Jupiter Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Significance and honor. Sincerity and responsibility will give public confidence, a good reputation.

Even from a poor family they will acquire a position in the civil service, justice, etc.

With bad aspects, the desire for honor becomes an end in itself.

Jupiter – Meaning and Info

Jupiter conjunct MC – you are a very moral person and a respectable citizen.

It is important for you what others think of you, despite your ambition and desire to develop, but for this you will never endanger your position in society.

Religion can be central to your life, and sports and travel will no doubt be a part of your career.

If Jupiter is in the 9th house, your interest in justice, order and ethics may find expression in the teaching profession or in the legal sciences.

If Jupiter is in the 10th house, your parents or friends will help you achieve success in your career.

Jupiter, MC trine, trine in the natal chart Conservative work ethic that makes it easier to gain recognition in the profession.

Thanks to sincerity and accuracy – the benevolence of the authorities, which helps in a career. Good for legal and political careers. Success brings money for a happy family life. They love their family.

Jupiter in trigon-sextile with MC is a lucky star – these words explain everything in your life. Friends and relatives help you in everything.

Thanks to your attractiveness and desire to learn, you have excellent relationships with colleagues at work, employees and all important persons. You always think correctly about people, and do not put pressure on them.

However, in the absence of strong aspects with Saturn, you can be lazy when it comes to ambition at work and tend not to influence the course of events. You enjoy areas such as sports, social activities, law, publishing, teaching, and when you choose something, you will succeed.

Jupiter, MC opposition in the natal chart Great ideas in a career, bragging in the family. They want more for the house than they can.

Excessive ambition and little ability. We must learn humility, practicality, common sense. Often a large family that is a burden.

Jupiter in square-opposition-quickness with MC – you are very ambitious when it comes to high rewards and you think you have to pay well for a good job. You are a very disruptive person and strive for creative self-expression.

You know how to entertain people, you can excel in sports and all Jupiter-specific professions. You may like the profession of a politician, and in this area you can become very popular.

However, be careful not to offend people with your open and tactless attitude.

Home and family are of paramount importance to you, and if Jupiter is in the 4th house, you will have a spacious, comfortable and rich home surrounded by a large estate and maybe located on a dais. You can’t stand attachments, both physical and emotional, and therefore sometimes avoid close ties.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

The desire to build your empire on the principles of freedom and equality, but of course, leading it as a leader, prompts you to study brilliantly, miraculously enter a prestigious university and earn early. The obstacles on this path come from the native himself.

The middle of the sky does not let you keep your mouth shut if university teachers and company executives are incompetent and unfair.

The native defends the highest ideals, but often destroys the relationship in the bud. Men and women with this aspect dream of a big family and are happy when they can provide a bright and interesting life for their household.

However, if they interfere with work or require too much materially, they begin to be weighed down by family responsibilities and run off on business trips.

Rest alone in another country will save the situation.

It is important for a native to have education and things that are prestigious from the point of view of society, but it is necessary to take it simply.

It is better to choose a profession associated with large-scale events, entertainment and entertainment.

These are politics, show business, diplomacy, sports, advertising and, of course, business associated with big money.

Relations with foreign partners will be very positive, and learning languages ​​will harmonize the Jupiterian imbalance.

It is undesirable to work in the field of jurisprudence, since it is difficult for a native to judge objectively and understand the motivation of another person, but a legal education will help to find an inner balance in politics and business.

The study of Saturn and the development of modesty, perseverance and industriousness neutralize the hostility of others caused by the complacency and bragging of a tense Jupiter.

Jupiter Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

It is easier to overcome the tense aspects if they include planets of an initially positive nature. But here, too, there are some nuances.

Jupiter symbolizes great happiness, money, honor and luck of the highest category, but he is characterized by exaggeration, voluptuousness and selfishness.

It is important to live on the upper floors of the planet of good luck, showing nobility, generosity and passion for learning, and not luxury, then it will be easier to overcome the barriers of square with the Meridian of the middle of heaven, denoting professional realization and karmic purpose.

Even under the influence of such a complex aspect, the native does not lose the fuse of ambition and desire to provide himself with a decent standard of living, becoming an influential person.

Paradoxically, this can be done by developing common sense and humility.

The Achilles’ heel of the bearer of the square is vanity. Men and women under his influence are convinced that they were born for great deeds, and if they did not have time to accomplish them, especially in college years, they begin to fantasize and lie, exaggerating their merits and talents.

This leads to unpleasant situations when, on the basis of rumors, they are entrusted with cases in which they do not yet have experience, and the lie turns into public shame.

Jupiter in square-opposition-quickness with MC – you are very ambitious when it comes to high rewards and you think you have to pay well for a good job. You are a very disruptive person and strive for creative self-expression.

After such a cold shower, many are generally afraid to take on promising projects and tell too much about themselves, but those aimed at development and success still work on their mistakes and begin to study with ferocity, gain experience and greedily conquer peak after peak.

Saturn and Uranus have a great influence on the fate of the Jupiter-Midheaven square. With a strong position of the former, persistence in achieving the set goals, high efficiency and a desire to give a really good result is manifested, and if the latter dominates, creativity, an unusual approach to professional affairs, a passion for travel and riddles ensure the success of self-realization.

It is important to take into account other directions of the aspect’s influence: a strong need for receiving awards and recognition of one’s work; the desire to study in prestigious institutions where eminent teachers teach, and the external environment is luxurious and stylish.

Collecting diplomas and certificates strengthens self-confidence, but distracts from delving into one narrow specialty, which affects professionalism; bright creative inclinations, noisy sociability, a sense of humor, the ability to entertain and win over interlocutors.

Excessive directness, inability to accurately lead the authorities to the desired decision: they immediately dump their problems and intentions on their heads; lack of balance between your desires and the interests of other people; selfishness, arrogance, conflicts with authoritative people.

The carriers of the aspect have dualistic thinking, they clearly distinguish between good and evil and do not see transitions.

The professional ambitions of such people are involved in megalomania and a penchant for dreaming about grandiose projects.

Domestic people perceive such a person as a braggart. Excessive ambition is not balanced with the potential of ability.

Such people need to learn humility, pragmatism and sanity. They often start a large family, which sooner or later becomes a burden for them. True, for the house they do more than they can.


They have a strong desire to preach their own system of values, but this is a dangerous path, because then any mistake and deviation from the rules will be exposed to the public. For the same reason, they cannot judge anyone.

Men and women with the Jupiter square – MC often refute the values ​​and priorities adopted in the family.

This is especially evident if a person was born into a family with religious foundations or among ordinary hard workers without higher education.