Blue Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Flying across the world, for millions and millions of years, butterflies have gained deep significance in numerous cultural, religious and spiritual systems of various peoples on the planet.

This tiny colorful insect represents universal values and concepts, such as those of life and death, love and beauty, resurrection, rebirth, hope, transience and fragility.

There are many meanings associated with spiritual nature of butterflies.

In most of the worldly traditions, butterflies are associated with positive ideas and very abstract ones.

In great majority of traditions, a butterfly represents human soul; in some traditions, it is an incarnation of a living soul, while in others, it is the soul of someone who passed away.

Butterfly is a common motif in art and literature, also representing matters of human soul. It is also an artistic symbol of beauty and love.

Butterfly represents happiness and joy, in various societies. There is a widespread belief that butterflies bring luck and fortune. These colorful little ones are also associated with excitement and amorousness.

It is a very common saying of having ‘butterflies in the belly’ that reflects this association. These beautiful winged insect remind us of universal harmony, peace and tranquility.

They remind us that beautiful things are found in the world around us and that the world is indeed a much happier place than we think it is.

Butterflies also prove that some really beautiful things do not last long, so that we should enjoy them while they are here. They remind us of how precious life is.

Modern people have distanced themselves from simple beauty of life, living in either the past or the future, wasting precious moments on Earth.

Butterfly symbolism

Butterfly flies free, enjoying what the earth has to offer. It is a benevolent creature that feeds on flower nectar, helping plants grow and never hurting any other living organism.

They teach us to be kind and joyful, happy with our time on earth.

This is only basic description of universal meanings related to butterflies. Let us see what else they stand for.

Life, death and rebirth

In Christianity, butterfly stands for life, death and resurrection. It is a common motif in Christian art. For example, young Jesus Christ is often depicted as holding a butterfly in his hands.

Paintings and artworks that represent life in heaven butterfly wings are a motif that represents human soul that the Creator has given to Adam.

Butterfly is a common Christian motif of rebirth and resurrection of the soul. Similar meaning is found in many other religious and spiritual concepts.

Ancient Egyptians believed human soul is immortal, unlike our physical bodies. We perish as human beings from this life, but our soul lives on. They believed butterflies had something to do with that, which is a widespread belief in other cultures.

Ancient Greeks also held a similar belief. In addition, Psyche, a lover of Eros was commonly depicted as a girl with butterfly wings.

There are much older beliefs that associate butterflies with old concepts of life and death.

Since prehistoric times, butterflies have been symbolizing the Great Mother, an archaic deity that represented heaven and earth, life and death.

From there on, it was believed that women dealing with mysterious powers could transform themselves into butterflies. In some tradition, butterflies were associated with witches.

Transformation and ultimate freedom

Butterflies represent transformation that leads to liberation of soul and total freedom.

These insects go through several stages of growth and development, from a caterpillar to a cocoon and from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly.

This is an extraordinary natural pattern keeping to fascinate us all. Since so strange and amazing, it has gained a distinctive symbolical meaning all around the world.

Butterflies start from a not as eye pleasing form of a caterpillar (at least, most of people do not find caterpillars particularly pretty) and end up as a beautiful colored creature everyone admires. They are quiet and lovely, which adds a characteristic of modesty to overall positive butterfly symbolism.

This transformative pattern of a butterfly’s development is a symbol of change, of a need for change in order to reach something amazing.

Butterfly teaches us we need to go through all sorts of things in order to grow better, beautiful and noble.

What is very important is that we should learn to value ourselves and never to try to gain anything at the cost of other living beings.

The fact that they turn into a winged creature symbolically translates to the idea of ultimate freedom. Once they leave the cocoon, they are free.

Fragility and the importance of presence

Butterfly represents fragility and tenderness. These tiny benevolent creatures are sensitive to environmental conditions.

They have no thick armor like some bugs and their bodies are very soft, regardless of their size. These insects have beautifully painted, but very soft wings.

They are very vulnerable. They are symbol of innocence, fragility and vulnerability in a beautiful form.

Things that are beautiful often do not last for long, we would say. It is partially true. Well, once a butterfly reaches its final phase, it does not live for long. At least, they last short from our perspective.

There is a widespread belief that butterflies live for only one day. It sounds tragic and romantic, but it is not exactly true. However, they do not live very long.

They symbolize transience and the importance of presence. This symbolical meaning is not meant to discourage you; exactly the opposite.

We should take the best of what life offers us. We should feel free and light as butterflies. We will go through different stages, but, at the end of the day, we should be happy with what we have today.

That is an important message from butterflies to us.

Color blue symbolism

Before we dive into the symbolism of blue butterfly, let us think about the color blue.

