Leo Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Are stars inclined towards happy future of your relationship?

In this article, we will try to find out if a Leo man and a Virgo woman could be a successful romantic couple.

What is very important to note is that there are no zodiac signs that are totally incompatible and whose relationship is impossible. We all have differences, but there are couples with natural, easygoing connections and others with more troublesome relationships.

Some romantic relationships will be steady, harmonious, pleasant most of the time and long lasting; some of those are most likely to turn into marriage.

Others will be fiery, dramatic and short term. It all depends on personalities and willingness of both partners to invest into a relationship; it is not only a coincidence that people match or not. Astrology could give us some clues about that.

It is an amazing field for exploring our spiritual selves and see what we are on a higher level.

In addition, it could help us understand other people and the world around us, in a specific way. It does not offer explanation for everything, of course, but could be a very thorough and useful guideline.

If you want to know whether you and your sweetheart match well on astrological level, you definitely need an expert.

However, there are a lot of useful online suggestions and tools to help you get into right direction. Compatibility of zodiac signs is the first step. You can find out if your birth signs actually match well or not. It is a good base for further analysis and it could help you understand the nature of your relationship.

Zodiac compatibility solely does not determine in which direction your relationship will go, because there are many other deciding factors.

Positions of planets at the time of your birth, comparison of your birth charts and all aspects featured there could give you answer that is more detailed. However, zodiac compatibility could be inspiring and guiding.

If your zodiac signs do not match, do not get a sad face, it is not all lost! It does not mean that you two cannot have a happy relationship, but that it would most likely not be easy to find the balance. If you two have understanding for mutual differences and are aware of each other’s flaws and qualities, you could work it up and make an amazing connection.

Leo Man

Leo man is an impressive personality, a man with the heart of a lion, indeed. Does he get along with beautiful and demanding Virgo lady? We will find out. First of all, let us learn more about both of them.

To start with, we will get an insight into an average Leo man astrological personality. He is definitely a man to be admired and respected. Leo man is born to impress, inspire and rule. He feels at his best when in high positions.

Leo man sees himself the best amongst everybody else, although he is not particularly arrogant and he does not put much effort into proving his qualities. He is simply astounding and you will definitely recognize him, by his irresistible smile and sparkling eyes. He leaves an impression, wherever he steps. Leo man is brave, noble, honest and loyal.

He may appear he does not give a thing about what other’s are doing and how they feel, but that is not entirely true. He would talk about himself most of the time and you could feel as if he wants you to feel less important, but this is not true, either.

His heart is warm and open and he very well sees and feels needs of people he cares for. He does care for his loved ones and would sacrifice himself for seeing them safe and secure.

However, he is the one to evaluate if a person is really in need of saving. Injustice done to anyone makes him furious and he would act as a noble knight and defend him or her. His roar is heard miles around, if he wants to show to others that there is no messing with a lion.

Be very careful if you try to provoke a Leo. However, most of the time, he is laid back, pleasant, polite, generous and kind.

Yes, every Leo is self-obsessed, but he never expresses his narcissism at the cost of others.

He would never hurt somebody intentionally; he is simply above that. Leo man loves to be seen, appreciated and honored. His reputation is his treasure and he would see to maintain it well. Leo could be successful in business, but he has to be on top of the ladder to feel his best.

He is demanding, but not of others that much. Leo has a vision of success and he is ready to work with passion and dedication. He would not mourn over failure, but move on. He could rise to great heights from the deepest darkness, without a word of complaint. He would make drama over minor things, only to get needed attention, if he feels he is falling into oblivion.

When it comes to romance and love, he is a gallant charmer. He will blow any woman’s mind away; he seduces with ease, openly and gallantly. He would promise you all fortunes of the world and he will work hard to provide so. Leo’s words are not empty and his love is never shallow. He is emotional, passionate, courageous and irresistibly charismatic.

He could be lazy and expect things get done in his place, without asking anyone for doing so. He would often be surprised and intrigued by people who would not obey him and behave the way he expects them to do.

Sometimes it could even attract him; a person who is bold enough to counteract a Leo must be worth of admiration.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is a real lady. She is elegant, sophisticated, very demanding and perfectionist in everything she does. For a Virgo, there are rarely compromises. She knows what she wants and she does not accept less.

Virgo woman is very self-sufficient, independent and strong, but she does not handle stress of failure very well. From the highest top to the deepest darkness could she fall, in emotional sense, if she faces failure.

Virgo woman does not accept failure. It could be self-destructive and negative in her case.

She is prone to depression and despair, if things go terribly wrong. In fact, if things do not go according to her plans, she would get angry, depressed and miserable. It is strange how she can transform from a self-confident, impressive lady to a brokenhearted soul. Luckily, Virgos have amazing ways of saving themselves from experience failure this bad.

