Venus in Aquarius

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There are many of those suspicious about the accuracy of astrological predictions. Although we are all aware that what is happening in the universe greatly affects overall life on our own planet, somehow many of us fail to accept that cosmic forces have an impact on each one of us lives.

Not only that planets, stars, all sorts of cosmic vibrations, energies (call it whatever you like) affect how we grow and develop, but they also affect our personality, mood, behavior.

Maybe it is hard for you to believe that movement of planets in our Solar system has anything to do with, for example, your love life and career. Well, astrology claims the opposite.

It is, of course, impossible that planets directly affect your decisions or events happening in your lifetime, on an individual, deeply intimate level. However, planetary movement affects each one of us.

Planetary energies shape up life on Earth; it is all a very big celestial ballroom, to say so.

Accepted, official scientific disciplines have proven universe affects us; not only humans, but also everything on our lively planet. Astrology goes further; it claims planets and stars shape up our destiny.

Let us remind you this pseudo science was once much appreciated. It was equal with astronomy.

In fact, many notable scientists, astronomers and physicists, were astrologers, as well. Think of Claudius Ptolemy, who was a famous Greco-Roman geographer, mathematician, astronomer and astrologer. Remember Nostradamus and his prophecies. Think of all those astronomers from renaissance to newer ages. All of them relied on astrological analyses, for a greater or a lesser part.

There must be something beyond pure ratio. How many times in your life have you experienced something you could not label as simply a coincidence?

Surely, there were times you thought as if you felt something is going to happen or that something happened exactly the way it should have happened. If anyone asked you how you knew that, you would be helpless to explain.

Here comes the mysterious ‘science of the stars’. It is astrology; particularly, natal astrology. It has to do with your horoscope. Horoscope or a birth chart represents planetary position related to your birthday.

According to astrology, the distribution of planets or zodiac circle, astrological houses and else determine your destiny and personality.

Venus and Horoscope

Planets and horoscope do not, however, predict events in your life. Many people are wrong, thinking their horoscope should tell them what definitely will happen. Well, it will not. It tells about potentials you as a person have in your life. It shapes up your personality, but only for a part. It gives you potentials and capacities for certain things.

While skeptical ones would claim it is all about genetics and heritage, astrologers would disagree.

Now, what it has to do with planets? As we have mentioned above, planets do poses specific energies and their movement affects life on our planet. They do so in both known and a mysterious way.

If we knew all the secrets of the universe…Well, we cannot even imagine such a scenario. According to astrology, planets play special role in our birth charts or horoscopes.

The place of a planet in your birth chart affects specific area of your life and determines the way you are going to feel and act about it, for a part. Horoscopes are complex charts and they consist of many correlated elements. So, what about Venus?

You surely know that Venus is associated with love and passion. Exactly so, Venus is associated with beautiful Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Western astrology has kept ancient associations of planets with deities, as archetypes.

Therefore, Venus symbolizes love, fertility, femininity, beauty, amorousness, creativity, pleasure, harmony. Venus in horoscope is associated with marriage and love life in general. It is also identified with physical beauty and attractiveness.

The place of Venus in your horoscope could even be associated with a body part and make it your most attractive feature.

Venus is the brightest heavenly body we see from Earth, after the Sun and the Moon. It brings joy and pleasure and was always associated with positive ideas.

In personal horoscope, it does not only define your love life, but it also defines your attitude towards everything related to love and beauty. It shapes up your aesthetic taste and drives your inspiration. Venus determines the degree of the importance of love in your life.

The correlation between Venus and the sign it matches in your horoscope determines your inner tendencies related to love life and intimacy. It also describes the way of expressing the most intimate feelings in love.

Venus in horoscope tells about potentials and possibilities in your love life in general. This planet rules signs of Libra and Taurus. It is associated with green and pink color and its day of the week is Friday.

Venus in Aquarius – General Info

Venus in Aquarius makes truly a colorful and inspiring personality, a bit strange in the eyes of others. He or she is intriguing and interesting, on the first sight, but also somewhat distant and cold.

Venus in Aquarius in horoscope makes one a person who is always in search for inspiration and excitement. It is really hard to keep their attention and entertain them.

These people do not like routine and they tend to be highly imaginative, dreamy and creative.

If you seek for a wild, passionate nights, then a person with Venus in Aquarius is not your type. Their love energy is more ‘thoughtful’ than physical. They are in love with freedom and they are afraid of losing it. They think about it a lot and do not commit to another person so easily.

Venus Aquarius people are usually at distance in matters of love, for a long time. They love being surrounded by people, but they remain in their crystal cage.

Venus Aquarius does not like any other kinds of limits.

They need to experiment and explore; they are deeply interested into everything humanitarian. They are guided by ideals and they can get distant from the real life, lost in their ideas. They see higher purpose in everything.

Their attitude towards love is specific. They believe love is the ultimate force; they think of it in big terms, neglecting their actual relationships with people.

They love humanity, not an individual. This is what it is hard to develop a closer relationship with a Venus Aquarius. They are adventurous, curious people, good friends, someone who would motivate you easily. They think of people positively.

