Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

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Driving off a cliff is sounds like a frightening scene from a movie or a book. It can be also be someone’s phobia, especially people who happen to drive often on roads where that seems a very possible event.

Luckily, these things don’t happen that often in reality, but strangely they have a tendency to appear often in our dreams.

Dreams about driving off a cliff are very common dreams, and many people have had such a dream at least once, even those who don’t drive at all.

The scenarios of this dream could be numerous; your breaks could stop working, or you can lose control of the steering wheel, etc.

There are various reasons for having this dream. A dream of driving off a cliff is one of those dreams that bear a strong symbolism and should not be ignored. It usually points out to some area of your life that you need to deal with.

Most often, this dream indicates some circumstances that you cannot control as much as you want to. It could also reveal the state of your emotions because of some situation you are currently facing in your life.

Let us first see what the meaning of a cliff is when it appears in our dreams. This dream could indicate that you are confronted with some important decision you need to make.

You need to decide about something very significant in your life, and the decision is non-reversible. That dream is a very important message from your subconscious and the details of it are very important.

For example, standing on the edge of a cliff could be a sign that you are in control of your life. Such dream could indicate your need for a new point of view to reexamine whether you are right about something or you need to make some changes.

If you were looking up from the bottom of the cliff, the dream could be indicating some goals that are currently beyond your reach.

If you dreamed of driving near the edge of a cliff, that dream could be a warning about potential danger that might be lurking around you.

Possibly you are not aware of the dangers that you are facing, but your subconscious is warning you through this sign to be on the alert for potentially jeopardizing situation you could encounter soon.

A dream of driving off a cliff could have many different interpretations. Some of them can be:

Lacking control in life

A dream where you have driven off a cliff is usually a warning sign from your subconscious.

This dream is an indication of the chaos and lack of control that are present in your life.

Maybe you are leading life without any respect for rules and authorities. You could be thoughtless and reckless in your actions and behavior towards yourself and others, and your behavior could lead you to some damaging experiences from which there is no way out or way back.

Jeopardizing your wellbeing with your behavior

A dream about driving off a cliff is usually a sign that you are doing something wrong in life and your actions are jeopardizing your wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of other people, especially your loved ones.

This dream is a sign from your subconscious that you must change your behavior and begin following some rules.

Maybe your actions and way of living are jeopardizing your life, and the dream is telling you that it will end badly if you don’t change something.

Being bothered by some situation

A dream about driving off a cliff could sometimes reveal your feeling of desperation and as if you cannot take some situation anymore.

Maybe you really feel like driving off a cliff willingly because you can’t stand something or someone in your life. Maybe something has been bothering you and you want to end all so you don’t have to put up with something anymore.

Feeling pressure

Sometimes a dream about driving off a cliff could indicate your inability to deal with success.

Maybe you feel the pressure to stand on top of the achievements you have accomplished so far.

This dream could reveal your pressure to please others and realizing that it is impossible to please everyone.

Falling off a cliff in your dream or experiencing someone falling off a cliff could be a message that your subconscious is sending you about the need to release the pressure and stop worrying about others so much. Instead, focus on yourself and your needs.

Being forced to accept some changes

This dream can in some cases represent some forced change that you need to accept.

It could also indicate not being able to do some things the same way and your shock by the realization of that fact.

A dream of driving off a cliff could also reveal your fears of losing control in some very important moment of your life.

Putting yourself in danger

In some cases, dreams about driving off a cliff could symbolize the way you feel because you have taken too many risks and allowed some situation to get out of control.

Possibly you have put yourself in danger with your actions and you cannot do anything about it.

Being afraid that a change will make you lose control

Sometimes, this dream could symbolize some change which makes you afraid will make you lose control.

Maybe you are forced to accept some change in your life, but you are afraid that the change will for some reason make you lose control in some situation.

Getting off the right path in life

Sometimes, a dream of driving off a cliff could symbolically represent taking the wrong turn in life, and stop following your dreams.

It is possible that your recent behavior and actions have been distancing you from your goals, and putting you in an environment and set of circumstances where you don’t feel safe and feel that you don’t have control over your life anymore.

It is possible that some external influence caused you to behave in such a manner and brought you to this situation, but this dream could be a sign that you are definitely on the wrong path and you need to think of making some huge changes to get back where you are supposed to be; otherwise, you will need to put up with the consequences and the disappointment they will bring you.

Dreams about Driving Off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of driving off a cliff into water and drowning – If you dreamed of driving off a cliff into water and drowning, that dream is a very bad sign. It is a sign that your actions might lead you into a bad emotional state, possibly a deep depression from which you won’t easily get rid of.

This state might be caused by some failure which you provoked by your actions and thoughtless behavior.

Dreaming of being driven off a cliff by someone – If you dreamed that someone caused you to drive off a cliff intentionally, that dream is not a good sign. It usually represents a sign from your subconscious that someone in your surroundings is not your friend or has bad intentions towards you.

Maybe someone is trying to harm you in some way and you subconsciously pick up these signals, although on the outside everything seems right.

This dream could represent a disappointment in the actions of people who are close.

Maybe someone will prevent you from receiving your well-earned rewards, such as promotion, a pay rise, or something similar.

Dreaming of driving off a cliff with a coworker by your side – If you dreamed of driving off a cliff and your coworker was beside you, that dream is a warning sign. It could symbolize some turning point in your career or business.

Maybe your company is in some kind of jeopardy or it is a matter of its survival.

It is possible that you facing some obstacles related to the destiny of your business or job, and you feel that you don’t have control over the circumstances.

Possibly someone else, like a partner or coworker are feeling the same as you, and that is why they are beside you in the falling car.

For deciphering this dream, it is important to take into consideration the fact of the person who was driving the car.

If it was you, it is possible that you feel that the solution of the situation depends on you completely and that the coworker is only sharing the same destiny with you.

If the coworker was driving, it is possible that you have put your trust in that person to find the solution to the crisis that you are in, and the dream demonstrates that you deep down believe that there is nothing that person can do to change the situation for the better.

This dream usually represents a failure of your business caused by someone you work with, or your actions and reckless behavior being the reason for your failures at work or bad business decisions.

Dreaming of driving off a cliff with your children in the car – If you dreamed of driving off a cliff and your children were beside you in the car, that dream usually represents a warning sign from your subconscious. It usually indicates lack of understanding between you and your children, and possible conflicts you often experience with them.

It is possible that you cannot find the right language with your children, and you try to control them way too much.

Maybe you don’t allow your children the freedom to develop their individuality by determining what they will do in any situation.

It is necessary to let your children make their decisions regarding their lives and be their friend instead of their boss. Your behavior could cause a gap in the relationship between your children and you might be sorry one day.

Consider this dream as an advice from your subconscious to change your attitude towards your children and become more tolerant towards their needs and desires.

That will immediately change the way they treat you and will certainly diminish the conflicts between you all.

By listening to the message of this dream you will save the relationship with your children and that is the most important thing.