401 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are heavenly, spiritual beings whose purpose is to help people, and the simplest way they are doing this is with the messages they sent to us, in different ways.

It is not impossible that Angelical beings appear in real shape or some other physical manifestation, but more often, they choose to give you information that besides help and guidelines, the confirmation of their presence.

They are our link between God and Creator / Universe, whatever means to you. They are without ego creation and transmit sublime messages to us from the Creator – and often they are doing this purpose by using numerical sequences.

The numerical sequence that you are interested in is 401, and you are about to learn what does it mean.

Just the fact that they have sent you this message means something very special, but the real meaning of it hides in numerical energy.

401 Angel Number – Interesting information

All Angel messages are symbols of the harmony of the human, the cosmic, and the natural.

If you understand the one that comes to you, like in the case of Angel number 401, for sure, you will be able to open the door to infinity, the cycle of end and rebirth.

Right away, you can see that all energy fields, in this case, 4, 0, and 1, are aligned for that purpose – 4 are the doors, 0 is infinity, and 1 is the process of rebirth.

But, you have to understand this message according to your life and your personal experience – so who are you.

You, as the recipient of the message 401, see things differently than others. You are very creative and have a unique worldview, but you have not found how to use it, and Angelical beings are saying that you must find another purpose.

You can work as a healer of other people, and to give them all that you did not receive – in most cases, this is the best way, you instinctively know what others need, and you are the one that will give it to them.

Angel number 401 speaks about life and death (the end and the beginning, the word death should not scare you in any way, because, not just that is the part of the life, but it is the necessary one, life cannot exist without its polarity, death), so you have the natural gift of seeing different spiritual entities and connecting with spiritual guides.

Have in mind that all Angel messages that you receive and that have number 4 in them are profs that Angel is with you.

So, when you receive this message, ask them for directions and ways to make life and this world beautiful.

Meaning and Symbolism

Number 4, besides the aspect of Angelical presence, refers to the four elements of Earth: fire, water, air, and Earth.

Your essence lies in the harmony of all the elements, so the direction of your life so far has been toward rational and a strong will.

Now, when such number is connected to 0 and 1, it means that you are constantly drawn to the energy of all four elements, so you can easily create your own or “element” to function even better and become self-sufficient.

You know how to put things together in perfect harmony, and Angels are helping you to put it in the right direction, to connect things, create balance.

Now, as far as the symbolism goes, there is no doubt that this Angelical message is not related to spirituality. Because of the energy that connects you to the Source, you can instinctively know what to do.

Maybe a little bit of caution is useful so that you do not repeat the mistake twice.

And in some way, this message brings joy, and the way you do things for happiness is like this – follows your inner feeling and act the way your heart tells you to.

The presence of 0 and 1 in the Angel number symbolizes that even in dreams, you get powerful messages; they are your guideline for good endeavors.

If you can interpret them correctly, you will witness miracles. Everything that has a link to the visionary aspect of life and that is directed toward the creation of a better world you should practice.

401 Angel Number in Love

All that has been given to you; all of your blessings should not be used to manipulate others, instead link it toward manifestation and creativity.

From it, many amazing things can blossom, especially when they are done with the purity in a heart.

Here, when we are talking about Love, message 401 signifies a moment in your life where the positive energy was so intense that you immediately knew you couldn’t stand it or thought you fell in Love, even though you there are no realistic aspects of it, it is about the feeling you have.

For many people, such a moment may seem to be a rare event – and it is, even if all of us have a chance to reach it.

In fact, it can happen several times in a few years, and now you have that amazing chance because the door for the Divine Love is now open for you.

Facts about 401 Angel Number

Let us begin from the most obvious part – the sum vibration, in this case, it belongs to the numeral 5, and one of the amazing traits is that it signifies the fifth element.

This message comes to people who are, even if they are not aware of it, are in contact with the spirit world and easily receive messages from higher realms (you are one of them, so use it what has been given to you, do not just wait, do).

They are easier to connect with the founders and energy of the Universe – this just proves the idea that is behind this Angel message that suggests that you should use your visionary powers and instinct.

The number 5, as the sum vibration, in this case, symbolizes everything that indicates light – proves that you have incredible positive energy, your light always goes beyond the darkness.

You have a strong will to live and work as a healer or leader. But with power comes responsibility.

Learn how to use your gift in an ethical way.

Your ideal profession is a healer (you can succeed in any profession where you can positively influence others).

One more addition, here are the traits that come with the number 1, as it is also the constitutive part of 401 – you must know that it symbolizes creation.

Those who receive it are leaders with a great impact on the environment with the distinctive power to turn ideas into reality.


This number 401 is one of the most magical Angelical messages you can receive that come as a confirmation that you are a human being with outstanding skill, and Angelical intervention here comes for the purpose of realization.

Your realization is stopped because your blessings are not fully used until you adapt to your destiny – Angel number 401 tells you to begin celebrating your gift.

You have a very accurate internal compass that always tells you what’s right and what’s wrong.

It proves that you are the carrier of the creative energy, as well as the power of destruction – yes, but it does not have to be bad; it can be a destruction of negativity, bad habits, etc. Transitioning toward something else sometimes comes after destruction.

Be happy, and Angels are saying in the message 401 because you have an exceptional ability to express your desires and thoughts. You are very sensitive and strongly perceive energy.

As you grew up, you were aware of your need for adjustment, but still, have a very compassionate and excellent intuition.

Your gift is related to the fact that you can also spot everything that is hidden to other people’s eyes. Use this extraordinary ability to help others and strengthen your own energy.

There is a risk of frequent attacks by energy vampires as well as dirty personal energy as a result of stressful situations.

Charge energy batteries in nature regularly and make sure you have plenty of time for yourself.

Use it for research, use intuition, and help others, and you will serve God in the best possible.