Aries Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology can give us many details about someone’s personality and traits, but we can ask a question: can astrology reveal us some facts about the potential of a relationship between two people?

It most certainly can and in precise details.

The amount of details which an astrological analysis can reveal to us depends on the amount of astrological data used when doing the analysis.

Even the data given by the two people’s zodiac signs can provide us with much information about their general compatibility and the potential for a harmonious relationship between them.

The comparison between their zodiac signs’ characteristics can also reveal the potential issues and challenges which could arise in this relationship or prevent it from moving further from its initial stages.

In this text, we will do a compatibility and relationship check based on the astrological sign data for an Aries man and a Capricorn woman.

Aries Man

Aries is a cardinal sign, ruled by the planet Mars. This planet rules war, aggression, passion, sexuality, sex drive, sex, fertility, virility, and among other things the masculine energy.

These men are well known for their passion and sex drive. Regardless of their physical appearance, these men are very confident and usually have great success with women. They are often macho men and they have a desire to dominate others, especially the woman they are with.

If you fancy an Aries man and you are a woman who doesn’t like to be told what to do and think, you better think twice before getting in a relationship with him. This man seems always to know what is best for everyone, and that includes you.

He will be giving you unwanted advice all the time, expecting you to follow them blindly. He might even get upset or offended if you try to explain that you don’t agree with his ideas.

The funny thing is, this man is often right about what should or should not be done in almost every situation, and if you don’t want to say the opposite only to contradict him, you will have no choice but accept his idea and do what he told you.

This man is a born leader and knows how to do this job. He is a great organizer, and that is a trait from which the people around him benefit from greatly. If you don’t mind your man organizing your life and letting him lead you, the Aries man is a perfect match for you.

He is very sexual and passionate and he expects his woman to have the same traits. He cannot stand women who are timid and are afraid to let go of their self-imposed or society-imposed boundaries and enjoy in the pleasures of a sexual bond with a man.

He is direct and he doesn’t hesitate to speak about the things that are on his mind. He can almost appear aggressive and bad-mannered because of his strong approach to people. If you are a person who considers this kind of behavior and attitude unacceptable, the Aries man is not the right man for you.

I don’t want to say that the Aries man has an attitude of a caveman, but the truth is that he can be very honest, direct and many people might consider such behavior rude and unacceptable.

Although Aries prefers strong and independent women, who are not afraid to express their opinion, not many of these women would be able to put up with his character. Aries men are not a compromise type of men. With them, it is usually “my way or the highway”.

There need to be some other bonding placements in the chart of both the woman and the man for that relationship to be successful.

Aries men are usually not prone to expressing their emotions openly. They are action-oriented and tend to demonstrate their feelings with actions.

So, if you are a type of woman who needs to be constantly reassured that she is loved and needed, forget about this man, unless he has some other (preferably water) placements in his chart.

His statements of love and affection are short and rare, if any at all. With this man is usually: “take it as it is” because this man will probably never change for anyone, not even the woman he is in love with.

Capricorn Woman

Saturn is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn, and that gives the people born under its sign a dose of seriousness and aloofness. Capricorn women are not the easiest catch, and the men who have tried and succeeded in winning their hearts know that best.

The Capricorn woman often has a practical approach towards love. It is not to say that all Capricorn women are calculated when it comes to the matters of the heart, but many of them are.

They are very intelligent and usually capable of providing comfortable living conditions for themselves. They desire a man who is equally ambitious, if not more ambitious than they are. They usually choose a successful man who can match their accomplishments and aspirations for the future.

These women are passionate but their passion is usually not visible. On the outside these women appear cold and distant. It takes a great amount of confidence for a man to approach this woman.

Men instinctively sense that these women won’t settle for anything less than perfect, and many of them give up on approaching them right at the beginning.

This attitude of Capricorn women is something which comes naturally to her, but it also represents a kind of natural barrier to the men that she wouldn’t choose anyway. This can also be a disadvantage because they can scare away men that would be more than acceptable for them.

A Capricorn woman learns in time that she needs to loosen up a bit and open herself if she wants to end up in a committed and loving relationship with someone. Many of them change their high standards and they adjust them to more realistic ones.

They can appear cold but they are capable of strong emotions and fatal romances (usually when there is some fire sign or Scorpio influence in their natal chart involved).

