Angel Number 1055 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our guardian angels are always watching over us and their presence can always be seen through small signs they send us. One of these signs is an angel number.

Angel numbers enter our world and bring us happiness whenever we see them, because we know what kind of gift we just received.

Behind every angel number there is an important message that can be applied in your everyday life.

In this text we are going to discuss the meaning of the angel number 1055 and how we can apply it in our lives.

Angel Number 1055 – Interesting information

Angel number 1055 is going to wake up your motivation. Do you know that feeling? You sit there, without will to do anything and there is not really something that excites you?

Finding motivation to do anything just seems impossible and somehow you just sit there hoping that better times will come? You’re not alone with that.

In principle, lack of motivation is a phenomenon that gets every human being once. This is only natural and above all something to do with balance, the ying and yang of life, if you like. This is the same with our emotional world: In order for us to be well, we also have to go worse, because only then we can notice the difference at all.

So that we can really feel the motivational thrust, it is perfectly normal for us to lack motivation in some situations – that’s even good, because then you can just relax, do nothing and let your mind wander.

It only becomes problematic if you sit there apathetically for a long period of time and just do not know what to do with yourself. Then it’s not about Ying or Yang, just about something intangible in between – we do not feel right anymore, actually we do not care about anything, and we care about nothing at all. In these cases, you have to start outsmarting yourself a bit so that you can find motivation again and start your life again.

Often we confuse motivation with what we do with the reward we do. It means, for example, that we see a good grade in the school as motivation, but not the subject in which it is to be achieved.

This basic problem continues in our studies when we choose a degree program because it promises good job and salary opportunities, but not because we are interested in the content.

And finally, we do a job where we make a good living, but we do not enjoy it. The basic problem is always the same. We do something for a reward, but not for the sake of the matter itself.

Often we are too much in the future. Statements such as “If I have achieved that first, then …” or “I still go through my studies and then …” are typical of it. Many people are dissatisfied and believe that this will change after a certain event.

But the problem is, if you have completed your studies that you did not like, then the job you qualified for is the next step. You think. “Oh first make a little money and get to know the world of work and then …” or “The salary increase I’m still waiting and then …” And so on.

There are some basic human needs that can generate great motivation. The easiest way is to find out what drives you. If you know your motives, all you have to do is act on them and the motivation comes naturally.

But what are possible motives that increase the motivation? The book “Drive: What really motivates you” describes “self-determination”, “learning” and “creating something new” as the three main sources of motivation. In each person, these motives are predisposed, but differently pronounced.

Are not we all striving to be in control of ourselves and to decide ourselves on what we do and how we can make our lives? That is the motive of self-determination.

Even though we usually associate something negative with “learning” today, it is an important need to keep evolving. We get bored when we just do the same thing and do not learn anything new. We want to create something new because it makes us happy to have done something meaningful and to have something on our own.

Closely related to your motives are your values. Values ​​are attributes such as freedom, success, contentment, meaning or self-determination. For each person, these and many other values ​​are of different importance. That is, for some, success is particularly important, but someone else is primarily seeking freedom. Being aware of one’s own values ​​and acting on their basis is another point that automatically leads to more motivation.

If you do not know yet what your most important values ​​are, then you will find help in this article and in the free guide “What do I really want?” You can train yourself motivation and zest for action.

This becomes clear when we look at the fact that after a long holiday, school or semester break, it takes a little time to get used to the stressful everyday life. So it is often difficult after a long break at the beginning to complete the tasks as quickly and motivated as before.

So, whoever pulls up regularly, after some time, will find it easier to approach tasks more motivated, because he has become accustomed to them.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1055 combines interesting mix of numbers.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of being self-assured and ready to take on challenges that get thrown at you.

As soon as you accept the angel number 1 in your life this is going to open up your eyes to the impossible things.

You are going to be confident in every decision you make, so everything you tackle on will be much less challenging. For each person, these and many other values ​​are of different importance.

That is, for some, success is particularly important, but someone else is primarily seeking freedom. Being aware of one’s own values ​​and acting on their basis is another point that automatically leads to more motivation.

The angel number 0 is a symbol endless possibilities and opportunities that can open up your eyes to the things you never thought were possible.

Angel number 5 is a symbol of knowledge and learning every day about yourself and what you can do to become a better person. All of this is going to make your life easier and let you see the difference between right and wrong.

Facts about Number 1055

The number 1055 marks the year 1055 in which many important people were born and died, and many important events took place.

Liaodi Pagoda in Hebei was built in the year 1055 and King Andrew I established the Benedictine Tihany Abbey.

Number 1055 and Love

Angel number 1055 is a symbol of overcoming love problems and problems in communication you’re your partner. People have their own ways. Our partners, for example: Maybe they are unpunctual. Maybe they are very jealous. Maybe they are also quite silent and seem absent in conversations.

These rough edges all have, they are quite normal – and yet they bother us. These things usually only come to our attention after a few months, when the fresh love has disappeared.

Often, something like this will resolve itself: our partners realize that we are suffering from their behavior. But at the latest when we make our displeasure, about the unpunctuality, the first time air, a willingness to compromise should be there.

If that is not the case, and if partners stay late after that, it pays off to take a closer look: for in most cases, in spite of alleged reasons, this is not about being unable to arrive on time. But because they do not want to arrive on time. They exercise power. Power in relationships? At first this sounds paradoxical, we like to believe that power has no place where there is love.

The term “power” finally describes the ability to enforce one’s own interests. This contradicts our romantic idea of ​​love and partnership. We want to be a team. But power plays a role in all forms of human coexistence: in politics, in business and also in relationships. Only in love we should not get used to the power processes that are commonplace in businesses.

Many find out that this is not just about stressful everyday life or boredom. It’s mostly destructive power processes that literally destroy a relationship.

These were often based on disputes – and false reactions. In all partnerships there are these silent power conflicts.

If they are not recognized in time, they could lead to a complete delimitation of each other. Then they dominated; Disrespect and the struggle for superiority determined the relationship.

Power is used to torment the other, for example with sex withdrawal. It is then often just about the other something “back home”. But most of the power processes are unconscious, according to the psychologist.

Evil intentions could not be assumed there, often such patterns of behavior were based on education, the environment in which people grew up.


Angel number 1055 is going to bring happiness and plenty of new opportunities into your life.

Whenever you see this number, make sure you open up your eyes and keep your attention on these new challenges. In some of them you might even find excitement like you never experienced before.

Your guardian angels just want to offer you a much broader view of everything that is available out there and listening to their messages can truly enrich your life.

Angel number 1055 is an important number and it motivates you to become an even stronger person in general.