Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Have you ever wondered if stars could tell you something about your future? Can you imagine that your ancestors from far past asked themselves the same?

Since ancient times, people have been asking heaves about their future. They would look up at the sky and ask themselves why they are here. Why is everything the way it is and why do we exist at all?

Stars, being so distant and magnificent have been always associated with mysteries of human existence. Great civilizations, such as those of Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks, to name a few, believed stars and heavenly bodies affect our lives here on earth. Back in the day, astrology is one very appreciated science and it remained so for very long. In fact, it was equally admired as what we know now as astronomy.

Some of the greatest scientist of the era of great discoveries and inventions, which came into Europe after years of medieval darkness, were both astrologers and astronomers. Great minds, such as Johannes Kepler, were astrologers. Even in modern times, regardless of distinction between astronomy and astrology, many people believe the mystery of stars can tell us about our future.

Astrology remains something of a scientific controversy; it is not recognized as a ‘real’ science, but a pseudo one. However, there are many things that could not be explained by modern day astronomy or any other science.

Perhaps astrology could give us answers. Astrology is a complex ‘science’. It is much more than those short newspaper paragraphs you can read every day about your zodiac sign.

It has many branches, but most of us are interested in what is called natal astrology. It specifically deals with lives of individuals. Natal astrology needs only your date, time and place of birth to tell you what kind of life awaits you in future. Many people are suspicious about the accuracy of astrological predictions.

The reasons for being suspicious of astrology are many. One of them is certainly misinterpretation done by those who are not actual astrological expert and the other one is expectation of concrete, definite answers.

While your birth chart tells you about your life and future, it actually reveals what potentials you have, not what would exactly happen.

That is the point where some people become disappointed in astrologers. However, we think it should be given an opportunity. There is definitely something in it. For example, people would like to know how they astrologically correspond to another person. Say you are in love with someone, but you are unsure if that leads somewhere. You can have both of your birth charts compared and analyzed.

Before that, you should know something more about your zodiac signs. It is, perhaps, the first step into understanding the whole image. Some people would say this and that sign to not fit together.

Well, all signs could be combined and they could fall in love with one another. They questions is if the relationship is stable or turbulent and to what degree.

Aquarius Man

We would like to see if Aquarius man and Capricorn woman could make a good romantic match.

Let us find out what are these two zodiac personalities like and what is the nature of their astrological connection. They are two very different people, but that does not necessarily mean this connection cannot work. Let us first meet our inspiring Aquarius man.

Aquarius man is an emotional and compassionate personality. He tries to understand others and loves to be around people. He is a very sociable personality and he loves working in a team. He is the one with the most creative and eccentric ideas, although his intention is not to lead others.

However, other people commonly find great inspiration in an inventive Aquarius.

He is gentle and kind, but you cannot control him. Although Aquarius man generally seeks for a long-term relationship, it will take time until he settles down. There is so much he would like to see and experience before that.

Aquarius man is usually talented for arts and anything that requires a creative mind. He needs to express his skills and talents so he searches for the perfect channel.

While Aquarius man is not obsessed with financial success, he knows he deserves the best. He would rarely choose a profession that only brings money. He would opt for something that brings both success and satisfaction. It often happens that his glory comes unasked.

Some of the most famous Aquarius men are James Dean, Bob Marley, John Travolta and Phil Collins, so you get the idea.

Aquarius man likes asking provocative questions only to see how others would react. He is playful and adventurous personality, although deeply emotional. He would not hurt others out of pure fun, but it could happen his bold exclamations surprise and even offend someone.

That is not his intention. Aquarius man tries to understand the world he lives in, the people, the place, everything.

He believes world could be a better place for all and he would do what is in his might to make it so. Aquarius man is a complex personality and he does not easily fall for anyone.

Aquarius man is usually modest and non-demanding, but intriguing and likable in a strange way. He could be quiet for ages and then come up with something brilliant and astounding.

Aquarius man is a person you would most likely easily fall in love with.  He is not a person who would try to change you; he accepts others the way they are. However, he has his limits and they are not having limits. He would never let you try to suppress his needs for adventure and excitement.

Aquarius man would not try to escape your bonds in spite, but because he values his freedoms.

In a relationship, he is kind and caring. He is attracted by free-spirited people in general. He would like his woman to understand his eccentric ideas and his unconventional nature.

If you search for a man with traditional and conservative attitude, you will most definitely find none of him in an Aquarius. Aquarius is a daring personality, likeable and romantic.

Capricorn Woman

You are most certainly familiar with an attribute of stubbornness often ascribed to Capricorn people. Well, Capricorn woman are stubborn, but, perhaps it would be better to say persistent. She is a person who would not easily leave her cause.

Capricorn woman is self-sufficient, courageous and determined to get what she wants. She loves to control things and command. However, she could adapt to various circumstances.

