Aquarius in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

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How a person thinks and communicates in elementary school, during close contacts with blood relatives, neighbors, colleagues, it is easy to understand by studying the sign on the cusp of his 3rd house.

It is especially important for parents to know this in order to choose the appropriate teacher and type of educational institution for their child.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

This position of the III house gives a general abstract-detached attitude towards people, which is difficult for a person to believe with the Ascendant in Sagittarius or in Scorpio. He often does not understand people well, perceiving in them what is interesting to him – general ideas, especially original and impersonal ones.

Their personal problems, earthly and emotional life do not bother him much, so he can give the impression of a cold and indifferent person, which, in fact, is more related to the III house in Capricorn (at the lower levels of elaboration), but the latter is much more practical and clearly not to demonstrate his attitude will be.

In fact, a person with a third house in Aquarius is not at all indifferent to people, he just looks at them with his Aquarius eyes, which, by the way, means first of all friendliness, and mental detachment only later.

Another thing is that he needs to learn to perceive people more specifically and together with their vision of the world and problems.

It is easy to study with this position of the third house, at least a person grasps a lot on the fly and perfectly assimilates thoughts; with practical skills, the situation is somewhat worse.

He likes the somewhat clever, extravagant teachers with impersonal and generally detached manners, giving the student complete freedom of thought, which in this case will be very non-standard (and often outright nonsense, which, however, should not be immediately stopped).

A biased and emotional, as well as too energetic and oppressive teacher can cause complete paralysis of perception when switching the energy intended for learning to war with the teacher, which, especially with the student’s Ascendant in Sagittarius, is unsafe for both.

It is good for a teacher with an III house in Aquarius to teach geeks with a physical and mathematical bias, which will help his self-realization; in kindergarten or Drama Theater it will be more difficult for him.

It is necessary to develop a balance with energetic spiritual guidance (IX house in Leo) and internalize the spiritual lessons learned from the students in the most unequivocal way.

Able to exchange ideas that appear as a result of outbursts of intuition and which he knows how to direct towards practical implementation. He is progressive in thinking and insists that ideas with practical value must be tested by time before they are put into action.

See everything, understand everything, try everything with your own hands – these are his requirements. He must see and know only one undiluted truth.

Knows how to foresee the future of humanity. Prudent, but somewhat absent-minded and selfish.

He has an independent mindset and does not tend to superstition or prejudice. He is always full of the best intentions, consistent in beliefs.

The people around him forgive him for his mistakes, because he usually does not have a “second thought”.

Does not tolerate restrictions on freedom and oppression. Various ideas come to his mind quickly, and success is often based on intuition. He is direct in speech and behavior. Expresses his personal opinion, regardless of anything.

3rd House – Meaning and Info

After all, if the third-house Aries survives in any conditions, then the owner of the cusp in Cancer or Pisces will destroy the psyche in the boarding school, whether it is for the most elite families. An adult native will protect himself while driving and save documents.

The 3rd house is also responsible for these topics. In Aquarius, he endows an innovative and at the same time practical type of thinking.

These people are interesting, witty, and open to any experiments.

At the same time, they perfectly understand that in our world, communications are everything, and they know how to maintain hundreds of contacts for the sake of profit.

Communication at school and with relatives Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, often gives strong leaps in academic performance, which are not associated with general erudition and erudition.

This is a sign of a strong mentality, so a person is never stupid. Only boredom threatens the potential of an excellent student.

Third-house Aquarians hate restrictions on self-expression, boredom, and formalities.

They may not be interested in learning from an educator who knows less than they do or who requires a standard framework. Hence the triplets in the diary.

However, homeschooling will not work either. Aquarius in the 3rd house has poor discipline and timing. They hate doing homework.

After daydreaming or starting to read an interesting article, they will wake up when the online exam is over.

The ideal choice would be innovative schools with a team of like-minded people, no dress code and no homework, where learning takes place in a playful way and you can talk a lot about your plans in public.

Aquarius in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

If you do not allow the third-house Aquarius to express himself, he becomes a bully, but does not fight like Aries, but chooses the role of a school jester, who is allowed to do everything.

At the average level of development, general tendencies in relationships are noticeable: eccentric behavior, leapfrog development, talkativeness, inability to keep secrets; versatile giftedness, but at the same time there are drops from genius to dullness, when the person himself does not understand why what he did with ease yesterday does not work out.

lack of deep emotional attachments to people, interest only in their bank of ideas and the joint benefit from communication, even if it is a brother and sister; passion for the Internet and the ability to communicate with the whole world is a great way out for those who are bored in the school routine (in addition, this activates Uranus, the ruler of the sign).

Relations with relatives are polite, detached, friendly, but without deep affection: most often they meet at the festive table, excitedly exchange news and again go about their business.

If Uranus is affected, moreover, it has complex references to the 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th houses, you need to pay maximum attention to its harmonization.

The fact is that the planet of eccentrics is still responsible for epilepsy and lesions of the nervous system, which occur suddenly, like a bolt from the blue.

Prerequisites for astrological compensation: poor sleep, academic failure with obvious erudition, outbursts of aggression and headaches.

The ruler of the 3rd house in Aquarius is in charge of technology and electronics.

Therefore, all electrical appliances in the car should be carefully checked, especially if there are negative aspects to the 8th house or from Uranus to Mars, which symbolizes a sudden fire.

Saturn is no less dangerous, denoting freezing or jamming. Third-house Aquarius thinks the rules are for weaklings and loves high speed. Because of this, he rides as he pleases.

He will not get into an accident with an abundance of trines in the map itself and going to the 3rd house, but he will shake the nerves of other drivers.

If Uranus is defeated, and Mercury and Saturn are weak, there is no hope for a quick reaction and luck.

Sooner or later you will have to answer before the law.

The owners of the 3rd house in Aquarius were the first to adapt to the electronic document system.

It is convenient and pleasant for them to register in this format and keep copies of important papers on the computer.

But they cannot stand the very routine associated with the bureaucratic execution of the necessary cases, therefore they postpone it until the last moment, and in the confusion they make a lot of mistakes.

The wards at home should remember that their creative and progressive insights come from intuition, but they must be put into practice.

Since they love to invent, it is better to immediately come up with an effective learning system for themselves in order to quickly deal with routine duties and free up time for really interesting things.

Haste and inattention spoil not only academic performance, but also relationships with relatives and colleagues.


It is necessary to develop empathy and compassion, to recognize the other person as a person, and not as a promising adventure partner. Brothers and sisters are a source of unexpected ideas.

You should not neglect communicating with them, considering yourself more erudite and brilliant, because it is they who will prompt a way out of a difficult situation or withdraw on the way to the destination.

Special care must be taken with regard to transport. Even with a harmonious Uranus, there is a chance to fly away into the clouds of your dreams.