06:06 – Meaning

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Mirror hours are something most of us have been in touch with, although some would simply take them for granted and cast them away as a coincidence, while others would wonder about their deeper meaning.

In any case, mirror hours are magnetically attractive, especially if they keep repeatedly occurring in our life.

The same applies to numbers, numerical sequences and patterns that seem not wanting to leave us alone.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are definitely a proof that magic still lingers around, even in our modernized, digitalized world. Spirits of celestial spheres, energies of Universe will always find their ways and we will, perhaps, never understand how.

Be it as it may, mirror hours are a contemporary phenomenon, since they are bound to our digital gadgets. In other words, only digital time displays could present with mirror hours.

The older equivalent to mirror hours, in terms of mysterious interpretations and beliefs, are matching clock hands. They are ‘active’, as well. Mirror hours are of similar meaning, though they only look differently.

Mirror hours look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 et cetera. There are variations, such as triple mirror hours, for instance. Moreover, the same digits you see on your time screen, could be seen elsewhere.

One of the widespread beliefs about clocks hands and mirror hours is that it means someone was thinking about you.

There are interpretations of so-called love hours, in which each of these matching hours is related to a message regarding romantic encounters and generally love relationships.

However, there are other, deeper analyzes and interpretations.

Mirror Hours and Numerology

Numerology and astrology are two tightly bound disciplines and usually mentioned together, as it is in our mirror hours articles. Mirror hours are associated with both, especially the latter. They are presented in form of numbers.

Numerology, as it is, represents the science of numbers or a pseudo science, since it deals with the abstract and spiritual.

According to numerology, each person has their personal birth number that decides upon his or her destiny path or at least gives a frame to it.

Numerologists claim that a personal number affects even the character and personality of an individual, gives an insight into person’s talents, capabilities, potentials, affinities and else, which the one possesses as their advantages and disadvantages.

Since ancient days, numerology has been practiced as divination; it has long been a practice to predict important future events. Many people are fascinated by meanings of the numbers, associating them easily with things happening around or to them.

With time, several methods of calculating birth numbers have been developed.

When it comes to mirror hours and numerology, the connection is clear. Each number has specific meaning, so seeing certain number all around is considered a message. It does not have to be one’s birth number, but any number.

Of course, repetitive, distinctive numerical sequences as those seen in mirror hours are special; they attract our attention and make us wonder about the meaning behind.

It is the same as seeing numbers in dreams, for example. Dream realm has its specific vibration and in dreams, things work on a different level from that in reality.

Dreams are considered portals to worlds beyond our imagination and all motifs occurring in dreams are considered meaningful, according to dream interpreters.

Numbers are already meaningful, so seeing them in dreams or in reality, but in a strange manner, such as mirror hours phenomenon, hides special messages. One type of numerology is especially interesting to us, regarding mirror hours. It is angelic numerology.

Let us find out what is it about and how can it help us understand mirror hours.

Mirror Hours and Angel Numbers

Esoteric, spiritualists, and many others interested in the realm of mystique, magical and out of this material world believe that each person has their guardian angel or more of them.

Angels are believed to be immaterial, immortal, ethereal entities that watch over us and see that we do the best we can in our life. In angelic numerology, the idea of angels as not having free will is prevailing one. They do not interfere with our lives directly.

They are our divine protectors and guardians. They send us messages that should help us discover our potentials and feed them. They would not stop bad things from happening, but they could help us discover the way not to come to harm.

Angels send us subtle, meaningful sings that should serve as divine support, guidance and love.

Mirror hours are strongly associated with angel numbers. If you have noticed the same numerical sequences have been appearing around you of late, it must not be a coincidence.

If you dream about the same numbers, hear about them, read them, see them on your clock or elsewhere, it could be a message from your loving guardian angels.

You may ask why these wonderful celestial spirits would use numbers to send you a message. Everything in the world has its own vibration; numbers, as well. Moreover, we express everything in numbers.

Angels, just as the Universe itself, understand the language of vibrations. They choose numbers, because numbers are what we are very familiar with.

Next time you see digits on your screen matching, search for numerological meanings of numbers and those from the domain of angelic numerology. Those are the same meanings.

Mirror hours are one curious manifestation of divine forces operating through special channels in order to offer us their support and guidance.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Continuing in style of angelic numerology, we would say mirror hours are a modern variant of angelic messages. They could occur only on your digital screen, whatever it might be. We have them all around and it is very unlikely that a modern, urban person would be unaware of the hour of the day.

