Dream of Someone Watching You Through a Window – Meaning

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There are windows in every house and apartment to let in light and air. If necessary, they can be closed with a blind, shutter, curtain or roller blind to allow privacy and to block out cold or light.

If you want to watch the hustle and bustle on the street, you push the curtain aside and stand at the window to indirectly participate in life there with the view through the pane.

This picture often appears in connection with the dream symbol window.

Dream of Someone Watching You through a Window – Meaning

A small window on the wall of a building is also often referred to as a “spy”, because through this one can secretly see who is now at the door.

However, when someone, perhaps a creepy stranger, watches us through his or her window, we usually do not feel safe – even in dreams – and our privacy is disturbed.

A stalker who peeps into the apartment through our windows often scares those affected.

In the morning after the dream experience, do you try to remember in which room the dreamed window could be seen – the kitchen or the living room?

Was it a basement window or a skylight? Look for such clues in our large lexicon to interpret the dream in its entirety!

Anyone who dreams of cleaning a window is obviously a hardworking and careful person. The dreaming tries to perceive the reality as exactly as possible and thereby to preserve his honest character.

Likewise, the sleeper apparently wants to maintain his interpersonal relationships and make new acquaintances.

Opening a window in the dream indicates that the dreaming person is open to new impulses and ideas that can enrich their life.

Perhaps she will soon make new friends or gain valuable experience that will advance her professionally.

The dreamer wants to leave negative experiences of the past behind and concentrate on the future. This will likely hold good luck and recognition in store for him or her as well.

If one looks out of the window in a dream and enjoys the view, this is a sign that the dreaming is a curious person who is interested in many things. The decisive factor for interpreting dreams is the nature of the window.

If the dreaming looks out of an open window, he or she is also ready for new experiences and adventures.

A closed window, on the other hand, can announce possible problems at work. The dreamer’s communication with his fellow men could also be disturbed.

Dream of Someone Watching You through a Window – Symbolism

The knock on the window or on the door signals to the dreaming person that someone would like to make contact with her who can open up new opportunities for her.

Perhaps career advancement is also imminent.

In any case, the dreamer should not be afraid to let the stranger on the disk participate in her life, because this will probably have a positive effect for her.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, a window jump stands for daring and willingness to take risks.

Jumping down from the window signals to the dreaming that he is ready to accept new challenges and, above all, to develop professionally.

On the other hand, jumping out of the window can also be interpreted as the dreamer’s escape from unpleasant experiences and encounters.

If the dreaming person experiences a fall out of the window, they have to adjust to difficulties in the waking life.

Possibly a bigger conflict is imminent, in which the dreaming cannot expect any help from outside at first. The dreamer should focus on his own strengths in order to cope with the argument.

The dream experience of getting out of the window or climbing represents a warning signal for the dreaming person: It could be that a financial dry spell is imminent.

Likewise, the dreamer should be careful not to get involved in questionable business that could cause her great difficulties.

Who has dreamed of throwing someone out of the window, should keep the exact circumstances of this dream situation in mind: Was the dreaming known the person who he threw out?

Then this could be aiming to harm the dreamer, which he noticed in time. Throwing out a stranger means in dream research that the sleeper may be a little too suspicious of strangers.

Throwing an object, for example a bucket, out of the window is a common dream symbol. The dreaming person probably wants to finally forget negative feelings and memories. The dreamer will only succeed in this if she also seriously deals with these emotions in the awake life.

If the dreaming sees how a dog jumps out of the window, he is obviously ready to take new chances as soon as they arise.

The dreamer does not shy away from a certain risk. The sleeper should, however, be careful not to become cocky. He should also finish with any past events that might still weigh on him.

A child falls or falls out of the window: This can be a very scary dream experience, especially if it is your own child.

The dream symbol only wants to warn the dreaming person against becoming cocky or reckless. Perhaps the dreamer tends to rash actions, which could then have negative consequences.

If the dreaming person sees a strange man at the window, he probably feels a strong need for informality and freedom.

Especially in women’s dreams, the dream symbol “man in front of the window” can express the dreamer’s longing for a passionate new beginning in their relationship. She should honestly discuss these feelings with her partner.

Anyone who sees a child sitting at the window in a dream can prepare for the beginning of a new phase of life. This must for the dreaming person n not necessarily be connected with the birth of an own child, but can also concern the professional area or the circle of friends of the dreaming.

There will likely be a positive change in life for him or her. If the dreaming sees a pigeon at the window, he can be happy:

According to the general dream interpretation, the pigeon will probably bring him a positive message. This can be just as much about happiness in love as it is about a professional career leap.

Also in their circle of friends, the dreaming person is certainly recognized and popular.

Ravens do not exactly have the best reputation in the animal world. In dream research, however, this dream symbol is interpreted differently.

If the dreaming person sees a raven at the window, they can warn the poultry on the one hand of dangers and misfortune.

Likewise, a theft in the dreamer’s house could be imminent.

On the other hand, the raven is also a symbol of wisdom according to the traditional dream interpretation: He could perhaps give the dreaming valuable advice, which will be very useful to her later.

To dream of a bird at the window indicates that the dreaming feels a great longing for freedom and independence. Perhaps he would like to escape the dreary everyday life and discover unknown countries.

However, the dreamer should note that such an adventure could be fraught with great uncertainties and risks.

Especially if the bird flies against a window in a dream, the dreaming person should beware of naive daydreams. The dream symbol warns you against arrogance and overconfidence.

The dream experience of seeing burglars at the window indicates that the dreaming may be afraid of the unknown or panic quickly. A basic distrust of other people can also be the reason for the appearance of this dream symbol.

The dreaming person should also beware of scammers who claim to want to help her, but in truth only take advantage of her.

If you experience a break-in through a window of your own house, it can be a very frightening dream happening at first. However, you do not have to be afraid, because this dream symbol can be interpreted positively.

Breaking in through the window signals to you that great opportunities and unexpected opportunities will arise for you. Perhaps an inner, emotional blockage will dissolve in you, so that you are ready for new encounters.

To dream about how a window breaks is an indication of misfortunes that may possibly happen to the dreamer.

This applies in any case if the dreaming causes the window breakage himself.

However, if he sees in the dream how someone else smashes a window, the sleeper must be prepared for the fact that bad rumors and lies may be spread about him. He should consider whether there are people around him who want to harm him.

“Shards bring luck”, says an old popular saying.

However, dream research interprets the dream symbol of the broken window very differently, depending on the concrete life situation of the dreaming person.


The closing or closing of a window with the help of a lock, bolt or key indicates in the dream that the dreaming probably wants to seal himself off from external influences. He may withdraw into his privacy and avoid contact with the outside world.

The dreamer should consider why this is so and strive for contacts that are more interpersonal; otherwise, loneliness could also threaten.

If the dreaming breaks a window in the dream experience, he should be prepared for possible conflicts and disputes in the awake life.

The sleeper may get into trouble with his business partner. There could also be differences of opinion with the significant other.

The dreamer should try to avert the dispute in advance and better coordinate with the people around him.