These women are very ambitious and often sacrifice their private lives for their career. They often remain single, or they choose not to have children, but even when they do create a family, they often remain focused on their professional advancement, sometimes at the cost of their family.

Not all Capricorn women are like that of course, but many of them are confident enough to choose a lifestyle and a life path which suits them the most even if that is not acceptable according to the current social standards.

They have a strong need for financial security, and we often see these women getting into commitments and starting a family, motivated solely by their desire for status and luxurious lifestyle. They are classical types and they love the comfort and pleasure which money can bring into ones’ life. They often choose men who are successful and could be presented as a trophy to their circle of friends.

A Capricorn woman needs a strong man beside her, but she doesn’t like to be treated like a traditional wifey who does all she can to please her man. She has her needs and doesn’t let anyone, not her man or her kids take that away from her.

At the stake of being called a bad mom and wife, she aims to fulfill her needs as well, and she expects them to accept that.

This woman needs to keep her own space in a relationship, and primarily when she establishes a family because it might have an adverse psychological impact on her if it happens otherwise. 

Love Compatibility

The love combination between an Aries man and a Capricorn woman is usually not a happy one; at least not especially happy. These two rarely get along well in a romantic relationship, and when they do, the explanation lies in some other astrological placements in their charts, which bring them closer together.

These two are both cardinal signs, and both have a high opinion of themselves.

They are both prone to thinking that they know everything best, and because of that the drama starts right at the beginning of their relationship. They usually begin fighting for dominance in the relationship, often because the Capricorn woman has a very strong and determined personality and doesn’t like to be told what to do.

Both this man and woman think they know it all. Sometimes it is hard for this couple to come to an agreement even about basic matters. The Aries man wants to be listened to and the Capricorn lady isn’t a type who could easily agree to such thing.

She would have to be way over hills in love to do that, and the fact is that she usually isn’t able to put up with that situation for a long time.

Luckily, these two rarely pass by the initial stages of romance, and it both saves them from future misunderstandings, conflicts, and harsh words.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between an Aries man and a Capricorn woman might turn into a battle for dominance. These two individuals have dominant personalities, and they have difficulty finding agreement on the simplest of life matters.

Mars and Saturn, their ruling planets are not a good combination; unless there are many other beneficial influences in their charts, which neutralize the malefic influence, these planets can produce.

It is preferable that their ruling planets form a positive aspect as well, and when they do, the couple can try to use their powerful energy to create a mutually satisfying relationship.

Even if there are many positive placements between their charts, there will always remain a dose of tension which threatens to create a conflict between these two and jeopardize their relationship. 


Aries man and a Capricorn woman have mutual respect towards the strength of personality which each of them possesses. A friendship relation between them is the one that is most likely to survive the test of time.

If they manage to find a mutual understanding for their differences, they could build a lasting bond, where each one of them could count on the support of the other.

They are both ambitious and usually successful members of society. They could be good friends if they understand the importance of avoiding conflicts over a difference of opinions.

When both the Aries man and the Capricorn woman realize that every one of them has the right to an independent view and a way of thinking, regardless of how different it might be from their own, that realization will broaden their perspectives and make them more tolerant to other people’s diversities, which both have difficulties accepting. 

Cool Facts

Although both the Aries man and the Capricorn woman can appear distant and unemotional, these two are both very sensitive and emotional underneath their rough or disinterested façade.

The difference is that the Aries man will try to hide his emotions through almost aggressive behavior, while the Capricorn woman will appear uninterested and distant. It takes time and built trust for these two to soften up and start demonstrating their feelings.

The Aries man is hotheaded and usually rushes into things and situations without thinking, while the Capricorn woman has a thoughtful approach to every situation in her life.

This main discord between their personalities is one of the main deal breakers, which prevents the beginning of a relationship between these two, or which causes the ending of their relationship. 


To conclude, an Aries man and a Capricorn woman is not a perfect match. It is usually not even a good match.

There needs a lot of compromise and other beneficial influences which will keep these two together in a harmonious relationship.

If they need to bond somehow, it is best to keep it on a friendship basis because it is the most likely relationship to survive the course of time.

Of course, these conclusions are based on the general observations of the compatibility based on the main characteristics of these two signs and doesn’t exclude a possibility of a harmonious and happy relationship between two individuals with these signs.