Blue is the color of water and the sky, of many wonderful, breathtaking flowers and other amazing natural elements.

There are precious stones and minerals of blue color that fascinate us and make us admire nature even more.

Blue is the color we associate with several emotions. Blue is also a synonym for feeling melancholic or sad. Blue symbolizes tranquility, but also royalty and nobility.

Blue is the deepest of all colors, in spiritual sense. It appears as it always tries to escape our eyes, captivating our attention. It is the least material color found in nature. It appears as if it was made out of gathered void, that of crystals, air, water.

The void, seen as that, is fluid, eternal, the purest of every form. It is also cold and distant.

Color blue is associated with imagination, dreams,   infinity. The coldest of colors, unreachable in its beauty. To enter the blue is like going through a mirror.

Blue is the color of fantasy and dreams; a light blue is dreamy, while the deep blue is the dream itself. Blue color is not of this world and it is, at the same time.

It resolves all the differences, merging everything in one; the darkness and the light, the day and the night, they are all found in blue as one. Blue represents primal simplicity, archetype of heavenly empress, the Great Mother.

In Christianity, it is the color of the Virgin Mary. Blue is honesty, truth, wisdom, loyalty, revelation and peace. Blue is innocence, tranquility and eternity.

Blue butterfly symbolism

Blue butterfly is an incredibly interesting symbol. It connects symbolism of butterflies with that of blue color. Some varieties of butterflies have naturally blue wings.

Watching blue butterflies fly over a meadow fills your mind with peaceful thoughts and your heart with serenity.

Blue butterflies represent calmness, peace and simple beauty of life. They remind us to enjoy simple pleasures in life and not worry too much.

Blue butterfly symbolizes melancholy and nostalgia. It comes to your life to remind you of some beautiful memories; it does not want you to dwell in the past, but to process your feelings and move forward, keeping dear memories close to your heart so that they can give you strength and not to hold you back. It is good to have this lovely creature as your spirit animal.

Color blue represents honesty and honor. Blue butterfly represents the same. If it appears in your life or maybe in your dreams, you should look deep inside your soul and think about what kind of person you want to be.

The spirit of a blue butterfly awakens the sense of nobility and kindness. Blue butterfly represents inner peace and harmony.

In some parts of the world, there are not many blue butterflies and they are considered rare. In such places, these lovely butterflies are considered a sign of good fortune. There are some societies that do not take them as good omens, though.

In some cultures, blue butterflies represent sadness, so it is believed that a person who sees it will feel sad in near future.

Some believe blue butterflies are not positive and helpful spirits, but malicious ones.

However, most traditions hare common interpretations of blue butterfly symbolism. All around the world, these lovely bluish insects are associated with honor, truth, wisdom and acceptance. They symbolize spir5itual journey and a meaningful purpose.

There is also a superstition that blue butterflies are spirits that make wishes come true.

Therefore, if you see a blue butterfly, it would be good that you make a wish. Who knows, maybe this tiny bluish fellow is a spirit that would grant it.

Blue butterflies are sometimes considered heralds of happy and joyful times. They also announce change, in a positive sense.

Blue butterfly totem

If blue butterfly is your spirit animal, you are blessed. If it occurs in your life very often or if you spot blue butterfly symbols all around you or dream about it, it is very likely it was your totem.

Blue butterfly spirit could teach you many important lessons. The path of tranquility and peace is its way. Blue butterfly teaches you always to keep your head cool.

It inspires your imagination, though, but does not let you lose your ground.

Blue butterfly wants you to dig deep inside your feelings and thoughts. Just as the color blue merges everything together, your guide wants you to realize how your heart, soul and mind could work together.

It wants you to feel at peace with yourself, because it is the only way to be at peace with the universe you find yourself in. It teaches you to be honest, serene, kind and patient, for it is the only path to true wisdom and harmonious life.

Color blue is the color of ultimate values. Blue butterfly totem wants you to realize how simple life actually is, that it is consisted of several essential elements. If you often dream about a blue butterfly, it is your guiding spirit wanting to reach you.

Maybe you feel uneasy and as if you lack purpose in life. This spirit wants to remind that the true purpose is that you are here.

It is a lesson that sounds simple, but, if you think about it, most of people never get to know it. Your patient blue spirit will help you reach it. Blue butterfly totem guides with grace and kindness.

It will make you find the balance between the past and the presence, without obsessing yourself too much with the future. It will make you value your life the way it is.

Blue butterfly totem knows that calmness and patience is a recipe for a harmonious life. Blue is the color of serenity. Whenever you see a blue butterfly again, think about it.

The most important messages and revelations in our lives often come in the simplest natural forms.