20:02 – Meaning

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When you keep seeing the same hour often and in some cases daily, that certainly steers your imagination. You will start wondering what that means for your life and whether it has any meaning at all.

The experience is especially striking when you see a repetitive hour pattern on a digital watch, which is the kind of watches we mostly use today.

The same hour usually keeps appearing until we finally realize that it’s not a coincidence and must be an important message for us. For those who have been experiencing these events lately, know that they are not by chance and that the Universe is trying to convey you something.

The Universe can use different signs to communicate to us. It often uses the people we come across with, whether the ones we know or complete strangers and gives them the right words to say and we need to hear.

Sometimes we keep hearing the same sentence or words from different people and they don’t mean anything to us, until we realize that there might be some correlation and meaning.

The same goes with repetitive hours, and the only difference is that we are experiencing the same scene repeatedly, until we realize that the fact that we are looking at our watch at the same time every day must be significant. When that happens we begin our search for its meaning.

The Universe uses specially designed combinations of numbers because their symbolic meaning needs to convey the right message to us.

When we discover the meaning of the hour numbers we keep seeing, we realize that the message is in perfect resonance with some current life situation or circumstances.

The most important thing is not to ignore these signs and let the Universe’s message come to you. 

20:02 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

What are mirror hours? They are also known as twin hours, and mirror each other perfectly. They represent a part of the spiritual phenomenon of synchronicity which is strengthened because you keep seeing the mirroring numbers often.

When you start looking at watches at exactly 20:02 regularly that is often a sign of your guardian angel trying to contact you.

Maybe you are currently having trouble in life or you are seeking answers to some important questions and your guardian angel who is always somewhere near wants to help you resolve the issues you have.

Oftentimes the message will only be one of support and encouragement to continue on the chosen path.

Mirror hour 20:02 symbolizes ambition, creation, discipline, and practicality. These are the traits you need to embody (if you don’t already possess them) in order to achieve success in the chosen endeavor.

This mirror hour is asking you to be faithful and trust that you are on the right path and doing the right things. It is asking you to remain confident in your abilities because you do have what it takes to be successful and fulfill your desires.

If you are currently going through some kind of heartache and you feel bad about it, the repeating 20:02 hour on your watch is asking you to lighten up your mood and try to move on from the negative feelings as soon as you can.

Leave the past behind. Accept it as a part of your experience and move on. You don’t want to waste your time, but keep looking for your happiness and emotional fulfillment elsewhere.

If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed with feelings of despair because someone rejected your love or doesn’t want to be emotionally involved with you, that might lead to serious damage to your wellbeing.

You shouldn’t allow that to happen because you need to keep yourself as your number one priority. No one else will if you don’t. This attitude might actually help you attract the person who has rejected you.

Self-appreciation is a prerequisite for being appreciated by others. 

What Does 20:02 Mean Spiritually?

The hour 20:02 also has a spiritual meaning. It can be interpreted as an angel number as well. As we mentioned earlier, this hour appearing repeatedly in your life is often a sign from your guardian angels.

Angel number 2002 is often a sign from your angels to gain more confidence in your abilities and believe in yourself. It is a reminder to get rid of doubtful thoughts which are possibly preventing you from achieving what you desire.

This number is a soothing sign from your angels, letting you know that you are protected and guided no matter what.

Through the mirror hour 20:02 the guardian angel Umabel is most likely trying to give you an important message. This angel is the angel of detachment, but also of friendship and affinity. You need to discover your true motives and desires so you can focus on achieving them.

This mirror hour is a message from Umabel who will help you discover and understand the difference between the realms of earth and the universe, as well as other planes.  With the help of Umabel you will be given the possibility to understand some of the principles of the Universe.

This guardian angel also helps in the studies of physics, technology, astronomy, and astrology, and it is helpful to know that if you are into those fields.

Because Umabel is the angel of friendship, this message could be an announcement of improving your social life and making some new acquaintances. The angel Umabel could help you improve and strengthen the bonds with the people you care about as well as get to know others better.

It helps you improve your communicational skills and overcome your natural shyness so you can freely approach people and make new friends. This hour is often an announcement that your lonely days are over.

If you are egocentric, or prone to seek appreciation and be in the spotlight, the angel Umabel will help you overcome these urges. He will also help you get rid of the past and focus on your future.