However, curiously, mirror hours attract our attention in a special way.

They ‘happen’ accidentally. Say you took a glance at your phone to see if it was time to meet someone or whatever else. Suddenly, there are mirrored digits. You might take it simply as a coincidence; most of people would do so.

However, if it keeps repeating and you start seeing the same sequence all around, it could be something more than a coincidence.

You may want to discover the meaning of the sequence and see if it could be of help. One of the interesting theories that are less mysterious than that of angel numbers is the theory of synchronicity.

According to it, there are, in fact, no coincidences and all events must be meaningful. Seemingly unrelated events might get perfect sense once associated.

Thus, seeing mirror hours could be easily associated with your current life situation, once you have analyzed the meaning of the numbers. It could be a true blessing. The meaning of mirrored numbers is very useful; it could point out things you have neglected or were unaware of.

It could help you change something that is to be changed or more passionately work on things that are very good.

06:06 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 06:06 sends a message of the importance of rest, silence, harmony and peace. These are essential to any person’s life, although we sometimes tend to mistake them for laziness and apathy. That is entirely incorrect.

It is true that in our fast modern world, such things have become luxury and thus associated with those who have no other things to do. Well, it is not like that.

Rest and peace are important to each one of us. Without these, we burn out; we exhaust our resources, our strength and our enthusiasm.

They are short lived, if there was no time to rest, regain our exhausted strength, think patiently and wisely about things and bring ourselves into a mental balance. It does not mean you have to deprive yourself of all activity and thinking.

This is basically a message to slow down, with everything. Your soul, mind, heart, body all need a bit of rest. Times of rest and times of activity make for a good, well-lived life, not the constant rush.

In modern world, it seems that some fear of the rest lingers on, as we would lose something if we stop act, act, and act. The truth is, we cannot act wisely, if we do not allow for a time of silence and rest.

What Does 06*06 Mean Spiritually?

Numerical sequence 06*06  consists of numbers 0 and 6- zero represents infinity and eternity, overall existence, both void and fullness, wholeness and emptiness.

It represents all and nothing. It is a magical number reminding us that we are all parts of the same cosmic energy that makes life and all things. In a way, energy of zero is karmic, cyclic, ever-flowing.

Number zero amplifies the energy of the digit it stands along; it amplifies its positive vibration.

Number 6 is the number of balance, harmony, calmness, peace, tolerance, mutual understanding, emotional depth, compassion, self-sacrifice, humanitarian spirit, simplicity, justice and protection, amongst other meanings.

Number 6 is about protecting those you love, seeking inner peace, understanding the world around you, through people around you.

Numbers zero and 6 remind us of the importance of nurturing human relations, as a mean of stability, of balance and harmony. Zero and six remind us of the beauty of connection, communication, being at peace within yourself and in harmony with living beings around you.

Vibration of this combination is peaceful, calm, but not weak. It inspires self-confidence and stability that come from the harmony within.

0606 in Astrology and Numerology

As seen from the perspective of these magical disciplines, numerical sequence 0606 could reveal us the undertone of the whole message. It is number 3, since the sum of the digits gives 12 and 1 plus 2 equal 3.

The vibration of number 3 is exactly what is needed for this message to be complete. In contrast to 6, number 3 is more energetic, youthful, enthusiastic, restless a bit, very imaginative and highly creative.

It gives this wonderful combination enough inner flame that would not allow the peaceful, calm energy of six amplified through zero to leave us in the comfort zone. It sparks up original ideas and makes us act.

The overall tone of the combination, on the other hand, will not allow enthusiasm takes everything over and make us act impulsively and do things at all cost.

What to Do If You See 06:06?

If you keep seeing mirror hour 06:06, do s your heart tells you. One who receives such a number from their guardian angels, from heavens alone, or as a part of overall cosmic synchronicity must be an intuitive person.

This means you already feel as if there are things that should be done.

You probably feel deep down inside that you need a time of rest and silence, in order to regain your inner peace or to find it. Do as your intuition tells.

Quick Summary

The message that comes with mirror hour 06:06 is a balanced and a positive one. It is to remind you of the importance of finding inner balance, in order to be in harmony with the world and people around you.

At the same time, it supports your creative mind and helps your imagination.

By allowing your body, mind and soul to rest, you allow the imagination to flourish and inspire you with original ideas.

Relax, take as much time as you need, trust your intuition nurture good relations with people and simply enjoy life.