Dreams About Horses – Interpretation and Meaning

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Horses are beautiful animals we people have been appreciating and admiring since old times. Horses are considered noble and intelligent animals. These gracious, strong and breathtaking animals had become our companions a long time ago.

Since the first day of our companionship, horses have been becoming more and more important to us, in every sense possible.

Not only horses have been of use to humans, but they have also been believed to possess incredible spiritual powers. Horses are present in many of the greatest traditions throughout the history of civilization and even beyond that.

For centuries, horses have been helping us in doing various things.

Some of the longest and historically most precious voyages could never be accomplished without having horses to carry us and our cargo over tough vast spaces of land. Humans have reached some of the most distant parts of the world thanks to these amazing animals.

Once upon a time, horses were the most valuable possession a man could have. Medieval knights were horsemen, chevaliers; no horse, no knight.

That is an interesting example of the value of horses in Westerners’ tradition. In medieval Europe, it was a great prestige to have a horse; a man, a warrior who would like to be anointed a knight had to have a horse.

Some men would even sell all of their belongings, only to buy themselves a horse, a beautiful, strong and impressive battle horse.

That is only an example, for there are numerous (and various) stories and legends about horses and there are, of course, more than one species of horses.

However, all species of horses are equally valued by people.

From stable, short and chubby mountain horses with great stamina and incredible skills to travel across harsh mountainous pathways, over grandiose, strong and heavy pulling horses to those elegant and lean racing horses, each one of these is appreciated, adored, worshiped and praised by people.

In all cultural systems, where horses play a role, their symbolism is strong and very positive.

Horse symbolism

Understanding horse symbolism is the first step properly to interpret dreams about horses.

Let us go back into past for a while.

Long time ago, the world was full of wild horses, freely roaming over grasslands, steppes and meadows. Then humans have started to form some of the first societies and, in that period, they also began domesticating horses and other animals; in a way, they have been slowly restraining their naturally wild and free spirit.

Nevertheless, horses still keep that wild, lively flame inside their wild hearts. We try to restrain them, but we can still see the power of that inner force that drives them deep inside their eyes and in every single move they make. Even the most docile ones still have that fire inside.

Horses are identified with numerous symbolical concepts and are featured in great mythologies, spiritual and religious systems.

Horses symbolize power, strength, freedom, pride, infinity, energy, activity, longevity and vitality.

On their more soft side, horses symbolize elegance, sense of beauty, sensitivity and gracefulness.

In addition, these amazing animals often stand as symbols of honor, valor, nobility, royalty and loyalty. All of these concepts and ideas are incredibly bright and positive, glorious, in a way-

Horses are also often associated with spiritual realms and magic.

They are figures in many myths, legends and folktales. To name only a few, there is a flying, winged horse Pegasus in Ancient Greek Mythology, eight-legged Sleipnir in Nordic legends, several legendary horses from Buddhist and other Asian tradition, Horses of the Apocalypse and many more. Horses are sometimes believed to be shamans shape shifting forms.

Dreams about horses

Dreams about horses are not that common, but are not unusual, either. Each dream featuring a horse or horses has powerful symbolical meaning for a dreamer, because horses are generally one of the most spiritually powerful animals.

Since these animals are already impressive by nature and their symbolism is usually associated with ideas and concepts that are beautiful and powerful, but tough to control or suppress, horses in dreams usually represent ambitions, higher purpose, personal goals and motifs.

Horses in dreams symbolize power and strength of a dreamer, his or hers sense of their own goals and capabilities, the need to be free.

Depending on how the horse you dream about looks like and what is happening in the dream, the meaning could be positive or negative, but it also could be neutral, guiding or warning in nature.

Sometimes, dreams about horses could have doubled meanings; for example, the horse in dream represents someone’s strong ambition, but also the negative side of this ambition.

The dream about a horse could reflect your strength, determination and willingness to achieve something, which is, of course, good, but it could also mean you have let these things take you over and you do not mind if your actions and words would harm someone in your way.

This is an example of a positive, negative, warning sign type of horse related dreams. Horses are beautiful, powerful, but complex symbolical motifs, so dreams featuring them should be interpreted with care and caution.

When it comes to interpretations of specific horse related dreams, every single detail is important. The color of horses, their movement, their attitude towards you and vice versa etc.; it all matters.

In following lines, we will present some of the most common versions of dreams about horses and help you find the true meaning behind your dream.

Dreams about seeing a horse

Dreams about seeing a horse could be a reflection of your self-esteem, determination and courage.