Their aura is bright, light, inspiring. A Venus Aquarius would smile with joy on summer rains and beautiful snowflakes.

They appreciate life and they love it. A Venus Aquarius could literally fall in love with a place, with a time of the year, with nature, with anything he or she finds dear, beautiful, inspiring.

They see love on much bigger plan. Their idea of what is beautiful is related to nature. They think the most beautiful things come from nature. They do not like being restrained, but they are not demanding; they are flexible and adaptable.

Venus Aquarius person is definitely not a suspicious or a jealous one. They would never check out your pockets or your text messages. They would not even ask about your whereabouts.

For the greatest part, they do so because they have too many interests and people in their life to think about you. It sounds cruel and cold for someone who loves people, but that is exactly how they are.

Their idea of love is an idea; the beauty as well. Many would say for a Venus Aquarius that he or she belongs to all and to no one. Indeed, they feel as true citizens of the world. They are kind and generous towards everyone, but they would never ‘belong’ to an individual.

It takes a lot of time and effort to win Venus Aquarius and settle down with him or her.

Good Traits

Venus Aquarius people are visionary, open minded, intelligent, free spirited and flexible.

They are idealistic, which is, perhaps, both a good and a bad trait. They are possibly the most humanitarian of all zodiac combinations. They find it easy to help anyone, for everything they do is for the greater good. They think on a big plan and would like to secure liberty and peace for all.

They are pacifistic and nurturing. A Venus Aquarius often see himself or herself as a protector and inspirer, not a leader or a boss. They do not command others and they believe everyone has their right to express their thoughts and emotions.

Venus Aquarius people are honest and friendly. They value their freedom above everything else.

Venus Aquarius are capable of doing great things for overall humanity. Their love for the world and all living things make them resistant to getting too intimate.

This is a strange and interesting emotional profile, which makes one a person who is really capable of helping people. They could be great doctors, for example.

They are very artistic, curious and adventurous. They have capacity for great knowledge and they enjoy learning. They like to explore, to experience and to meet. They are people without prejudices, full of tolerance and understanding. They are a bit eccentric, they have not typical interests and they are driven by rather unusual ideas.

All of it should be contributive to overall beauty, freedom and love.

Bad Traits

Venus Aquarius people are friendly, sociable, adaptable and flexible. However, they could be very disobedient.

They are not offensive, as long as nothing threats their freedom. If they recognize something as a threat to their liberties, they resist and it can get to unimaginable proportions. They are very hesitant about starting a relationship, for example.

They find it really hard to abide by others’ rules, which make them unbearable to work with.

Venus Aquarius are true to their principles to an insane degree and this is where they become inflexible and difficult to deal with. They truly believe everything they do is for the love of the world, for the greatest good, even if it could hurt somebody.

They also tend to be very distant, cold and emotionally reserved. It sounds so paradoxical for someone who is a ‘lover of live’. Well, as we have mentioned, their love for overall humanity could make them reserved and cold towards you, as an individual.

Their energy is changeable, which could make them very unpredictable. This is also one of their dual qualities, both bad and good.

Venus in Aquarius Man

Venus in Aquarius in men signs shapes up an incredibly inspiring figure. He is adventurous, intelligent, highly optimistic and always on the move. He has some rather intriguing and controversial ideas and he is not afraid of expressing them.

Venus Aquarius man makes no compromises and he always does something that satisfies his extravagant taste.

He could be an amazing researcher, explorer, scientist or doctor. He sees higher purpose in his doings. He does not like rules, but he also does not set ones. He tends to be an expert in his field, which makes him possible to help the world, being appreciated for what he is doing. He is not bossy, but inspirational.

In love life, Venus Aquarius is thoughtful, gentle and caring, but he needs to try everything and anything before he is ready to settle down.

He would travel and wander a lot in his younger years.

Venus would translate his ideals and principles into high demands of his love life.

Venus in Aquarius Woman

She is beautiful, feminine and liberal. Venus Aquarius woman values her freedom in everything, from job to love life.

She is very curious lady and similar professions as those of her counterpart suits her. She is nurturing, loving and kind. She is capable of inventing ways to help great numbers of people; she is social, compassionate on a bigger plan and friendly.

Venus Aquarius woman prefers natural beauty and she is sensual, delicate, always looking fresh and optimistic. She has the brightest smile of all zodiac ladies. She enjoys guiding and inspiring others; she hates rules and commitments.

This makes her responsible and self-conscious person, with strong personal integrity.

She also needs time until she decides to start a relationship. In fact, it often happens that a friendship turns into a romantic relationship. She sees a relationship as a partnership and friendship.

If you want to please her, you should never try to force her onto something, check her out all the time and anything else that could make her feel under pressure and caged.


Venus Aquarius individuals are those who have idealistic and liberal approach to life.

They are in love with the world and the people, which, at times, make them distant from their closest environment.

Venus Aquarius people are positive and they would never intentionally harm others.

However, they could appear insensitive, because they do not think about you as an individual. Their idea of love is ultimate love. They are guided by ideals.