Mars Square Pluto Synastry

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Horoscope compatibility is one of the most common types of the astrological analyzes, as it could help people understand the nature of a relationship they are in or to learn about the potentials of a future relationship.

Comparative astrology, which is what this is about, compares two or more natal charts, in order to figure out how the individuals’ whole charts are being analyzed get along with one another.

In theory, one could compare as many charts as he or she likes, but the most common practice is analyzing the compatibility of two (potential) romantic partners’ horoscopes.

This type of analyzes could not be well performed, if the charts of the individuals involved have not been first analyzed separately. In order to make a proper in depth analysis of synastry, one has to analyze both astrological charts.

The astrologer would focus on several important segments and aspects of the separate chart and then see how compatible they were in synastry report. Of course, the charts would be interpreted in detail.

However, it is especially important to learn about the individuals’ tendencies related to love and romantic life in general. One should see what place the concept of romantic love occupies in each of the individual’s lives.

Their emotionality and capability for sympathy, compassion and kindness are important to know.

Were these people warm, open and generally those who do not hesitate showing their emotions or they were shy and closed? In which way does each express their emotions? What do they consider the ‘true love’ and how do they imagine romantic love?

All these questions are of the essential importance.

In addition, one would always look into their history of romantic relationships and learn about their tendencies related to relationships.

For example, it is very important to know if they have the tendency towards a long-term relationship, marriage, family and so on. If the expectations related to the concept of the relationship are different, that is something you would like to know about.

What is Synastry?

Synastry is a Greek word, originating from two terms, one for the mutual connection, the interconnection, and the other one that means ‘a star’. Synastry is an analysis of planetary aspects created between two astrological birth charts.

Just as each chart already has the planetary aspects within, so the synastry reveals the planetary aspects the two charts create one with another.

The planetary aspects are a crucial element that would tell us how these charts are interconnected, what energies flow between them, how compatible these energies are.

Aspects could be favorable or difficult; depending on the exact aspects seen between these charts, one could tell if the relationship is going to be complicated or easy.

Learning about the challenging aspects is not something that means the relationship is going to fall apart, nor do favorable aspects mean it would only flourish without any troubles. It depends on many factors, while the aspects represent potentials, not predictions.

Synastry helps learning about how the relationship functions, on what bases, why there were problems and what are the best sides of it.

While the aspects themselves are unchangeable, being an image of the sky, frozen in time (as the synastry is just an image of two already established birth charts brought together), what you do with them is the key.

The insight into aspects helps you understand the relationship. Unfavorable aspects would be easier to manage once you learn how they affect you.

Mars in Mythology and Astrology – The Importance in Synastry

Before we analyze Mars square Pluto synastry, we should learn something about both planets involved. Knowing about the each of the elements involved with the synastry, you will better understand the whole compatibility interpretation.

First, we have the planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war, the counterpart of the mighty Greek Ares.

Mars, the deity of war, has always been associated with raw force, aggressiveness, violence, battle, fight, combatant spirit, injury and even death. Mars represents that raw energy we use in life to achieve something; it is a primal driving force within.

Mars is impulsive, in comparison to Sun, which is also our driving force, though reasonable.

The planet Mars represents our instinctive reactions, our straightforward attitude. Mars is not gentle, but combatant.

Its energy is incredible and it could be used for both good and for bad. Depending on the position and the aspects Mars creates with other planets within a chart or in synastry, its energy could channel in different ways.

On a good side, Mars’ energy could be proactive, creative, practical, very effectively used.

On a bad side, it brings conflicts, troubles, arguments, fighting. Mars is competitive by nature, which is a trait one should always take with caution.

However, if the planet were in favorable aspects, that competitiveness would be healthy; if not, it would be destructive, terrifying. Mars is violent in itself, so its energy should be properly channeled.

One could easily see why it is very important that Mars was in a favorable aspect in synastry. Suppressed energy of Mars could be troublesome or badly channeled. This planet calls for conflict.

It greatly depends on the other planet and of the type of the aspect to see how Mars would play its role in synastry. We would also add that it is a masculine principle and that it also represents courage, strength, the daring spirit and fearlessness.

Pluto in Mythology and Astrology – The Importance in Synastry

Pluto is the mysterious planet, associated with power and with transformation. Named after the solemn deity of the underworld, Roman Pluto or Greek Hades, this planet reminds us of unavoidability of ends, of death.

However, it is not where the journey ends, since death is, in this concept, regarded as something transformative. Pluto represents the death and rebirth.

Ancient people were afraid of the god Pluto, since he rules the realm of the dead and represents the very idea of death, something we cannot fathom; something that makes us all uneasy.

Although not a favorite god, ancient Greeks and Romans did not hold this deity for an evil one. Pluto was considered a strict, just, but also a god who could show mercy upon good people.

