Dreams About Cows – Interpretation and Meaning

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Cow is one of the most precious animals we humans had been able to tame and adapt to our own needs. In different societies around the world, cows are appreciated in special way. While many cultures are grateful to these animals, but treat cows as an important source of food, including various products made from cow’ milk, alongside with meat, in some other cultures cows are never to be killed and eaten.

However, in all parts of the world where people share their habitat with these animals, cows are considered important, in both material and symbolical sense.

Since cows make an important link in the chain of our own well-being, it is not strange these animals have always been associated with concepts of fertility, wealth, vitality and selflessness.

In several countries around the world, cows are believed to be sacred animals. In Nepal and India, cows are considered fortune bringing and lucky animals you should never do any harm.

One of the most typical scenes you can see in Hindu cities are those of sacred cows roaming streets completely free. In this part of the world, cows are considered lucky; it is believed that if you treat cows in a good manner, the animals will actually bring wealth and fortune to your home.

It is, of course, not the only case in which cows are associated with some form of divine powers.

The white heifer Io is a character from Ancient Greek legends. According to the story, Io was a mortal lover of the god Zeus, who has turned her into a beautiful white cow, in order to save her from Hera’s rage. Divine cows are present in other mythologies, as well. The primeval cow from Norse mythology, Audumla, has played an important role in birth of the whole world of men, gods and giants. By licking melted ice from stones, she has given life to Buri, the grandfather of Nordic gods.

There are many more stories and legendary tales about cows, all around the planet, and they all have one thing in common: the motif and concept of fertility.

Cows are caring animals by nature; they seem to have an inborn, particularly strong maternal instinct.

Their need to nurture their little ones, as well as their representative fertility, alongside with their calmness and good nature, made people to associate cows with some very important concepts.

Cows are always associated with care, nurture, family, motherhood, prosperity, abundance, fertility, love and generosity.

Dreams about cows

It is interesting that dreams about cows are not that common, even if we all know many things about cows and they are not considered strange or rare living creatures.

Dreams about cows could mean many different things, both positive and negative, depending on the course of the dream itself. Dreams about animals are always abundant in meanings, since almost every animal on the planet has been given its symbolical, spiritual side.

Cows are, in fact, extraordinary animals. Dreams about them could help you understand your own life much better.

Dreams about cows could be relieving and fortunate, but also bad omens. Think about the cow related dream you have had.

What emotions it provokes? How do you feel about that dream? Moreover, try to remember details. What was the cow doing in your dream?

In addition to concepts and ideas mentioned, cows are also associated with obedience, peacefulness and tranquility.

A cow in your dream could be e reflection of your own personality and/or current situation in your waking life.

Dreams about seeing a cow

If you dream about seeing a cow, than the animal is actually a mirror of your own self.

If you see a cow that is tamed, calm and obedient, it means you are subordinated, subdued to someone in your waking life. It could be a reflection of your discomfort at your workplace; you are feeling suppressed, disrespected and underestimated by your colleagues or your boss, maybe your professor, if you are a student.

This could also be related to your private life; someone controls everything you do, tries to manipulate your decisions and actions.

If you see a herd of cows, it means you feel lonely in reality and you have a strong need to belong somewhere.

On the other hand, this herd could also represent circle of people you know, your family, friends or so.

You feel comfortable being with people and you need socializing. You are extroverted and afraid of being left alone or missing out big gatherings and events.

Maybe there is such a situation in your waking life at the moment of your dream?

Dreams about a baby cow

If you dream about a cow giving birth to a baby, it is a reflection of your sub-conscious desire to become a parent.

It could also mean you worry about your children or someone who is very close to you. It could also simply reflect all the love you feel for someone and your need to nurture and pamper that person (a child, a partner, a family member etc.).

Such a dream could be an omen of better tomorrow after a period of difficulties and struggle.

Finally, these times will pass and you will be awarded for all the effort, care and dedication.

If you see a little cow in your dream, this fragile and cute baby animal reflects your own soft side and frailty. It means you are feeling exposed and unprotected in reality; you are afraid if you will be able and strong enough to overcome challenges placed in front of you.

A baby cow could also reflect your need to be loved, nurtured and protected by someone else or simply your kind, soft and cuddly loving nature. You would like to return to your childhood days and never to grow up.

Dreams about a dead cow

A dead cow in a dream is particularly bad omen, according to numerous interpretations. Seeing dead an animal that represents fortune, fertility and abundance means you will lose something.

This dream indicates you are about to experience a tremendous loss; it could be a big financial, material loss, emotional loss, loss in the professional field and any other.

Try to think about the area of life that bothers you the most, in order to try to prevent misfortune, if possible.

Dreams about a dead cow could be reflections of a loss you have already experienced. It has probably stricken you badly and you feel very sad, lonely and depressed.

This dream means it will take a lot of time until you recover. This dream could also suggest you should accept things that have gone wrong; you cannot do much about them.

Take your time to grieve, to recover and, step by step, head to better tomorrow.

Dreams about being chased by a cow

Dreams about being chased by a cow, or, worse, a whole herd of cows, are scary!

Such a dream could indicate you have false friends or people around you wish you harm. This dream could mean you trust people way too much and do not think about to whom you speak about your private things.

On the other hand, such a dream could mean you will face consequences for something you have done or said in the past.

You have piled up many problems, but none of those is resolved, so they ‘chase’ you in your dreams.