Biblical Meaning of Flowers In a Dream

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Human nature is such that we try to find symbolism in everything, and one of the reasons why we do it, is to understand our world in many layers; and another aspect is that our mind is finding new ways to expand.

It is interesting how some common things in nature take a form that is much deeper.

Flowers are part of the most important occasions in our lives. It is the case in virtually any culture in the world, since the old days, and even in modern times. It is conspicuously present at birthdays, weddings, but also funerals, etc.

Everything that means to us in some way, any stepping stone we are on, flowers are its part. Flower arrangements are an integral part of our lives, and some flowers have religious significance. In the monasteries of the contemplative monastic communities, the abbey – the inner courtyard in which the regular course of monastic life occurs – is shaped like a garden with meadow plants, with grass and bushes, but without flowering plants.

The symbolism of flowers is very important because it allows you to send a clear message and in a very nice way.

Floral meanings have fascinated people for centuries and even play a major role in the works of William Shakespeare.

There is something called the “language of flowers.” In translation, this means that flower arrangements and plants globally symbolize feelings, moods, and ideas because each flower has its own special meaning.

When we look at the Bible, we can clearly see the importance of flowers – in churches, in the place where the community gathers for a liturgical celebration and spends moments that are a celebratory interruption of life’s daily course, we see flowers.

The speech of flowers is the speech of celebration because the flower is always at the crossroads of the future and initial germination in which the source of hard work and growth.

So, flowers are essential when we look at the religious aspect of lives – and we can wonder what happens when flowers show up as a motive in a dream world?

Are they then equally important?

Yes, they are, and right away, we can tell you that dreams, where flowers appear, are pretty common.

An additional layer is an addition of the Biblical meaning of such dreams, and it is equally deep and important.

Meaning and Symbolism 

So, if you have woken up and remembered that you have a dream about flowers, in that sense, primarily ask yourself what do you have to do with flowers? Do you have a garden, are you in love, maybe you have someone who is ill, is Valentine’s Day, or wedding approaching?

And more importantly, what do those flowers make you feel? Do they comfort you, make you feel happy, or sad, maybe in love?

It is believed that dreams that have the main motive flower have a different meaning that depends on the color of the flowers in a dream itself.

If you have a dream that you are happy and giving someone flowers that case, such a dream shows that you want to bring as much happiness as you can to someone in your life.

The flower is considered to be the universal beauty symbol – and if the flowers in your dream are incredibly beautiful, in that case, such a dream shows that inside of you, there is a burning desire to do something special for others, to make them feel great.

It is the manifestation of your inner being that wants to show others how valuable they are for you, and in some cases, such a dream may come if you have done something in life, hurt another human being, and you suffer for it, such a dream shows that you want to express affection for someone by doing something meaningful, kind even.

If you are the one who receives flowers in a dream, then such a dream shows an inner desire to have love and care in life that you may not have right now. You may even feel that you are underestimated by others, that others do not recognize your inner beings, and it may be true.

There is also one more version of this dream, where flowers are in a grave or in some similar setting, but in any case, they are connected to death in some way.

Such a dream comes as a depiction that you are very concerned about the health of someone close to you.

On the other hand, you can also dream of flowers associated with a newborn baby (usually, these flowers are pink or blue in dreams, but it can be a combination of them, it is not a rule).

If the flowers appear in some relation to the wedding, or some similar celebration, such a dream shows that you are in the process of making some kind of exciting commitment and that you are very joyful about it.

When see in the Biblical sense, flowers in dreams are a great symbol – in the Holy Book, it is said that the righteous, planted in the house of the Lord, flourish in the courts of our God. It says that the flowers in dreams are an invitation that we should flourish, which is a sign of God’s choice and holiness of the one who is called.

Also, one thing must not be forgotten, and that is that flowers are a depiction of a person’s character, in the same way, that taste of the food from heaven taste just to match anyone’s taste. That food from heaven was a sign of God’s love for his children; everyone experienced its sweetness according to their taste because it was transformed into what anyone wanted.

In the same way, flowers that appear are the manifestation of our current feelings in reality – for example, those yellow that shows up in a dream depict joy and comfort. Such dreams exemplify a free duty or a good feeling.