You should keep what was good from the past as a part of your memory, but release all unwanted and negative content which isn’t serving you good.

Clearing yourself from your past is essential because it will enable you to move forward instead of allowing it blocking your progress. 

20:02 in Astrology and Numerology

Numerology can aid us determine the meaning of the mirror hour number 20:02. The meaning of this number is a combination of symbolic meaning of the numbers 2, 20, 0 and 4 as a sum of all four digits.

The number 2 is often related to the symbolism of duality, union and partnership. Both the number 2 and 20 are numbers which resonate with the energy of relationships, communication, socializing, diplomacy, all kinds of relations, etc.

These two numbers are considered numbers which symbolize the person’s private life and relationships. People influenced by the number 2 naturally incline towards uniting with others and don’t like being alone.

These people are usually sensitive and emotional. They are loyal and devoted friends and possess a kind and helpful nature. These people are diplomatic and tactful in their relationships with other people. They are always ready to support others and offer their help.

The number 2 or 20 can represents irrational actions and behavior as well as indecisiveness and lack of confidence.

These people can sometimes be prone to incline towards the darker sides of life. They can be prone to insensitive reactions and behavior as well as accusing and malevolent behavior.

They have an adventurous nature and love to travel. They are very creative and talented, and have a gift for business. They can be materialistic and love luxury.

Number 2 is also the number of intellect, but it also represents passive and receptive behavior. These people don’t have a lot of initiative and are mostly followers than leaders.

They are often not very ambitious, but usually get what they want because they have a gift of persuading. They never appear forceful and prefer to find peaceful solutions to every situation. They can also be prone to hesitation and postponing making decisions.

Number 2 is the number which represents polarities, such as night and day, the sun and the moon, life and death, man and woman, and all things that are dual in the Universe. Number 22 is a doubled energy of the number 2.

It symbolizes accomplishments and ideals, but also stress, depression and self-destructive behavior.

People influenced by the number 22 are usually stable and reliable although they can be prone to moodiness and frequent mood changes.

They are good at giving advice and supporting others. They can have an unconventional approach towards people and situations. They are able to realize in practice the ideas they have.

These people are very intuitive and have an inner knowing when to take an action and when to refrain from it. They also have the ability to visualize the potential outcome of their actions.

The number 22 often carries a message of dream and wish fulfillment. When it starts appearing in your life, you should prepare yourself to experience in reality what you have only dreamed about.

This number is reminding you to focus on the bigger picture and not only on the details.

Don’t waste your talents and start using them for your benefit but also the benefit of humanity. 

What to Do If You See 20:02?

Seeing the mirror hour number 20:02 often reminds you that it is time to think about yourself and focus on your needs.

If you are still suffering for an estranged love and someone who has abandoned or rejected you, seeing the hour 20:02 is a message from the Universe that the grieving period is over and it’s time to leave the past behind.

People who deserve and should be in your life will be there without any effort on your side. Stop allowing yourself to be stuck because of someone who doesn’t deserve your love.

Do whatever it takes to distract yourself from thoughts about that person and focus on the future. Occupy your thoughts with work, new ideas, people, friends, family, and whatever else makes you happy.

After a while, you will start realizing what are the lessons from your experience and learning them so you won’t make the same mistakes again.

If you choose to learn the lessons from your disappointing experience, it is likely that you won’t make the same choices again and you won’t be as tolerant to things that you dislike about the other person. You need to be confident and know your value.

These qualities will attract the right person to you. 

Quick Summary

The meaning of a mirror hour 20:02 appearing in your life is very important and shouldn’t be neglected, especially if you are currently going through a break-up or a difficult emotional period.

If that is the case, through seeing this hour repeatedly day after day, the Universe and your guardian angels are conveying you a message of support and encouragement to get rid of the past as soon as possible.

This hour number is a message to begin focusing on yourself and your needs and valuing yourself more.

It is possible that you are feeling down and overwhelmed by disappointment and possibly grief because the person you like doesn’t want to be with you anymore or has rejected you before giving the relationship a chance.

Whatever your current experience is, it is important to find the strength and release the pain and negativity so you can move on and attract a new romantic experience which will be in resonance with who you are.

In some other cases, this mirror number could be an announcement of a busy schedule and a lot of socializing and meeting some new people.