Angel Number 2155 – Meaning and Symbolism

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When you think a bit more, we all play every day roles and wear different masks to better fit into the environment and meet different expectations in our relationship with people – whether it’s our private or business life.

By itself, of course, that does not mean anything bad. Otherwise, we could not work.

However, the problem arises when at one time we simply forget who is the one behind all the masks and roles that this person really wants in his heart and what he really thinks and feels!

In today’s text we are going to learn how our guardian angels come into our world and what their goal is by sending this angel number.

Angel Number 2155 – Interesting information

Angel number 2155 says that we are so closely associated with our roles and masks to forget where the clear boundary between us and our roles is.

Pure test work, think about last time you spent just seven days in succession, and that you could honestly express what you really think and feel interacting with the various people around you, without you having to play all the roles that, basically, have no connection with you, and you have different diplomatic answers and phrases.

Of course, I am clear that this is an impossible mission given the current stage in the development of the society we live in.

However, it is important that you do your own self-aware distinct boundary between your original self and the different roles you play and the masks you carry – otherwise, life becomes very complicated and I dare say it meaningless.

On your own, you are not a diligent father, a single mother, an exemplary student, a trusted attorney, a clever accountant, a boss, a hard-working employee, a loyal friend, a vegetarian, a political party, etc.

Basically you are something else the more you become more aware of yourself, the more you start gradually choosing the roles that most support what you are in the lifetime you are in!

Then, when we lose consciousness of the original self – of its spiritual nature – our life ceases to be magical. We are constantly waiting for the change of external circumstances to begin living as deeply in our hearts we feel we should live.

It is a feeling that life is something that is happening next to us, and we stand by the side and wait for the fulfillment of various conditions that will serve us as a “ticket” to the life we ​​would like to live … as if joy and enthusiasm pass us all the time, and not to enter and stay in our “world”.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 2155 symbolizes a powerful number in which we can find energies of angel number 2, 1 and 5.

The number 2 is a symbol of believing in the people who surround you and leaning on to them when you need help.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of confidence and standing up for you when everyone else seems to be away.

The angel number 5 is a symbol of knowledge and being powerful and confident enough to admit your mistakes and stop blaming others for the things you have done.

Facts about Number 2155

The number 2155 appears often as a marking on various objects and in mathematics it is considered to be an odd number.

Number 2155 in Love

You must have already heard about the notion of sabotage. But few people know that they are very often sabotaged in various situations.

Of course, they do not do it deliberately, but they subconsciously act in such a way that they actually stand by themselves. It’s often the case in love relationships. If you do not have success in love, it’s easy to sabotage unconsciously.

At conscious level, you may not be afraid of love, and you really want it with all your heart, but you subconsciously fear. This is interpreted as something that is underlying your fear and you should learn how to overcome it.

Try to identify in yourself that little voice that keeps you ‘information’ like – ‘He does not really like you. Do not be crazy.

Go ahead before he really hurts you. You cannot trust him. Manipulates with you and takes advantage of you. It’s just a matter of time before they leave you. ‘Of course, that voice is saying a lot more and it’s all about things that hurt you and for which you react defensively. But the problem is that nobody attacks you, so it actually turns out to be you attacking.

This inner critic awakens anxiety in you and tells you of the behavior by which you destroy the connection yourself without even knowing it. Identify that voice, explain that it is not you, it is your fears, and act contrary to what you are saying.

Try to see positive things. You will not be able to do it at once; I will need time and exercise.

Many people are afraid to be open, and thus vulnerable. Nothing strange, since we are taught from childhood not to show emotions that are often perceived as a sign of weakness. How we grow up, and society sends us such messages – do not call it at least three days, do not say the first thing I like you, do not show that you care. The irony is that this kind of behavior is actually a sign of weakness, not of strength.

Only powerful people can show their vulnerability and openness. This requires courage, because there is always a risk of being rejected.

But even if this happens, you are actually winners because you have defeated yourself and your own fear, which is a great foundation for a new and healthier relationship.

You probably already heard about the notion of sabotage. But few people know that they are very often sabotaged in various situations. Your guardian angels are telling you to get rid of that feeling and to keep pushing yourself to new and exciting limits.


Every idea and every picture is nothing but vibration, that is, the elaboration of vibration and as you claim, man cannot be one answer. Man is not a response, i.e. no vibration, not a set of vibrations.

Remember: you cannot be anything other than what you are inside, and what you ARE.

You also cannot imagine what you are in, and you are.

Everything you imagine when you say me, and what you generally imagine you are, it’s not you: Reality is unthinkable.

Also, the idea that you are the Soul, the Infinite Consciousness, the Reality, are nothing but ideals, concepts.