Brown Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Butterflies are extraordinary creatures. They are a rare insect group most people are not afraid of.

Actually, people think of butterflies as beautiful and fascinating.

We usually associate butterflies with joy and happiness, which is a common opinion all around the world.

Watching butterflies fly from flower to flower, silently and gracefully has a very calming effect on any human.

There are thousands of butterfly varieties. They come in various sizes and colors. Some butterflies are very small and simple, with wings painted in a single color.

There are larger examples of magnificent color patterns, such as monarch butterflies, for instance.

Regardless of appearance, butterflies are mostly benevolent and lovely insects. They drink plant nectar and do no harm to humans or other living creatures.

Specific color or even a species of butterflies carries specific meaning, but all butterflies share the same general symbolism. All are associated with numerous of positive qualities, concepts and ideas.

Butterflies usually represent lightness and joy, innocence, rebirth, grace, blessing, love and beauty. There are many more ideas we could connect with butterflies.

Butterflies are extremely rarely seen in a negative light, but there are some superstitions that consider them bad omen. It depends on circumstances in which one sees a butterfly or on butterflies’ color.

Harming or killing a butterfly is never considered a good thing to do, in symbolical sense.

Of course, it is not a good thing to kill such a tiny beautiful creature either way.

Butterfly symbolism

Let us talk more on butterfly symbolism in general and then we will move onto meanings of the color brown and brown butterflies.

Butterflies represent ideas mentioned, but there is more to it.

It is especially interesting to think of it from the perspective of different traditions and cultural concepts.

Butterflies are a common motif in folktales, beliefs and legends from around the world.

Butterflies bring sweet dreams

Native Americans believe butterflies are somehow connected with the realm of dreams.

Their folklore is full of interpretations of spiritual powers of various animals; Native Americans’ tradition is marked by distinctive belief that we are all connected by the energy of life.

Plants, animals, humans, spirits and more, we are all part of one world and we are all in search for harmony and peace. At least, it should be that way.

They believe butterflies are very special beings. They believe butterflies bring pleasant dreams and that they have a calming effect on a person who is asleep.

In some tribes, parents would show a butterfly motif to a child, while putting it to sleep.

They would sing a song a long, believing a butterfly would bring their little ones deep sleep and sweet dreams.

In Hopi tribe, there is a ritual called the ‘Butterfly dance’ and it is actually a ceremony of passage for women. It marks their transition to adulthood.

Butterflies appear as shape shifting spirit in other Native American folktales.

In all of the beliefs, it seems butterflies are seen as positive, fortunate spirit who brings calmness, balance and happiness to peoples’ lives.

Symbol of love and beauty

In Chinese folklore, butterflies stand for beauty and love. Chinese sense of art and beauty is very sophisticated, so they have always paid great attention to tiny details.

Moreover, they have always been able to notice small wonders in the world around them and to praise every little miracle.

They have always appreciated and adored what is graceful, soft, fragile and beautiful. Little birds and butterflies are a common motif in Chinese art.

There is a Chinese story about butterflies as symbol of love. Butterflies do represent love in many other traditions; we could say it is universal meaning.

However, this sad and beautiful story is quite descriptive.

According to the legend, there was a girl who dreamed about moving to a big city to go to school, which was forbidden for women of the time. However, she managed to get into it.

Very soon, a lovely young man fell in love with her. She loved him back; their love was pure and innocent. Unfortunately, a girl had to marry another, because her family wanted so.

It was already arranged. The boy who loved her fell ill out of sadness and soon died.

On the day of her wedding, a girl visited his grave. She was desperately sad and crying. Suddenly, a beautiful butterfly came out of the grave.

It was the boy himself, transformed into a butterfly. A miracle happened and the girl became a butterfly herself, so young ones flew away together, never to return.

This story the best illustrates butterflies as symbol of innocent, unconditional love, especially that between young people.

There is certain sadness in it, but also much warmth, emotion and positivity.

Freedom of the soul

Butterflies are associated with the idea of freedom and especially with the freedom of the soul, which comes as the ultimate goal of transformative processes.

Butterflies symbolize transformation, as well. They go through different stages of existence, not at all pleasing to our eyes.

However, they end up as those beautiful creatures we so much admire.

