Black Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dog symbolism is widespread all around the world, since dogs are some of the first animals we have become friends with. Long time ago, far into prehistoric times, dogs started living alongside humans. Throughout our history, these amazing animals have been of much help to us; they still are.

Some of the best examples of help and support we get from these loyal, strong and adorable animals are found in the toughest environments and demanding situations.

Since old days, people’s of the northern hemisphere have been using dogs such as Siberian huskies or Alaskan malamutes for transportation and else.

St. Bernard dogs have been used in rescue missions to save lost explorers, alpinists or other people lost in the freezing wild. German shepherds are widely known as reliable police dogs.

Some other breeds have been in use to help handicapped people or as therapy animals.

There are many other interesting exemplars amongst the variety of dog breeds.

Since ancient times dogs have been by our side. They have been helping us hunting, find food and shelter and move across the land. Today, they are still our loyal companions. Dogs are considered our best friends and they still are one of the most popular types of pets.

However, they also have rich and inspiring symbolism, they are ascribed many supernatural and legendary powers. There are many legendary and mythical dogs in various traditional concepts.

Some of them are good and positive spirits, while some legendary dogs have their dark side.

In this article, we talk about black dogs’ symbolism in dreams.

We will analyze meanings of black dog motif in dreams, but, before we move on, we will present a special mythical black dog from British folklore. It could be helpful in dream analysis.

Mythical black dogs

Legendary creatures that appear as black dogs are dark and dangerous legendary animals found in British folklore. There are dozens of accounts on seeing these demoniac dogs and even more superstitions and stories about them.

This fearsome creature is interesting as a motif, especially if you dream about an angry black dog. It could, in a way, be identified with it.

Black dogs are evil spirits appearing in numerous British folktales. They are said to appear only at night and that they are omens of misery, misfortune, death and negative things and events in general.

Black dogs, as associated with darkness and death, are found in various folktales and legends in Europe.

For example, Garmr in Norse mythology, Welsh Annwn and probably the most popular Cerberus from Ancient Greek mythology. These legendary creatures are associated with the Underworld and are always seen in connection with dark forces.

Black dogs in folktales of British Isles are mostly seen evil, malevolent and harmful.

However, there are few examples of stories where these black dogs are seen rather as protective and guiding spirits than negative, sinister creatures of darkness.

Black dog in dreams

A black dog in dreams is not particularly common motif, which makes its dream symbolism even stronger and possibly more direct. A black dog in a dream represents various things, of which most are related closely to a dreamer’s personality, traits and behavior.

On the other hand, black dogs in dreams represent other factors that shape up a dreamer’s waking life.

Most commonly, black dogs in dreams represent a hidden part of someone’s personality; our ‘dark’ side or our primal driving forces, our intuition and instincts.

In other cases, black dogs could possibly represent things we are afraid of, negative events that have happened to us or so.

Black dogs also represent uniqueness, mystery, secrets and all that is rare and thus intriguing.

Dreams about seeing a black dog

Seeing a black dog motif in a dream means you are intrigued by things that are obscure and forbidden, hardly reachable to you.

You have always been interested in spirituality and things that are beyond a common human comprehension; a black dog motif symbolizes your need for things that are mysterious, hidden, out of reach in a common life.

Be very careful about it and try not to get lost on dark paths.

On the other hand, a black dog motif could symbolize your need to stand out of the mass.

You are a person of specific taste; you like things that are eccentric, unusual and even shocking. You appear dark on the outside, but you are very creative. You need to find a channel to express your talents and uniqueness.

Dreams about a friendly black dog

If you dream about a friendly black dog or playing with one, it means you are at peace with your inner self. You are on a good way to balance your instincts, intuition and reason.

This dream means you will be able to control your weaknesses and take advantage of them. This dream suggests you are aware of your flaws or that you will become aware of them.

In that sense, this dream is a positive one; it is a guiding sign. This dream should help you learn more about yourself and improve your negative sides.

A friendly black dog in a dream symbolizes acceptance of your weaknesses; if you play with the dog or pet it, it means you will find it much easier to embrace yourself the way you are.

It is a good dream, overall.

Dreams about an angry black dog

If you dream about an aggressive, angry black dog, it means something totally the opposite of previously mentioned. This dream means you are unwilling to accept you are not perfect and that you have flaws, weaknesses and traits you should work on.

You are much aware of that, but you find it hard to admit. You are in conflict with your own self. If someone criticizes you, you defend yourself by attacking others.

This dream also reflects your inner demons; there are things bothering you in reality and making you very angry. You feel helpless about controlling it, so you just surrender to your own frustration and anger.

This dream should be an alarm call. You should reconsider your behavior and, particularly, your attitude. The black dog reflects your angry self.

Dreams about being chased by a black dog

If you dream about being chased by a black dog, it means either you are running away from your consciousness or form danger that is out of your control.

Is there anything in your life that makes you worry much? Do you feel threatened for any reason?

Maybe there are people who would like to see you hurt; only you fail to realize that. Think about it. This type of dream, where a dreamer is chased by a scary, black animal, commonly occurs when we feel threatened and endangered in reality.

It is a dream that symbolizes problems we find hard to deal with.

Most likely, you have only pled up many problems and now you do not know how to manage things. You feel endangered, lost and hopeless. All of your fears are embodied in that black dog chasing you.

On the other side, a black dog in a dream could represent your consciousness.

You feel guilty and responsible for a single or a series of bad things, but you are unwilling and unready to face the facts. You know you cannot hide forever, but still you hesitate to face consequences. You feel very anxious, stressed out and worried about what would happen once you take responsibility for your actions.

Dreams about being bitten by a black dog

Dreams about being bitten by a black dog always mean you will soon face consequences of your actions and decisions. On the other hand, it could be a warning sign to prevent you from making bad decisions in the first place.

For example, this dream should make you reconsider your plans about a risky exploit.

You could possibly lose more than you can get, so maybe you should change your mind.

Dreams about being bitten by a dog in general are commonly associated with the idea of betrayal and disloyalty and disobedience. Dream about being bitten by a black dog is similar in meaning.

If the dog was friendly, in the first place, it means you will be hurt or betrayed by someone you have trusted very much. It could also mean your intuition and instincts will fail you and you will be damaged in a way.

If the dog was aggressive in the first place, this dream is similar in meaning with dreams about being chased by an angry dog.

However, this scenario definitely means you will not be able to avoid consequences of something you have said or done for long. You should prepare to confront your demons and take responsibility for all of your actions.

Dreams about a black dogs’ pack

If you dream about seeing or being surrounded by a group or a pack of black dogs, this dream means you are in real danger in reality. This dream suggests there are many people around you who are not fond of you and are afraid and jealous of your success.

They are likely to unite in order to spoil your plans. They could even be people you are friends with and whom you trust. You should be more alert.

Dream about being surrounded by many black dogs could be reflections of your sense of helplessness and weakness.

You probably have disagreement with more than one persona and it could be a difficult situation. It is much easier to fight for your cause in a group.

However, you should not give up and let others break you; you should stay strong and true to your cause.