However, the exact meaning could vary depending on particular circumstances. If you have only seen a horse and you do not remember any particular detail, then it is a good, optimistic dream.

The horse in a dream is either yourself or your protector. Think about how you feel about seeing the horse in your dream. If the animal is watching you, it perhaps represents someone dear and important to you.

The dream is to remind you someone keeps an eye on you and would never like to see you harmed.

That means you have amazing support in one person (e.g. your mother or father, some of your other family members, a partner, a very good friend, even a teacher, a boss and so on).

This is a positive dream that comes to assure you that you are not alone and that you will not be abandoned and left on your own.

Dreams about a white horse

Seeing a white horse in a dream is incredibly a good experience and it has only positive meanings. White animals, especially when they enter our dreams, represent pure thoughts, bright ideas, sensitivity, hope, wisdom, purification, spirituality and guidance.

Moreover, a white horse represents liberty, openness of mind, pure soul, free spirit, ambition and motivation, but only in extremely positive way. A white horse in a dream is a true blessing.

Dreams about white horses or a single white horse mean you are on the right way to your success; you are doing fine and things go and will continue to develop according to plans.

This dream should give you hope and encouragement, especially if you feel a bit stuck in the moment and if you are afraid of failure. Be brave and endure, for life has many gifts to you.

This is an extremely fortunate dream.

Additionally, a white horse represents long life, vitality and health. T also represents healthy sexual desire and physical well-being. It could also be a reflection of a need to be perfect, which is something you should pay attention to.

The white horse might represent an ideal you would like to achieve; it is good as long as you do not suffer because you are not being perfect.

Dreams about a black horse

Black horses in dreams are also reflections of people’s ambitions and goals. Sometimes, it is taken as a negative symbol, but you are the one to decide the true meaning, considering your current waking life situation and your emotions the dream provokes.

A black horse could be an embodiment of ambition, but in a very negative way.

It is incredibly brave and amazing to stand out and be unique, but people tend to interpret such ideas wrongly and they become obsessed with their ambitions, forgetting everyone and everything else.

Think about your current ideas, thoughts, plans and goals in life and see how those ambitions affect other areas of your life and people around you.

Maybe you have neglected some important aspects of life or some people, on behalf of your personal goals. A black horse could represent something else, as well. It could be a symbolical dream world representation of people and ideas you are afraid of.

Maybe you are feeling threatened by others, as if there are stronger individuals who will bring your plans to a failure.

Dreams about black horses could also represent a dreamers sexual desire, but not in a good way. However, there is a bright side, even to this dark dream.

A black horse could simply represent a sense of mystery, uniqueness and individualism. It only reflects your unconventional way of doing things and rare talents others respect and praise you for.

Dreams about riding a horse

Dreams about riding a horse are generally common and usually related to sexuality of a dreamer. The very act of riding a horse is a dream metaphor for sexual life of a dreamer and it is commonly a positive one.

If everything goes smoothly and well, if the horse does not try to throw you from its back or so, it is a good sign. It means you have a healthy sexual desire and you feel great about yourself when it comes to your sexuality.

The other interpretation is associated with a dreamer’s life on a general plan. The act of riding represents the balance between a person’s instincts, intuition, thoughts and actions. It represents a relation between one’s emotional, mental and physical state.

The course of riding reflects this relation. If you ride without any difficulties, it means your life is balanced and harmonious; if not, you should try to find out what are stones beneath your horse’s hoofs.

If you do not have any control over your horse, but you somehow keep yourself in saddle, it means you are passing through a turbulent period or that you are about to face certain challenges that might shake you.

The dream suggests you should hold your reins tight and not let the horse throw you down.

There are tough times and downsides in everyone’s life, so you should keep your head up and gather your courage to overcome them.

Dreams about falling off the horse

Dreams about falling of the horse are interesting to interpret, because they could mean both positive and negative things. You will know of what nature is your case, because you will feel either beaten or relieved after waking up.

In the first scenario, when a person dreams about falling of the horse during the ride, it could mean all of their plans have gone wrong and the dreamer has faced failure. Actually, the dream usually occurs in people who have not yet experienced a failure but are extremely afraid of it.

The dream is a channel that teaches you a failure is a natural thing.

On the other scenario, the dream symbolically represents an end of a hard and troublesome period. You have tried really hard, but sometimes, we cannot control everything in life.

However, the important thing is that you are aware of your efforts. This type of dream should encourage you to start fresh; one bad period is over, so you can be relieved and start slowly recovering yourself and making new, amazing plans.

It is never too late to go back into saddle.