Biblical Meaning of Horses in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

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Horse is one of the most favorite animals on the planet; we see it so elegant and noble, wild and beautiful. These amazing and intelligent animals have become our close companions in old days.

Since that time, horses have been helping us survive and discover new and breathtaking corners of the planet. That is the reason why horse symbolism is strong in many of the greatest religious, mythological and cultural systems in general.

There are various breeds of horses today, from tough and sturdy mountain horses, over heavy and large draught ones, to elegant, agile and slender racing horses.

There are also wild and untamed horses that live in nature, on their own, never letting us silence the flame in their hearts.

In old times, there were large and mighty battle horses, a status symbol of knighthood and royalty. Many nomadic peoples consider their horses the most valuable possession they have.

Overall, horses have always been respected, adored and valued animals. Horse symbolism is abundant in meanings and powerful all over the world.

In the Old Testament, horses symbolize power, glory and luxury and they have always been associated with strength and war. They have first been introduced to Holy Land in second century BC, by Hyksos.

In old days, horses have not been used for transportation and agricultural work, but exclusively as battle and hunting animals. That said, you could assume common people could not have horses, at all.

Horses were reserved only for royalty and nobility. It is said, in the Old Testament, that King Salomon had one thousand and four hundred battle carriages and twelve thousands of horses. It is interesting to note that great number of prophets and psalmists had mostly negative perspectives on horses.

They have associated horses with violence and war and, thus, identified these beautiful animals with aggression and bloodshed. In the Bible, horses are mentioned usually as a metaphor for warfare and destruction.

Of course, we know that only humans are to blame in reality of any destruction, not horses.

However, they symbolism that identify horses with destructive powers is clearly seen in the revelation; there we have the Four riders of the Apocalypse, each one of them riding on scary and fearsome devilish horses.

Biblical meanings of horses in dreams

However, when it comes to dream interpretation, horses are interpreted similarly as in any other type of spiritual dream interpretation. They are usually not seen as a negative motif, depending on particular dream, of course.

Usually, horses are associated with power, glory, nobility and strength.

They are also a motif that stands for ambition, primal force, the idea of freedom and self-confidence.

Horses have been a common motif in art, literature, mythology, religion and spiritualism, so no wonder they are an important element of dream interpretations. Dreams about horses may not be that common, but they are always strong in meaning.

Both Biblical and other interpretations see horses as a dream motif that has to do with personal desires and goals.

Dreams about a white horse

White horses are positive omen, both in dreams and in reality. White animals’ symbolism is pure, positive and fortunate. To see a white horse in a dream means you are about to open your soul, mind and heart for new perspectives and ideas.

A white horse motif in a dream stands for purity, innocence, openness, freedom, lightness and divinity. It could be seen as a sign from heavens; a guiding force that has come to brighten up your day and make you see the true beauty of life.

On the other hand, a pale horse is sometimes associated with death; if other details from your dream are dark, gloomy and uncomfortable, then this white horse might be a symbolical herald of misery and sadness.

If you felt uneasy about seeing a white horse in your dream, it could mean dark times are coming, so you should be ready to face them.

Think about your emotions and overall sense about this white horse dream; it will decide on whether it is a positive or a negative one.

Try to connect this dream with your current situation in waking life and see if the dream inspires you to give the best of yourself either to overcome hard times or to bravely head to new and bright horizons.

Dreams about a black horse

A black horse in a dream represents rebellion, uniqueness, personal aims and ambitions.

This beautiful, elegant and strong animal stands out of all others, because of its velvety black hair, dark as midnight. This dream motif symbolizes your need to stand out of the masses, to dominate and be recognized for your extraordinary talents.

The dream suggests you should definitely not suppress your talents, but maybe you should be less obsessed with being different. A black horse, especially if it is aggressive and scary, could also stand for your enemies.

The dream reflects your fear about seeing your plans ruined by others you consider much stronger than yourself.

This dream could also reflect your dark thoughts, obsession with dark, unholy things.

Dreams about riding a horse

Dreams about riding a horse suggest you are in harmony with yourself; you have found the right balance between your instincts, your reason, your emotions and your thoughts.

If you ride with ease, it means all doors will open to you and the dream symbolizes a good and fortunate period to come.

If your horse is restless and disobedient, it means you will have to put more effort in controlling your instincts and deciding priorities in life.

If the horse stops and does not want to move, it means you should think deeper about your current situation.

Do you feel as if you are heading nowhere? Have you ever asked yourself if there is something you should change about your attitude towards life, rather than wanting other people or circumstances to change?

This dream could be a guiding sign from heavens; the one that should inspire you change something in your life for better.

Dreams about a dying horse

If you dream about a horse dying, the dream represents sadness, misery and failure. It means you will lose your strength, self-confidence and fall into dark thoughts, because of a failure or a great loss.

However, this dream should not discourage you; it occurs to you in order to remind you that you are still here.

Everyone faces hard times, loss and misery sometimes, but that is the nature of humans’ lives. This dream should teach you and things come only to make you stronger, they do not happen without reasons.

If there were only good things, we would never be capable of truly valuing and respecting them.

This dream, no matter how unpleasant it is, should help you deal with loss and accept it.

Once you have accepted life is not perfect, you will become a stronger person, ready for new challenges, for both bad and good things to come.