Capricorn woman’s flexibility is one of a kind. While she is capable of adjusting her needs to circumstances given, she is firmly determined to eventually adapt circumstances so they can suit her needs.

Capricorn woman accepts compromises, but only if she sees them as one step on a ladder towards something bigger.

She is not particularly demanding, in terms of money and material success, but morals, tradition and respect are what she values the most. She is definitely one of the toughest zodiac women.

Capricorn lady is talkative and communicative. She is a very energetic person and a versatile one. Commonly, she has many different interests, which sometimes leads to indecisiveness of what would be the best for her.

However, doubting does not last for long in any Capricorn. Once she has set her mind onto something, there is no turning back. She would do everything that it takes to reach something she dreams of, but Capricorns do not go over dead people’s bodies.

Capricorn woman is honest, righteous and moral. She sticks to her promises and is very responsible person.

She would never do anything intentionally to hurt another person, but you do not want to provoke her. An angry Capricorn is not easy to deal with. If she is really furious, you want to be out of her way. Capricorn woman is ambitious and she wants the best for her and for her loved ones. Family and stability in life matter a lot.

Capricorns are well-grounded, conservative and stable people. Capricorn woman is persistent, tactful and organized. She is never easily discouraged and she could find a way out of any trouble.

While, because of her tough attitude Capricorn woman sometimes appears grumpy and pessimistic, her energy is generally positive.

She is motivated, spirited, very intelligent and in need of action. She is bold, open and direct. Capricorn woman is not interested in short-term affairs and love games; she seeks for a partner for life.

She needs a loyal, devoted and supportive partner. She needs someone clever, charming and who can win her with his intellect.

Flirting and romance are for somebody else. Capricorn woman wants someone who is serious about his intentions. Proud and strong-willed, Capricorn lady is determined to find the man she could start a family with. She is ready to search and to wait.

She does not fall in love at the first sight and needs some time truly to get to know a man. Once she realizes he fits her, she is ready fully to commit herself to a relationship and start building mutual life.

Needles to say, Capricorns are loyal and very stable in relationships.

Love Compatibility

Connection between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman is, at least, strange. It could be an odd combo of a libertarian and a traditional one.

You can only imagine how turbulent such a relationship could become.

There are so many differences in their temperaments and characters, that this relationship is definitely something unique.

Most of the time, Aquarius man and Capricorn woman would face conflicts, trouble, and tension. There are no interests binding them together. Aquarius is too liberal for strict and traditional Capricorn and vice versa.

Their intimate life is poor, because they cannot synchronize in bed. Their emotional life is like a rollercoaster, because they just not match on this level.

Capricorn woman would like to have everything in control and there is no place for Aquarius great visions in her mind and heart. They usually face problems regarding finances. For Capricorn, material stability is important. It is something you should take care about, organize and keep under control.

Aquarius does not care about financial stability; he is above that. These two would often argue about spending money. Their perception of the world and life is ultimately different.

However, both Aquarius man and Capricorn woman are inventive and creative people, although their goals are different.

Aquarius man is capable of applying his ideas in reality, not only fantasizing about them. Capricorn is organized, calculated and tactful. If they imagine their relationship like some sort of a business contract, things could possibly work out okay.

Of course, it definitely requires some love spice added to be called a romantic relationship

Marriage Compatibility

Even the best planetary aspects would have poor influence over this strange connection. If this relationship is to become something bigger, such as marriage, it takes specific circumstances and inexplicable attraction between these two.

They are not very likely to stay together that long, but it is, of course, possible. They could stay together only to show the world such a connection is possible, but from ultimately different reasons.

Aquarius man and Capricorn woman would have troubles harmonizing their needs and responsibilities in everyday life.

However, kids could soften their differences and make them more oriented towards the family itself, rather than towards the connection between two of them, as individuals.

Both would invest all they have to provide their little ones happy and harmonious life.


Aquarius man and Capricorn woman would rarely be friends.

They are too different to form some strong bond, except if they fall in love and get physically attracted to one another.

This is, by all means, one of the strangest connections in zodiac.

Friendship between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman may survive if there is already formed mutual respect and at least some degree of tolerance for differences.

Cool Facts

Strangely, but there are many famous examples of Aquarius man/Capricorn woman couples.

Here they are: George Stephanopolous and Ali Wentworth, Clark gable and Loretta Young, Michael Hutchence and Helena Christensen, Nicholas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni and Ed Burns and Christy Turlington. Obviously, this is not such an impossible match, after all.


Aquarius man and Capricorn woman are considered two opposite to stay together, but this is not always the case and these two could have a lasting relationship, although a turbulent one.

If planetary aspects are good, there are chances this connection remains stable and continuous, but there is no way it would be without any turbulence.

These two people are very different and it shows on all levels of their mutual lives.