Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are a Cancer man wondering how you would get along with a Sagittarius woman or you are a Sagittarius woman asking yourself if a relationship with a Cancer man is a good idea or not, you are reading the right lines because you will soon find out.

We have all been in a place when we meet someone we like and want to know all about that person as well as our prospects of being in a harmonious and lasting relationship with them.

Astrology can be very handy in such situations, especially if you by some chance happen to know the exact birth date, time and place of the person you are interested in.

Even if you don’t know such precise details about that person, their horoscope sign should do the work.

That is information you can easily attain by not appearing very nosy and inquisitive. By comparing the basic traits of each of their signs, we can get a very detailed relationship prospect for them as a couple.

In this text, we will give some details about the basic compatibility of a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman based on their horoscope signs.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is an epitome of kindness and emotionality. He is sweet and kind being, you enjoy spending your time with. This man is gentle and usually very funny, and you might never get tired of listening to his jokes. His sign is ruled by the Moon which means that he is influenced by the cycles of the Moon.

That is why he might often experience sudden and often unexplainable mood swings, which might startle you if you don’t know him well.

All of a sudden, this sweet man becomes distant, silent, depressed, sad, or even aggressive and accusing, and you don’t seem to understand the reasons for such behavior. Fortunately, these emotional swings are not long-lasting, and before you know it, he is back to being his old self.

The Cancer man is an excellent choice for a woman who wants to have a traditional committed relationship and a family because a typical Cancer man wants exactly that. He is not very adventurous, and he prefers staying at home while some other people go out exploring the world (although there are some pretty adventurous Cancer guys, of course if there is some additional planetary influence which confirms such traits).

It is not that he is boring; he is simply a home type of guy, who enjoys spending his free time there, alone, or in the company of his family and friends. If you are his girlfriend or his wife, or even his friend, expect to spend a lot of time in his crib, where he will entertain you with a good movie and a food delicacy which he himself has specially prepared for you.

What better can you expect from your man?

Cancer men love food and love to cook and they enjoy cooking for their loved ones and people they appreciate and care about.

Of course, if you are a woman who prefers going out often and spend time at home only when you are sleeping, being with this man can prove to be a big sacrifice, so we suggest you skip the relationship with him because it is likely not to be a lasting one, due to irreconcilable differences in character.

This man is usually very responsible and organized (unless some other influences mess with this trait, in which case he becomes the complete opposite). He also takes good care of his assets and his money. The typical Cancer man doesn’t like to spend money on things he doesn’t consider important.

He might wear a pair of shoes until they tear down, and he probably won’t have another pair because he considers it a waste of money. The same goes with his clothing, although we must admit that he appreciates quality, and when he buys stuff, he buys good quality, even though he doesn’t shop often.

He enjoys earning, investing, and saving money because that gives him the sense of security he longs for so much. This man is a good provider, and you can be sure that he always has some money hidden on the side, just in case. He never allows circumstances to surprise him, even if he is a more reckless type of Cancer.

These men love investing their money in real estate or they have their own business. They enjoy being their own bosses and they are usually good in that role.

They are not very passionate, and need to get to know a woman well before committing to her seriously. These men are very sensitive and are often afraid of being hurt, so they can behave overly defensive at times when they feel that they are in jeopardy of being hurt somehow. They retreat in their shell to avoid such situations.

Cancer men prefer women who are sweet and gentle, and avoid messing around with loud and aggressive women who are controlling and manipulative. He is honest, and usually faithful, especially when he finds the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 

Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman is a fiery being.

She is all fire and usually in constant movement. She is passionate and often falls in love quickly. She doesn’t know how to calculate and manipulate men, and she is often very honest about the way she feels about someone, which usually turns out to be contra productive for her.

Men love chasing women and they usually lose interest when they realize that a woman is interested in them. Sagittarius women often lose in that game because they don’t know how to play it.

For these women honesty is everything. They usually don’t know how to lie, and even if they do try to lie, they are so clumsy that they often get caught. Her motto is: “why complicating when everything is simple?” but many people, especially men don’t like when courting is simple.