Metaphorically, it is a way of one’s spiritual, personal growth.

Aware of it or not, each human strives for some sort of liberation. The ultimate liberation and the hardest to reach is freedom of the soul.

Butterflies are associated with both ideas of liberty and soul.

In many traditions, it is believed they are embodiment or and incarnation of people’s soul.

Seeing a butterfly in unusual circumstances is commonly interpreted as a spirit of someone who has b passed away visiting you.

In Irish folklore, it is believed that butterflies carry souls of children who have passed away. A sad belief, but also so innocent and pure one. Butterflies are considered precious spirits.

There is even a law that forbids you to kill or hurt a white one, since this color of butterfly is specifically associated with soul of dead children.

In Celtic tradition, butterflies are generally associated with good fortune and luck.

Color brown symbolism

Color brown is color of the ground and the earth. Not as attractive as some vibrant shades, brown is ever present. It this represent longevity, life and nature, but also modesty and simplicity.

Brown color is raw; it is the life as it is. It is the nature as it is. Color brown is warm and comforting, in a way.

It reminds us that not all precious things have to be shiny and flamboyant, but they often come in very simple form.

Well, the earth is extremely valuable, but we see it every day, walk on it or whatever else and just take it for granted. Earth gives us food. Color brown itself is the color of many edible natural things.

Think of all sorts of seeds and nuts, of cocoa or spices or anything else. Bread is brown, roasted meat is brown, beans and else, as well.

Brown is also associated with dirtiness, but it is, in fact, natural dirtiness. It comes from the earth.

Brown color is pleasant to have in your environment. Wood comes in all sorts of brownish shades and it has very pleasing and calming effect if you have it in n your home.

Color brown represents rationality, being with both feet on the ground.

It is a direct and simple color. It lacks the attribute of mysterious or imaginative, perhaps.

Overall, it is associated mostly with positive meanings.

Brown butterfly meaning

Brown butterflies also have to do with simplicity. They represent beauty found in simple things, which is, in fact, the hardest thing to do.

We would always first notice a colorful, beautiful butterfly with wings painted in many colors, as if they are made of stained glass.

Many would not even notice a brownish butterfly; many would take it for another insect, expecting a butterfly of vibrant colors. However, brown butterflies have quite strong symbolism.

They are of humble appearance, but their spiritual potential is huge.

Brown butterflies represent natural order of things, life as it is, simplicity and beauty of life found in the same simplicity. They teach us modesty is a virtue.

Brown butterfly is also spiritually associated with human soul. It is believed it could be a soul of a deceased person.

There is an interesting belief that does not speak in favor of brown butterflies. It says that it would be a very bad luck if the first butterfly you see at the beginning of spring was brown.

Perhaps it means the world would lack colors, in terms of crops and vegetation.

In most of traditions, though, brown butterfly carries the same positive energy as other ones. It is a fortunate sign.

Brown butterfly totem

If you are guided by brown butterfly totem, you could learn much from your spirit guide. It will show you the way, through many precious symbols.

Brown butterfly spirit teaches us about modesty, respect and understanding.

It tries to make us realize that life is about not only glory and shine, wealth and social status.

It does not want to lessen our expectations and to bring down our dreams, but it wants us to see the other side.

Brown butterfly know that in order to reach heights, one has to know where he or she comes from. Value your family, your friends, value every step of your way and people you encounter.

You should find a firm base in very essential things in life. We often forget how important it is that we are simply here and alive.

This humble totem actually possesses great power. It will help you become a person you would like to be, in an honest and honorable way.

Brown butterfly teaches you the importance of empathy and understanding. It is a calm totem and it wants you to be at peace with the world.

Of course, just as the case with any other totem, you should be careful about this energy.

Do not become too tolerant and understanding, because it might happen others, with ill intentions, would make advantage out of your good heartedness.

Brown butterfly totem wants you to remain rational and grounded. Be merciful, kind and good-hearted, but train your intuition.

Listen to your inner voice all the time and it that way, you will get the best from your totem.

If a brown butterfly appears in your dream, maybe you should think about your recent behavior towards someone maybe you were rude or egocentric.

However, this dream could also reflect your self-image.

You see yourself unworthy or unimportant. The dream would help you become aware of this, so that you can actually move towards changing it.