The planet Pluto represents the higher octave of Mars, the first one we have in this synastry. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio and is interested in deep things, in knowing things others would not want to know.

Pluto is a power planet. It is a transcendental one, so it is usually thought that it does not play an important role in astrological charts, unless it creates specific aspects with other planets.

In this case, Pluto and Mars are in a particularly unfavorable connection, the aspect of square, seen in synastry. Let us see what does this aspect represents, what is its energy and how would it affect two such powerful planets as Mars and Pluto are.

Mars square Pluto synastry would definitely affect the relationship and we will see further on how the aspect reflects on it.

Square Aspect in Astrology – Synastry

Squares are not an aspect one would wish for to see too often in astrological charts. Square is a limiting heavy aspect that does not allow the energy between planets to flow freely.

The square is associated with negativity, conflicts, troubles and tension.

The very connection between two planets that form a square aspect is tense. They cannot balance their energies in a good way and synchronize them.

The square is a strong aspect that would lead to reoccurring of its bad manifestations, seen in negative arguments, fighting, tension pressure, lack of the ability to make compromises.

However, the square should make one make an introspection and learn about tolerance. This is an aspect that leads to self-examination.

The field of life affected by the square is the one you should try to find the balance within. It is good to know where the squares are in the astrological charts, because you could realize why certain things are problematic and tense and you could try to find a way to harmonize the area of life. In synastry, it would explain the problems that occur between partners.

The square is a heavy, complicated and difficult aspect that would definitely affect the relationship in synastry. The square between powerful planets such as Mars and Pluto would manifest in real life and have an impact over the relationship.

Let us see how this aspect manifests and what you could do about it.

Mars Square Pluto Synastry – General Information

Mars square Pluto synastry is the type of a relationship one would call fatal. Well, the truth is that Pluto is often to be blamed for the fatality of relationships.

Just think about the basic characteristics related to Scorpio, whose ruler is the mysterious and deep Pluto. Obsession, possessiveness, deep emotionality are all associated with it.

Mars, the powerful, aggressive and fierce one, would not easily get hand in hand with Pluto, while, on the opposite side, the connection could be magnetic.

These two are likely to fall for each other because of untamable passion, insatiable lust, everything that has to do with chemistry in between people and intense, overpowering physical, animalistic attractiveness.

These two could never resist one another, while, at the same time, they compete with one another and constantly fight.

The union between Mars and Pluto must be marked by drama, intense erotic life, incredible passion and overwhelming emotionality. This connection is marked by aggressive energy and power struggle.

Both planets are filled with pride, power, and the notion of independency. Mars would never let obsessive control freak Pluto to restrain him or her, neither would the proud, self-confident, though more closed Pluto let the Mars subdue him or her.

Mars Square Pluto – The Good and the Bad

Certain astrologers claim that the connection between Mars and Pluto in synastry, when found in unfavorable aspects, such as our square here, represents the most troublesome, terrifying combination.

Many see it destructive, and associate it with the most terrifying scenarios that could include violence, abusive behaviors; some go so far to associate it with murder.

Of course, this would be an extreme situation and other factors would be likely to play a role in here. This aspect does not guarantee things would be dangerous to that extent.

However, this is a risky combination and the potential for emotional torture for both is evident. This is one of those love hate relationships, in which partners are crazy about one another.

Yet, at the same time, it is exactly the partner to drive you mad.  Explosive are both of these, but we have to admit that both Pluto and Mars love theatrical expression and a bit of drama.

In a way, they both enjoy fighting with one another and love to compete. These planets are strong in themselves and so partners involved with this aspect would need certain amount of challenges.

Neither the Mars partner nor the Pluto one would hesitate to confront the other one; in fact, they would see to create conflicts, out of nowhere, for the sake of dynamics.

This relationship is a constant power struggle and testing. It is a game of the will, of passion and of power.

The emotional connection is deep, devouring; the physical attraction is magnetic on so many levels.

Mars Square Pluto – Challenges

We could say that this connection is a big challenge in itself. It could go to extremes, so each one has to bear in mind that there should be at least some limits. Each should start from him or herself.

Think about what you do not want your partner to do to you and do not provoke him or her by doing exactly that thing to them.

It will be hard, since there is much of impulsiveness and reactivity in this combination. We have learned about the potential risks of this fatal combination. However, it has its good sides, as the emotional connection is deep between the two.

These two could find a common tongue related to their need to be overpowering agents in the relationship.

What they should focus on is to try to use that incredible drive towards power in order to give one another power, not to extort it. Their confrontations would usually develop from Pluto’s hidden anger and Mars’ more directly expressed aggression.

Mars square Pluto synastry is not an easy connection, we have to agree. However, it could work; if you manage to empower one another, instead of exhaust one another constantly fighting, it could be an amazing combo.

True, it would work better if those planets were in the sextile or the trine.