Biblical Meaning of Lion in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

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Majestic big cat, ruler of the animal kingdom, lion has perhaps been one of the most awed and honored living creatures on the world, since ancient times until modern day. Many of the greatest mythological, spiritual and religious systems mention lions as powerful beings that possess more than earthly strength.

Lions are a common motif in art, heraldry and literature. They have been adored and worshiped by people all over the world. Lions are majestic creatures, by all means.

These grandiose cats are adorned with beautiful main and they appear dangerous and proud. These animals are deadly predators, with a royal attitude.

Biblical meaning of lions is similar to general interpretation of lion symbolism. Lions have been ascribed many symbolical meanings, including divine powers. In Christianity, a lion is sometimes seen as a manifestation of God’s power.

In the Bible, lions represent mostly good and positive things. In general, lions symbolize bravery, strength, courage and protections.

Dreams in which a person sees a lion or becomes a friend with this majestic and dangerous animal are extremely positive, because they mean a dreamer enjoys great celestial protection. In terms of the Bible, it means that a dreamer has been guided and guarded by God.

Lions represent godly power and strength, divine protection and guidance.

However, meanings of dreams vary. If you dream about being attacked by a lion, it definitely cannot be seen as positive as the latter interpretation. However, in Biblical terms, such a dream means you have to face your fears, to go through hard times and trials that will eventually make you a better and stronger, faithful person.

Biblical interpretations of dreams about animals could be very helpful in life, because they offer a new perspective on all of that is going on in your waking reality.

For those faithful ones, such dreams are proof there is someone above caring about all of us; for others, such dreams can reassure them they are not alone in this world.

Animals are fairly common motif in dreams and they help us discover more about ourselves.

Biblical meaning of lions in dreams

Dreams about lions, seen both through general and Biblical prism, are dreams about glory, power, control, leadership, protection and strength.

If you dream about seeing an actual animal or lion motifs elsewhere, it means you are going through a stage of life in which you are about to discover where your true strength lies and what are your best qualities.

In addition, it is a dream about discovering your weaknesses and flaws. Lion in a dream symbolizes both good and bad sides of all of these concepts we have mentioned.

For example, it could represent valor and honor, but also arrogance and pride in the most negative way.

It could also stand for loyalty, righteousness and morality, but also for lust, greed and mercilessness. Lion is universal symbol of pure and raw power, the one that should be handled with tactics, understanding and caution.

There is also a true sacredness hidden in lion symbolism.

This amazing animal represents divine power, the power of God, ultimate force that is out of human control. Dreaming about lions is actually dreaming about a metaphor of power and different forms and channels it could take.

You should always take these dreams with caution. Lion in a dream could represent your wild and powerful side, but also certain power that affects you and your life.

There could be a negative side, because lions could represent your enemies, not only those that protect you.

Evil can take many forms and it could even take the shape of a divine lion. That is why dreams about powerful metaphors have to be carefully examined and fitted into your real life experience.

It is crucial to remember what the lion was doing and how the animal appeared to you.

Dreams about seeing a lion

If you have seen a lion in a dream, but you had no interaction with the animal, it means you are now at the stage of life in which you are trying to evaluate what you achieved so far.

You doubt your potentials and you do not know what you are capable of. In both Biblical and other interpretations, lions symbolize power.

The dream in which you see the animal mean you are aware of potential you have, but maybe you do not know how to make use of it.

A lion in a dream may be a good sign, especially if you feel good about seeing this beautiful cat and if it looks happy, calm and fine.

It could be a sign of divine guidance, a sign that you will soon have an eye opening experience in reality, in the most positive way.

A lion symbolizes victory and glory, so it could be sign of a near future success and accomplishment. It could be seen as a blessing from heavens.

Dreams about talking to a lion

Dreams about talking with animals, especially majestic ones, loaded with symbolic meanings, such as lions, are rare and those are dreams of guidance. A lion is your celestial protector, a divine power that wants you to make the best of your life. Try to remember what the lion said to you, so you get even the clearer message.

Many faithful ones would interpret this dream as God talking to them through a special channel.

If you cannot remember what was the subject of this talk, rest assured this dream is positive.

A lion represents a guiding force, the one that protects you, not the one that would like to mislead you.

Only if you feel extremely nervous, disturbed or anxious about this dream, you could think if there is some evil force behind it. However, it is very unlikely this dream is negative.

Dreams about being protected by a lion

A dream in which you are under a threat of another person or any other living creature or in a dangerous situation and a lion protects you is extremely positive.

This dream means that you have powerful protection in reality; it means that there are people, perhaps, that watch over you and make sure you are well, even if you do not see it.

You could never know who they are, but they have your back.

In terms of even more spiritual or religious interpretation, this dream represents divine protection. This lion is actually a metaphor for forces beyond our imagination, for God, for angels, for positive energy that comes from heavens above.

This dream should encourage you bravely step through life, because you are protected and guided by higher forces.

This dream is not common and it occur mostly in people who have faced great difficulties in life and who experience hard times, which require more power than you believe exists in order to overcome them.

This dream should assure you that, even if the times are dangerous, miserable and tough, even if you feel as if nothing in this world has left for you, you are not alone.

Dreams about being attacked by a lion

Dreams about being chased and attacked by a lion are usually reflections of an inner conflict. A lion represent yourself; it stands for your strong and aggressive part of character, that one that could turn to manifest in a bad manner.

Literally, your own energy is making you damage, because you do not know to channel it and handle it well.

By your actions and decisions, you are hurting yourself. This aggressive lion symbolically represent wild and primal part of our personality, the one that we cannot control very well, if it finds a way to manifest in reality.

Think about how do you behave in company of others, are you arrogant, rude, aggressive and senseless.

Maybe you see it as a legitimate display of your power and strength, but you do it wrongly.

You feel attacked by others, while, in truth, you attack yourself. This dream should make you think about it. Does it happen that, when you are on your own, you actually feel empty and lonely?

You have made that on your own; you are hurting yourself by rejecting others. You do not want to be seen weak and fragile, so you try to act much stronger than you are.

In your intention to look strong, you let your primal side to take charge and end up damaged.

Dreams about riding on a lion’s back

If you had a dream about riding on a lion’s back, it means you will conquer your aggressive side and use your energy the best way you can. It will take a lot of effort, because conquering ourselves is the hardest thing to do.

However, you know you can beat your negative sides and become a better person.

This dream should encourage you keep working on it. It comes to remind you not to give up, even if you fail.

You will definitely go through a turbulent period, but you will come out of it as a winner.

Our lives are full of ups and downs and, in fact, the greatest purpose you could find in life is to constantly work on being a better person.

This dream is a blessing and a fortunate omen from heavens above; you will tame a lion inside of you, but still keep and use its energy for good.