This number makes a combination of digits with strong energy.

The number 2 is a number which represents the power of duality, partnership, relationship, love, companion, cooperation, kindness, sociability, helpfulness, service, harmony, adaptability, faith, trust, indecisiveness, doubts, and balance.

This number also represents the fulfillment of our soul’s purpose and mission.

The number 1 is a number of leaders, ambition, success, initiative, strength, confidence, assertiveness, motivation, independence, new beginnings, individuality, creativity, and seizing opportunities.

The number 6 symbolizes family and home life, harmony, selflessness, stability, balance, compassion, reliability, responsibility, solving problems, service to others, empathy, honesty, integrity, nurturing, providing for others and caring for them.

As a combination of these different energies, the angel number 2112 represents a message from your guardian angels to change some of your old habits and don’t allow some old beliefs and ideas keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward towards your goals.

You should also get rid of the past if it’s blocking your progress. By clearing the space and getting rid of negativity you will create space for new and prosperous things to grow in your life. You will open the doors to new opportunities and fulfill your desires.

Expect some life changing events that will change the way you look at things.

Nothing is stagnant and things are constantly changing; you should always keep that in mind. This way of looking at things will enable you to adapt and accept the changed circumstances with ease and joy.

Expect the angels to help you with hints and advice on what to do and which choices to make. They want you to remain on the right track and follow your life’s mission. Only if you serve your true life’s purpose you can be truly happy and satisfied with your life.

By devoting your life to fulfilling your soul’s mission you will be an example for others to follow.

This angel number indicates the need to have a balanced and stable approach in all life situations. You should also need to work on your self-confidence and maintain an optimistic attitude and outlook on things.

Whatever you do and whatever the circumstances are, you should always visualize and expect the best possible outcome of your actions.

The reversed mirror hour 21:12 could be a message from Mehiel, the guardian angel. This guardian angel symbolizes protection as well as inspiration. He also protects you from malevolent forces and bad spirits from other realms.

This angel helps you in improving your skills of imagination and writing skills.

He will help you gain a deeper understanding of things and the way the Universe works. He will also improve your intellect and cognitive skills.

This guardian angel encourages you to have faith in your abilities. You can certainly achieve everything you can imagine and this angel wants you to believe in that.

He will support you and aid you in restoring your strength and energy. He will also aid you in fixing your problems and resolve your difficulties.

If you tend to get overexcited, Mehiel will help you in calming down and changing your approach towards things and situations.

If you have a tendency to seek other people’s approval and confirmations of their love, he will help you build your confidence and self-esteem so you won’t need to be constantly reassured by others of your worth. You will know your worth without anyone telling you that.

The message of the number 2112 is love. Often this number appears in your life to prepare you to experience the love you have desired for a long time; it could also be a sign of divine love from above, sent to you to reassure you that everything will be alright.

This number could be a message from your angels reminding you to open up to new experiences and people. Don’t allow your past hurts to deprive you of the happiness of experiencing joy in the company of people. Not everyone is bad or inconsiderate.

There are good people who are worth giving a chance. You should allow yourself to heal and move forward with your life.

This number could be a sign from the Universe asking you to stop denying your pain and hurt. Acknowledge their existence and confront them so you could release them and move on with your life.

When you have cleared the space in your heart, and learned the lessons from your past hurt, someone new will appear possessing all the qualities you as a transformed and healed person desire. 

21:12 in Astrology and Numerology

In numerology, the reverse mirror hour number 21:12 is a combination of several numbers: 21, 12, 2, 1, 3, and 6.

The number 21 symbolizes luck, success, stability, and satisfaction. It is the number of adventure, creativity and happy endings. The number 21 is also considered the number of perfection.

This number is the number of loyalty, trust, courage, law, civil rights, and true friendships. It is also related to some courageous acts and bravery.

Often this number is related to defending the weak and unprotected. It is also the number of honesty, sincerity and keeping the word and promises.

This number is also related to books, numbers, taxes, testaments, laws, and unwritten laws of human societies. With the number 21 is related with some animals such as the lion, the wolf and the eagle.

In esoteric terms, this is the number of the physical and mystical tasks and difficulties through which the initiate needs to go through and accomplish so he can experience transformation and true growth.

The number 12 is also a significant number with great symbolism and significance. In many culture the 12 year marks the entering of the child into an adult age. It is the beginning of puberty and overall transformation of the person from a child into an adult.

It symbolizes the obstacles the person needs to go through in order to reach that stage of final transformation and growth. Many cultures have initiating rituals performed when the child reaches 12 years old, to mark their entering into adulthood.

The angel number 33 (21:12 = 3:3 = 33) is a very powerful number. It embodies positive energies of success and good fortune.

This number is the number of creativity and ensures the success of your creative endeavors. This number gives the person the gift of communication and sociality.

They don’t have a problem making new acquaintances and meeting and socializing with new people.

This number derived from the reversed mirror hour 21:12 indicates the development of your altruistic side. You might begin paying more attention to the needs of the people from your surroundings and offering your help to them.

Especially the ones you care about deeply will benefit from your rediscovered desire to nurture and take care of others.

This number often appears during periods when we become attracted to doing some counseling or volunteering work or even a career in medicine.

The angel number 33 coming from the reversed mirror hour 21:12 appearing frequently in your life is a proof that your efforts won’t be futile. You can expect your guardian angels to be by your side and help you in your efforts.

This number appearing in your life is a sign that you will be blessed with the gifts of optimism, courage, and enthusiasm needed for you to accomplish all your desires. You can expect the support and love of your guardian angels as well as the people who are close to you.

Nothing will stand between you and your desires. If you have planned some projects for a long time now is the time to take actions to begin materializing them. Don’t have any doubts or fears because it is certain that they will be a success. Expect only the best outcomes and results.

This number is a sign of stability and harmony in your relationships with other people, especially the ones that are close to you.

Expect harmonious relationships and feelings of mutual love between you and your loved ones. Your contacts with others will be inspiring and rewarding.

This number is asking you to relax in the knowing that you are divinely guided and protected by your guardian angels and the Universe.

You can freely embark on the adventure of manifesting your dreams into reality knowing that they are destined to be a success. You will be armed with optimism and courage and you won’t lack the strength and endurance to finish all your goals. 

What to Do If You See 21:12?

If you have recently started seeing the number 2112 everywhere or you keep looking at watches at exactly 21:12, you must be wondering what that means. We explained most of the meanings and significance of this number appearing frequently in your life.

When this number begins to appear to you on a regular basis, it is a calling for you to start thinking about your true purpose and heart’s desires and begin working towards manifesting them into your reality.

This number is a calling to begin thinking about your needs and expressing them to others, instead of constantly putting your needs on the last place.

This number is asking you to boost your confidence and self-esteem as well as to gain trust in your abilities to achieve all of your goals and desires.

It is also a calling to begin opening up to people and start making new contacts.

That will broaden your views and make you become more approachable and able to adapt to various circumstances and people.

This number also reminds you to release the past and leave it behind. Forget about all your hurts and begin trusting people because most of them do have your best interest in mind. 

Quick Summary

The reverse mirror number 21:12 might come as a surprise to you when it starts appearing in your life.

It is important not to ignore it, but acknowledge its messages and apply them to your life.

Opening up to new experiences will bring you to a newfound happiness and satisfaction in life.