She has an incredibly inventive, creative and constructive mind. She would find ways to perceive her failure otherwise, although she is not likely to change her plans. Virgo woman is very intelligent, sophisticated, precise and diligent.

She is also a great idealist. No matter of all difficulties she faces or sees in the world, she never loses hope and generally considers humanity positive and supreme.

Her perfectionism is her best quality and her worst flaw, as we have seen. However, Virgo woman has many other qualities that make her flaws minor. She is sensitive, sensible, has a taste for all sorts of art and finery. Her spirit is soft, like a light spring breeze and people can literally feel it.

Virgo woman is like a princess; a demanding and dreamy one, at the same time.

She has very delicate sense and she is often interested in things spiritual or of a similar kind. A Virgo woman could be an amazing astrologer or a medium, for example. She understands people very well and has almost perfect intuition.

She could also be a good psychiatrist, tutor or teacher. Virgos are strict, precise, tactful and organized. She is emotional, but tends to keep to herself.

Virgo woman is very feminine and she appreciates natural look. Her features are commonly soft, gentle, and attractive in an innocent way. She is not shy, but would usually keep quiet or enter only deeply intellectual or philosophical debates.

She cares about herself quite much, from her diet to her appearance and style. She is stylish, a tasteful and classy fashionista. She never overdoes it.

When a Virgo woman falls in love, she is caring and loyal. However, she is very demanding and here her perfectionism can also make problems.

For example, she could be demanding in sex life, in terms that she would like everything to happen the way she imagines it and there are no other options. If her partner has not enough tolerance and understanding, it is very likely they would part ways.

Love Compatibility

This is a very complicated combination, because Leo and Virgo are both proud and strong personalities, but their perception of the world is totally different.

They do not understand one another well and this could be a harmonious relationship only if they are mad of love for one another and ready to adapt to this strange relationship. They are two signs of different inner energy.

Leo man is open-hearted, warm, optimistic and always in good mood. Virgo woman is cautious, calculated, reserved and often melancholic. They do not feel very comfortable together all the time.

They, however, have some traits in common. Both are ready to work hard and could be very self-reliant and independent. Both build their own world by their own hands.

There are some traits that are opposite, but could be compatible. For example, Virgo lady is precise, organized and very intelligent; her mind is creative, inventive, but logical. She often does not know how to impose her opinion, if she has a single piece of insecurity. Fortunately, she has a brave and positive minded Leo, who will gladly encourage her to pursue her goals.

They are both conventional, which reflect in all areas of their life together. Their sex life is good, but not particularly enthusiastic or fiery; it is more of a routine. They are rarely deeply satisfied with it, but that would not make them seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Both are loyal, honest and trustful. They are faithful to one another, despite all differences. They are capable of compensating lack of intimate pleasures in other aspects of life.

This relationship could be tense and exhausting, but it could work out fine. They have to put much effort into harmonizing their energies. Leo man has no neither time nor patience to deal with sundries Virgo woman gives much of her attention.

Virgo is a champion when it comes to criticizing and judging others, while Leo cannot stand it. He is too relaxed and sometimes lazy for a tidy and organized Virgo.

Marriage Compatibility

Not the best of combinations, but there is potential for success. Although this could be a strange relationship, if these two decide to get married it is very unlikely they would split apart.

They both find their own reputation precious and do not like others to see them have failed somewhere. Moreover, they are loyal and persistent by nature and they would do everything to save their marriage, if faced with problems.

Children could make their differences softer and put them into a background plan. They are very good parents.

Leo offers a true fatherly figure, caring and protective. Virgo is a bit strict and not as warm as Leo is, but it is a perfect balance.

They are like a good cop-bad cop parent’s team, which, eventually, turns out to be great for their children. Their family life is conventional and more harmonious, once they become parents.


Leo man and Virgo woman would most likely never become anything more than acquaintances, except if they fall in love and enter a romantic relationship.

Their nature is different and contrasting, so they would fight, rather than show any piece of even a try to understand one another. They rarely become good friends.

Cool Facts

While astrology teaches us Leo man and Virgo woman are not particularly a good match, there are celebrity couples that prove golden exceptions always exist.

Dustin Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman are married since 1980!

We are sure there are other examples of happy Leo man/Virgo woman couples, but there could not be many of them. Hoffmans are truly an amazing example.


While Leo men and Virgo women generally do not match very well, we have seen they share some similarities and that they could make their relationship harmonious, if they work hard and build up mutual understanding and tolerance.

The good thing is that they do not give up easy and that they can really see something in their connection.

They will do their best to preserve it and nurture.