On the other hand, white flowers are seen as symbols of love and clarity, but a dream symbol has a complex meaning.

Green flowers may show that you have lately encountered envy or jealousy in life. And this is, according to the Bible, one of the worst sins that a person can commit – it is a warning not to let these emotions rule you and determine your actions; it is sinful to be envious of anyone or anything.

The decoding Biblical Meaning of Flowers in a Dream

In many cultures, the symbolization of flowers starts mainly from the appearance of the flowers and their shapes and allegorization from flowers and their colors.

The shape of the flower inspired the creation of the dream symbolism, which means the income (dimensions of the earth) and fertility (the dimension of heaven) of rain, etc. There are many versions of such a dream.

According to the Bible and its interpretation of the flowers found as motives in dreams, it depicts the world of the earth”: namely, it twists out of the mud towards the light, symbolizing the longing for immortality.

In the Holy Bible, we find clear examples of this ambiguity. In the prophet Isaiah who describes the sublime riches and immortality of the word of God, we read, “The grass withered, the flower faded: but the word of our God endured “forever (Isa. 40: 8).

Also, there is this – The Bible gives examples: apart from the fact that the noun flower has different meanings, from transience to harmony, the verb bloom is even more significant, and in an even clearer way: “It will come down like dew on the grass, like rain that soaks the earth! His righteous will prosper with righteousness and peace until the moon comes.

In any case, it is associated with the blossoming of a soul, of the prosperous actions.

You can understand this symbolism as a message that soon you will blossom, you will make your life as colorful as you want, with the shades that you want.

It carries a positive message and should be taken as such, used for the expansion of great values.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Like other dreams, of course, dreams of flowers have different meanings, from a romantic sense to the importance of mourning; knowing what death is for us and, in a way, a tool that helps us to understand how to accept the loss and prosper from it.

It is relevant to speak of all situations that we receive or see flowers and translated them into the world of dreams. We receive flowers as a gift when we are in love, when we are sick, for a birthday, we give them when we want to congratulate someone, at a birth, a funeral, when moving to a new home, and on various other occasions such as—Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

As you can see, all of these are events that are meaningful for people and us we love very much; it is like giving a stamp to something that we value. Flowers generally symbolize:

Beauty, emotions, an attempt to make something better, and, as you could have seen, the similar symbolical value in the Biblical interpretation of such dreams.

What message can be drawn from this?

The messages are many, and here are just some examples of how flowers are interpreted in the Holy book. The roses are given to the martyrs, “like a rose sprouting on the bank of a stream of water” (Sir 39:13). In De Universo, Jesus is compared to the Jesus (the good shepherd) to lilies: “…. he feeds the flock among the lilies.

Some flowers in a dream are seen as symbols of the ceremony; something relevant, meaningful comes to you in the near future. In some cases, dark-colored flowers are symbols of grief, sadness, frustration, or even heaven. And the Bible is giving you the right way to deal with such events and understand their true meaning for us in this world. It is one of the hardest things we have to endure in this life, to accept our nature, the duality, that life can be hard, and it is still called life.

One thing must also be said; the colors of the flowers in dreams change their meaning, even according to the Biblical interpretation.

Blue flowers often come when people are in need to find comfort. Shades of blue bring serenity, openness, and peace; such a dream shows that you either need all of this or that you are in such a state of mind.

Red or purple flowers in dreams are connected to romance, emotions, love, passion, but also anger and rage – it all depends on other aspects of a dream. They can also be used to express respect, desire, and courage – as you can find in the Bible, red roses were associated with all those who suffer immensely.

Red roses a way of expressing the deepest feelings, which can sometimes be dark, but honesty is the most important aspect here.

Flowers, the gentle kinds, like those wild ones find in the meadows, can also be a symbol of grace and innocence. It can show your inner being, which is pure and uncorrupted.

White flowers can indicate respect, humility, purity, and innocence, while at the same time, they can express sympathy with the bereaved in case of death. Here the color white is associated with death, not black color as you may expect it to be the case.

In the end, flowers are a common and meaningful symbol that appears in dreams, and their meaning is complex. And if you had one, think of your inner state, where you are right now, at this moment, and where are you want to be.

What kind of feelings is inside of you, and did you make death a part of the journey, not its end? This will help you immensely in learning what this dream means to you.