Libra in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

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People, who are provided with a drive from home in Libra, are able to formulate and express their thoughts.

In relation to daughters, colleges, neighbors and just the familiar, he shows courtesy, courtesy and courtesy. Good co-authors come from them.

Libra – Meaning and Info

They value comfort on the way. If it is necessary to bring information to such people, it is necessary to approach the question promptly and constructively, to bring the important people.

Back home in Libra – a character of a man for the presenters of such a category, it is perfectly possible to keep a partner, fair and pleasant.

They regard justice as an important part of the community and the community in the social community. They actively help people in need and at the same time, they are afraid to require a company with rich poultry.

It is important to keep a balance between these actions. Then any relationship will develop harmoniously.

What concerns teaching, then these are the students, what critically will look at the external view, character, and social position of the teacher.

If the teacher does not comply with the teacher’s assumptions in these matters, then the learning process will turn out to be ineffective.

By the way, such a student simply will not be able to adequately reproduce the information, if the presenter does not pass through the specified parameters and does not cause displacement.

In other people, the representatives of this group value honesty and honesty. They are able to maintain a friendly relationship with their staff.

Because of the rich circle of interests, it is difficult for them to find their calling, on this soil they can form dilettantism.

They are distinguished from the crowd of abilities to literature, music and art. These are the defended company negotiators and consultants who are capable of delivering an equally negative and positive component of the question.

At a low level of development, this is expressed in the idealization of the rich, who are perceived by the superior race, and an aversion to simple hard workers. Everything that is beautiful and expensive rises on a pedestal.

And only with spiritual growth comes the understanding that true beauty is in the soul and sincere, not secular communication.

Communication at school and with relatives with a harmonious 3rd house, the native learns in a high-status and socially significant school.

It may be a paid institution, an elite gymnasium at the embassy, ​​the best lyceum in the city, or even a class for artistically gifted children, future diplomats or journalists, but everything that happens there has a public resonance.

Hence, a person’s confidence in the ability to influence the events of life.

Parents of the owners of the 3rd house in Libra need to know that their children are unpleasant in an environment where a physically developed person wins, and not an intellectually developed person. They do not like loud shouts and harsh words, from which their academic performance and desire to learn noticeably weaken.

3rd House – Meaning and Info

If there are no defeats, then the Native can study in a good school, in a prestigious class. It may be a paid school, it may be a free school, but one that is appreciated in this city, which determines the status of students.

It is important to note here that the conversation is not only about financial status, but also about intellectual status. It can be either a “school for the rich”, or a school with a mathematical or language bias, a school for gifted children (or a class in a regular school), etc.

Those. Here it is pertinent to say that through teaching in a school (or class), belonging to a certain circle is demonstrated.

The native likes and wants to conform to this environment, so, as a rule, he also learns well. It is important for the Libra that everything at school is harmonious, smooth and pleasant. They really dislike and have a hard time tolerating aggressive learning conditions.

It is not convenient for them to exist in a competitive space, where the arrogant or simply loud and active are appreciated. Bad for them and where they constantly need to prove something, they need to be the best in a competitive context.

Where the status is not recognized a priori, but is subject to constant confirmation and active proof. All these conditions complicate Native’s school life.

Libra gravitates towards someone stronger. By its nature, due to the expulsion of Mars, the fall of the Sun, Libra is a rather weak Sign in the energetic sense. Ideally, their environment is an environment without resistance.

At worst, it will do if there is someone who will protect them, protect them.

If Venus and the 3rd house as a whole are harmonious, then the class, as a rule, is harmonious, in any case, this is how Libra sees it. They may not notice that someone is offending someone if they themselves are doing well (there is a tendency for Libra to see and think selectively).

Libra in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

They don’t care about everything, unlike Aries. Therefore, at school – they, with a harmonious 3rd house, can think that everything is fine, and everything that goes beyond this vision can simply be excluded from the field of vision.

It is important for them that they are accepted in THEIR circle – this is fundamentally! If they are accepted in the desired circle, then they are ready to close their eyes to some things in relation to other people.

But in case of defeat to the first house, as usual, there is reason to believe that Native will not be accepted. That he will not fit into this reference group.

Perhaps he will not fit in with his outfits, his appearance, origin, and some other indicators that are important for this group.

If the Native does not fit in, it will be difficult for him. For Libra, integration into the desired society is generally a key motive. And where we have Libra, we want to fit the circle. In this case, this is the 3rd house – a school, a courtyard.

A person tries to make friends with people who initially demonstrate belonging to this environment.

If he is not initially built into this group – for example, he is from a poorer family, or even may be equal or richer, but “everyone in a row” is not allowed there, then he will suffer from the situation.

With a good disposition, it can be a girl who is reputed to be the first beauty, or a boy – the first handsome heartthrob, not a bully, not the strongest, not brutal, namely, a handsome man.

With a good 3rd house, and the map as a whole, this person can be harmonious in life – even his presence balances the situation. He can reconcile everyone with everyone and have a reputation as a negotiator. In this case, the school will be perceived very well and pleasantly.

Again – a creative class, everyone was friends with everyone, girls fell in love with boys and boys fell in love with girls. Many pleasant memories are associated with these years.

They also learn well in this case – the ability to perceive information by ear (air Sign) and the desire not to pump up, to be no worse, or even better than others (after all, here at the ASC, most often it turns out to be a Leo!).

But if everything is not good, it may be people who are not accepted by society. It happens that in order to be accepted, they have to act in a way that they generally would not want – to show some not the best features of their personality.

In this case, it will be difficult to study – Libra is not Aries, who can resist the environment, not Scorpio, who can do better precisely through rejection.

Not even Aquarius, who can say “but … the fools themselves … did not really want to” and “score” at everyone.

They are very dependent on society (again, on the ASC or Leo demanding recognition, or timid and emotional Cancer.

It can only be easier for Virgo) and the acceptance of society in this sense is decisive.


The third house is associated with self-expression through the use of information and speech, respectively, communication with relatives, neighbors, classmates and teachers.

It also includes pre-college school, driving behavior, short trip events, and document handling.

The cusp of the 3rd sector in Libra means that Venus is the ruler of the house. The idea of ​​global justice, the desire to pacify rage with a kind word and clarify issues that do not even concern the native directly, are characteristic of the owner of the horoscope.