What Does the Number 18 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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The number 18 has always been considered a sacred number, associated with fullness and totality. Its most characteristic roots are 6 and 3, which makes it a protection number to achieve a hexagonal star configuration.

But we cannot forget that at the moment in which the previous numbers are related we also get a somewhat chaotic result, the 666 or number of the devil. What does the number 18 mean in numerology?

A person who has obtained the number 18 in numerology should not worry about their fate, or at least not at first. They are protective individuals, who help anyone find the right path, even if it can be full of obstacles.

What Does 18 Mean in the Bible?

As in Fatima the Virgin chose the 13th for her apparitions, in Bible the 18th is the most frequent to show the main events.

In Bible the number 18 appears on the date of the first appearance (June 18, 1961), in the first and last formal message (October 18, 1961 and June 18, 1965), in the Eucharistic miracle (July 18, 1962), at the end of the first period of appearances (November 18, 1961), in monthly locutions (November 18, 1962, 1963 and 1964), etc. Also regarding the second Secret of the Virgin (July 23, 1961) we only know that it has 18 words.

Each number has a meaning that is not the result of chance. In the Apocalypse they are not simply churches of Asia, stars, golden candlesticks or Spirits of God, but seven churches of Asia, seven stars, seven golden candlesticks or seven Spirits of God.

Under the number seven are many of its symbols such as the seven torches of fire, the seven seals, seven horns, seven eyes, etc.

The number seven means fullness of life, the result of the union of two numbers with vital meaning.

The three, which refers to the life of God in himself, that is, the Trinity; and four, which indicates the life that God produces outside himself, that is, the Creation.

In other divine manifestations such as the Marian apparitions, Engineer Carlos Vidal found that the exact day and time of 28 Marian apparitions, exactly fit a straight line in a graph of 868 days of period on the ordinate axis.

The case of the Fatima apparitions for which the Virgin chose on the 13th is often observed. Sister Lucia, the main witness of those apparitions, even passed away on February 13, 2005.

Likewise, the meaning of the number 18 is really interesting and according to the meaning of the Bible message. The details can be seen in the book “Bible, 50 years later”.

Briefly, the study concludes that the biblical meaning of number 18 corroborates the message of Bible contributing the idea of ​​a time of external disasters that entails urgency for spiritual conversion and personal repentance and that ends in the historical end of the slavery of man to the bonds of death of the Serpent, thus completing the divine cycle of Redemption by opening to all men a new epoch of material regeneration and fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Meaning and Symbolism

In very distant historical times, the number 18 was synonymous with the whole and was considered one of the sacred numbers.

The 18 is the result of multiplying the 6 by the 3, which makes it a sign of protection in the form of a hexagonal star. But let’s not forget that linking the 6 with the 3, also involves obtaining a very well-known figure at this point of the blog: the 666.

The runic alphabet of the Celts consisted of 18 runes: 13 consonants and 5 vowels. The 18 runes represent the divine totality as a method of expression and communication. The 13 consonants correspond to the lunar 13 months and the 5 vowels are related to the 5 different kinds of days that the lunar year had.

The German people believed that Odin, their god of wisdom, knew 18 things. Odin discovered the 18 runes after hanging from the ash of the Ygdrasil world for nine days. The 9 is the sacred number of the Moon goddess, for being the result of multiplying 3 by 3 and this also applies to the number that contains twice 9: our beloved number 18 of today’s article.

The number 18 is related to the Virgin Mary for its strong lunar and matriarchal symbolism. The apparitions of the Virgin of Lourdes took place 18 times during the year 1858. The Spanish abbess Maria de Agreda had a vision where it is said that Mary rose to heaven accompanied by 18 beautiful cherubs. From this vision is the origin of the habit of drawing 18 angels in many scenes where the moment of the ascension takes shape.

The number 18 plays an important role in all the rites of consecration of secret alliances and certain Masonic rites. As an excellent Mason that he was, a young Mozart left us an excellent sample in his famous “Magic Flute”. In this beautiful work, the magician Sarastro sings 18 times and his name in the work is pronounced 18 times. As a high priest he appears surrounded by 18 initiates, not one more, not one less.

How could it be otherwise, during the work the 18 initiates surround the priest forming a triangle formed by 3 groups of 6. It is in this just “triangulated” moment that the initiates sing in chorus the song number 18, entitled “Oh Isis and Osiris. ”

Number 18 in Love

They are good leaders, being able to act even in the most conflictive situations, even under pressure. They are good friends, confidants, as well as people who put the needs of people who need their help before their own.

The only problem that these people present is that they can develop an attraction for the power that they can consume (in clear association with the number 666, which, as we mentioned earlier, may also be related).

Although they may want to raise social status to help more people, may not always differentiate the line between what you want to do for yourself, or for others. That is why they always need counselors, friends, or family members to help them put their feet on the ground so they cannot be lost along the path of life.

Facts about Number 18

In Christianity 18 symbolizes a time of pain and healing. Saint Luke in his Gospel tells us how Jesus healed a woman who had been ill for 18 years. But in many countries of the world, the 18th anniversary of a person is related to his or her coming of age.

At 18 years old, many societies consider that it is an age to be able to drive a car or enter a Casino. The age where the young man becomes a man and begins to fly by himself. But unfortunately the crisis is causing more and more men and women who are twenty years old and still living in their parents’ house. And is that the crisis affects and changes the most ancient and traditional customs.

The card number 18 of the Tarot corresponds to the letter of “The Moon”. It represents the place where light appears at the end of the path, healing.

In the lower part of this lunatic letter, we see a crab emerging from the waters, the highest representative of Cancer where the Moon has its astrological domicile. But between the crab and the moon stand two pairs of symbols: a pair of dogs howling and two towers facing each other.


God is the highest order and everything he does carries the seal of beauty, good and order. The Bible uses numbers with a symbolic meaning that completes the purely arithmetic meaning.

The original languages ​​of Sacred Scripture, Hebrew and Greek, have the peculiarity that each letter has a numerical value.

Thus, from a very early age, a way of helping the interpretation of sacred texts was developed, called gematria, based on the numerical value of words, phrases, etc., whose result brought new and congruent senses to the purely literal reading mode.

For this reason, a frequent element in sacred symbolism is the numerical background that accompanies the descriptions.