Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

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The Holy Book is written or created n away filled with emotions, and It is a book full of feelings, human feelings, and interpersonal relations in general. It “gives” its meaning and explanation to everything that one person experience during life. Love, in general, occupies one of the key places in the Bible.

Love in the Bible is presented in different ways. First of all, it is spiritual Love, Love as the main Christian virtue. And when we know this, then how everything that has to do with the past lovers, past love, things that are left in the past could be good?

The Holy Book says that true Love is an impartial feeling, which has no basis, no reason. It just is. True Love covers man’s shortcomings, etc., according to the Bible.

The important aspect of Love is to show it all the time, but not to think to return it to the present moment if you, for some reason, have buried it in the past.

It is adultery in some way, and it is, according to the Bible, a sin. Is it different when it is only a dream about the ex?

The connection between the Bible and its interpretation of dreams and the dream itself is very interesting.

For example, dreams about the ex, that is, we can all agree, are part of love life in every individual’s life.

Such dreams, in a dream symbolism and Biblical symbolism, have their meaning.

Speaking of dreams regarding the Ex – such dreams often come to us as a connection of what we have already experienced. The content and purpose should never be taken literally.

However, dreams have always been the subject of scientific assumptions and religious and philosophical interest, just like the case is in the Holy Book, the Bible.

In general, the dreams about the ex can be very vivid – dreams about the exes can be, at times, very confusing and can show worry about its meaning. We can say that these dreams say a lot about the person who has such a dream and needs.

Right here, we must mention that dreams about the ex are very common. It is one of the most common motives in dreams, equally dreamed by ladies and gentlemen.

This is also the dream that equally appears in the lives of those who are single or in a happy relationship; dreaming about ex-love is a common thing.

This is particularly true, especially after entering or exiting a relationship that left some kind of a mark on you, or even those that that did not leave any mark on you (when it thinks of them), but in fact, they have a lot. Your unconscious mind is telling you so, though the dream about that ex.

Scientists claim that dreaming about the ex does not mean that you miss that person, but something related to ourselves, our inner needs, desires both open and hidden.

These dreams can even be interpreted as the symbol of past times, and it means sadness that those times are no more active, it is the dream about things that we have lost along the way, and we like to recall them.

Of course, all of this depends on particular elements of the dream itself and your life (the life and the love life of the person who has such a dream).

If you had such a dream, think of its elements and your current and previous love status.

Meaning and Symbolism

In general, if you had a dream about the ex, in some general way, it shows the discovery of your identity and personal needs, and it is through them that you can find the more profound truth about the actual sexual and emotional needs in love relationships.

If you feel great during this dream and feel that the ex misses you, you feel in a good mood – such a dream shows that everything in your life (not just love life) suits you; you feel comfortable and protected where you are now.

In some cases, such a dream shows that your family relationships will only get stronger in reality, and family life will improve, expand, have new members, etc.

If in a dream about the ex, and you are kissing him or her, in that case, such a dream can be the symbol of success in life, achieved goals, satisfaction with the current course of business, and even more plans and plans for the future. Everything is great. Use this flow and reach even higher goals.

If in a dream about the ex, you are talking to him or her and maybe arguing, it shows that you will find minor problems related to past mistakes.

If the ex comes back into your life, and he or she confesses his Love to you, such a dream can be the symbol that a new stage in life awaits you through trials and exams, from which many of them can be extremely hard, and challenging.

But if that ex is starting to become truly aggressive, such a dream foretells trouble and fear. Postpone the implementation of your plans to a later date, and this can be the message that is behind this dream.

In the case that you are dreaming about the ex who is passed in reality, such a dream may point you to serious health problems (you and your family).

If you are having sex with an ex in a dream, it shows the peace along with the readiness to meet true Love that will soon be felt. An alternate version of these dreams promises a new acquaintance, passion, and a non-binding relationship; or a new relationship that can’t grow into something more. Be patient and see.

The symbolism of these dreams and such connotations can be seen in the Holy Book, depending on an interpretation – shows a connection to the past. It comes as a reminder that is necessary for you at the current moment.

The past has come to remind you again. It is not a matter of restoring past feelings, and there may be some problems related to past feelings and events of past days.

But, according to the Bible, the ex should stay in the past, keeping in mind that adultery of any kind is now allowed and not according to God. So, such a dream could come as a realization that you will find if you come along that way you are currently on.

Such a dream shows that you will find good news and great opportunities, good luck in love affairs and personal life. Changes will soon appear in your personal life. And it doesn’t matter if you have a relationship right now or not what they will depend on the complication of the dream.

This can be either the severance of existing connections or the resumption of past relationships or a long-awaited marriage.