That kills the joy of hunt for them, and makes them lose interest. That is why this woman needs to learn the art of seduction and playing games with men, which is something some women, instinctively do.

Their direct approach and especially pursuing men actively and taking on their role is something which often causes men to consider them everything else, but a relationship material.

They are very passionate and express their sexuality openly. These women are often nudists. They don’t consider nudity such a big deal. They are very natural and open, and often very direct. They speak their mind about the things they like and don’t like, and sometimes can be tactless and insulting people unintentionally with their thoughtless and haste comments and remarks.

They never have a bad intention behind their attitude; they are simply brutally honest and are not a good match for a man who has difficulties with hearing the truth or a sincere opinion from someone.

These women are also very independent and usually have a problem with being told what to do and someone organizing their lives. They are not meek women like some other signs.

They seek equality in a relationship, which is not something most men will tolerate because it is against their nature. Although these women are all about action, which is usually a male quality, they need to learn to suppress their urges when it comes to men and dating.

These women are adventurous types and are often in search for some action and different activities. They love traveling and they love dancing as well. Sagittarius women are very talented dancers and often choose professions related to dancing, or they do it as a hobby, but they are very good at it.

They also love men who are fond of dancing and are good dancers. One of their favorite fun activities is going out to dance, and especially dance with their man.

They are also very knowledgeable and are often in pursuit of gaining more knowledge about the subjects that interest them. These women are often interested in the secrets of the Universe and often have their own view of the world and their purpose.

They prefer when their man has a lot of diverse knowledge in different subjects, and enjoy talking to them. A man who has nothing smart to say is a complete turn-off for them.

Sagittarius women are also into sports or some other activities. They remain active throughout their lives and often have athletic build. They want a man who takes care of his body and his health.

These women are very spontaneous and love a good joke. They are very sociable and have both female and male friends. Men love spending time in their company and their free spirit attracts them. They admire these women’s drive and open approach. They can be clumsy at times and they are often adorable to men because if that trait.

They are very childlike and appear almost naïve, and many of these women are naively open and direct. They usually don’t know how to hide their feelings and they don’t feel that they should be doing that.

They love their freedom very much, but they would gladly trade it for a relationship filled with love and mutual understanding and respect. If she is your lady, be prepared for a lifetime of adventures and fun. 

Love Compatibility

The Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman are usually not a good match.

The reason is the main difference between their characters.

They need to have some other mutual bonding placements for the relationship to work out. They have different interests and preferences and if they are not connected in another way it is best to skip this relationship.

Marriage Compatibility

A Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman are not a good marriage match. The marriage can happen because of temporary infatuation and when the fog of attraction disperses they both realize that the marriage was a mistake.

This marriage can also happen after dating and in this case it often involves some other bonding planetary placements in their natal charts which can keep them together for a long time.

They will both add some parts of their personality to their union and make it more interesting for the both.

In a marriage partnership between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman it often happens that this man stays at home taking care of the kids and cooking while the woman goes to work and provides for the family.

That is completely acceptable by both partners and they both feel fulfilled in the way which pleases them. 


Friendships between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman are not very often because of the different dynamics of their lives.

They also don’t have similar interests and they also have very different character traits

While the Cancer man seeks pleasing and calming activities, the Sagittarius woman is seeking adventure and excitement. 

Cool Facts

Providing there are some other bonds in their natal charts, the Cancer man is one of the rare men who might find the Sagittarius women’s honesty about her feelings and attraction towards him pleasing and attractive.

These men are often known for the lack of initiative and needing time to warm up to get into action. If he doesn’t get scared by her direct approach and retreat in his shell he might actually appreciate her bravery and honesty about the way she feels.

He is one of the men (not many of them exist) who don’t mind being pursued (usually, not always).


To summarize, a relationship of any kind between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman is not that good of an idea, unless there are some other bonding elements in their natal charts.

Otherwise, these two might come together but they won’t last long.

There usually won’t be any arguments between them because they are not such types of people, but they will soon realize that there are not enough things that could keep them together for a long time.

A relationship between them requires a lot of compromise on both sides, and that is something neither of them wants or should be doing.