Also, this is the dream about the ex, where your current lover appears also, and you are between the two of them, it reminds you that we are both not sincere in an existing relationship. You underestimate and hide a lot.

The appearance of the ex in a dream world, but in a different role now, can be, in Biblical terms, a promise you a new sense of universal Love. It will be a very passionate romance, not without the possibility of marriage and happy married life.

The alternate version is where you feel comfortable with the ex in a new role; this dream shows that you will experience joy in a dream – it means that you will be disappointed in a waking relationship.

If you think that you see an ex in a dream, but you are unsure that it is the ex, it is the dream that speaks of secret wishes, happy meetings, pleasant acquaintances, and a sea of ​​compliments.

In the depths of your mind are still fresh memories of past emotions. Such dreams are a kind of proof that your physical body still remembers the touches and feelings once caused by a loved one. You might even compare him to a new partner now.

Decoding Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex 

Dreams that speak of Love, in any form of it, even if the person in question is your ex, is in some ways, and this is proven according to the Bible, in some interpretations, is a dream about the idea of a long marriage and a large family.

It may be even the dream about fidelity and your attitude toward it. Such dreams often represent a quarrel between lovers, which will happen because of your offensive words.

The Bible does not approve of thinking about the ex, but we cannot control the dream world. In any case, such a dream may be seen as a warning – perhaps your health or family relationships require more attention.

Experience the sweetness of pure Love, and then, in reality, your life will be filled with interesting people and events.

If you maintain an experienced feeling after waking up, you can enjoy success in any endeavor. Situations in your life need to be dealt with without emotion – this will help you avoid conflicts with others.

There is one common version of this dream, where your ex is, in fact, a celebrity – then such a dream carries the message that you need to avoid cheating by all means.

Such a dream can even show that you do not have enough care and attention for those close to you.

In a version of the dream where your ex shows as angry passions or be the object of feelings you don’t need or want, it is a completely bad sign, and it is not even your fault. Just expect events that can ruin your plans.

In some versions, the dream about the ex, heralds a change in personal life that will depend on the details of the dream.

If you are in a dream escaping your ex-lover, and you feel scared – it shows that you are wondering if your endeavors will be successful.

If in a dream you are cheating your current lover with an ex, it is definitely a bad sign, according to the Bible, since any adultery is interpreted as a strong sign but definitely foretells sins and bad decisions.

Such a dream shows a failure and a question will you achieve a happy marriage and windless family happiness in the world of dreams.

The message behind this dream and Advice

Love and all matters that are related to love, seen through the Biblical lens or in any other, is seen as a complex concept that concerns so many aspects of life. It determines our relation to the world, other people, and everything we do.

Love means the emotions that people experience while they are together (for real or imaginary), in any case, a strong attachment to another person.

Having exes in life is a normal thing in the world of all of us, and they very often show up in our dreams – there are numerous messages that hide behind this dream.

In some cases, such a dream shows feelings we experience that we fear are long forgotten. The feelings that remain after such dreams evoke a desire to understand what Love (with an ex) is and somehow organize your emotions. So, this dream comes as an intention of the mind to organize your feelings once and for all.

The current object of passion you have been dreaming (in this case, this is the ex-lover, regardless of what you had together) speaks to your satisfaction with the environment that exists.

It suggests that you are freeing yourself from happiness – in fact, to freedom from routine worries and problems if you pay attention to business issues.

But, everything we dream of, according to the Bible, is a promise to change something and live by God’s plan – the dream about the ex, promises you a solution to a difficult issue. As a result, you can radically change your life or secure your future with the help of a profitable marriage.

According to the Biblical meaning of this dream, if you are rejecting an ex to come back to you, it is considered a good sign. Your emotions are alive, and there is passion, understanding, respect, and Love toward yourself in the first place. Nothing threatens your life, and it is wonderful.

Advice that we can give you at the end of this story is this – listen to the voices that come from a dream – think of this dream as a symbol of your work on yourself.

Success in every part of your life is plausible thanks to developing determination and the immediacy of character.

Feeling romantic and fiery in a dream about the ex could suggest that they are able to solve all the difficult life issues thanks to hard work and vitality, along with a lot of happiness and bright Love.

In the end, if you have such a dream, do not think bad about yourself, think good, and know that at the same time, it is important how pure and sublime the dream was.

Dreams in which Love was bright and pure promise joy and fruitful joys without romantic coloring can present various obstacles to life, and it does not matter that it was your ex.

Think of the past. If you had such a dream, does that past (your ex in a dream) still torment you? Your subconscious still has fresh memories of days gone by.

And if you have nothing against going back to an old relationship but don’t know how to do it, remember what happened in the dream.

Scenes in dreams are the key to actions that should be performed in reality.