Brown Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

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Everything about insects, especially flying ones is fascinating. Insects greatly exceed all other earthly species in numbers and are so very different from human beings.

That is the reason why we find them both magical and amazing, but also repulsive and scary.

Of course, there are indeed species that are dangerously venomous, but they are rare in comparison to all else.

Flying insects, for example, are especially important in plant distribution natural cycles and so on.

However, there is much more to it. We have ascribed many symbolical meanings to different sorts of insects, due to their specific characteristics in the first place.

Moths are particularly interesting specie.

They are very similar to their relatives, butterflies. However, moths have different habits. They are active at nighttime, which significantly alters symbolism behind them.

Moth symbolism

Moths symbolize various things. They are a metaphor for seduction and fragility, for darkness and shadows, but also for transience, mysticism, spirituality, intuition and many more.

Moths come in different sizes and forms, but most of them are tiny. They are also seen as pests, which partially they indeed are.

Moths are responsible for holes in wooden sweaters and for a hazard in the cupboard.

Not all moths are so terrible for humans. In fact, numerous of species only drink plant nectar or so. Some moths are actually useful to us.

Maybe you did not make a connection, but silkworms also belong to the large moth family.

Moths represent various things and are commonly associated with ideas of universal duality between light and dark.

Before we move onto symbolic interpretation of brown moths, let us go through some of the most common symbolical associations with moths in general.

Their symbolism is similar to that of their daily cousins.

However, there is always an element of darkness and mystery in moths. It could be seen in interpreting specific butterfly colors, for example.

Sensuality and fragility

In this regard, moths are very close to their colorful relatives. They are tiny, their wings are thin and they have no special ‘armor’ like some sturdy bug species.

They could easily be killed by a slight, gentle pressure. They are seen as sensual and tender.

There is another thing that speaks up to that; it is their helplessness to resist the flame and light.

Moths fly very close to any source of light in the darkness. Their tender bodies could easily be damaged by it, but they seem not to mind.

As a metaphor, they represent deep passion and emotionality, ones inability to resist their feelings.

They could also be a symbol of sacrifice, fatal attraction, and unconditional love.

Seduction and light

There is more in this characteristic behavior of moths. The attraction to sources of light could symbolically be explained as one’s need to find light and positivity in life, even when the times get really tough.

If your spirit animal is moth, it could help you find a way out of distressing situation and help you get over dark times.

It represents the flame within our soul, our willingness to reach light.

It is interesting to look at some fantastic theories explaining moth’s attraction to light. One says it is only a defense mechanism; moths would avoid danger by flying into the air.

The light represents the sunlight, so it is the direction they head to.

The other theory says they actually follow moonlight. It is interesting, though, that moths often stay close to the source of light for too long.

That is why they represent seduction, passion, even sacrifice. They represent blind attraction, as well, losing your head over something, until it destroys you.

We have to agree, there is a lot of fatalism in moths’ symbolism.

Of course, here is one more, that of death, secrets and dark.

Darkness and mystery

Moths have always been associated with hidden things, mysteries, obscurity, darkness, even the realm of the dead and death as it is.

All nocturnal creatures are associated with such concepts.

However, flying insects, tiny and light are often seen as mediators in between the realms of magic and reality, deceased and living and so on. There are even especially ‘dark’ species.

One of those is death’s head hawk, a specimen with a skull-like pattern. In various folklores, moths represent death.

It is considered an especially bad omen if a moth lands on someone’s body.

If it was a newborn child, the worse. There are, however, no proofs moths actually bring evil.

Brown color symbolism

Brown color represents the earth and wood. It is one of the most widely distributed natural colors.

If you look around you, you will notice the soil is brown, tree bark is brown, and all sort of food is brown.

Most tasty things are brown; well, it is so hard to resist a jar of chocolate spread, isn’t it? Nuts, seeds, spice…all brown.

Therefore, brown is an earthly color, symbolizing good, natural, healthy things.

It is raw, however, definitely not a particularly elegant color.

Brown is also a color that represents modesty and warmth. Brown stands for natural cycles, simplicity, essential goods and so.

Symbols colored in brown often suggest a connection with nature, earth and simplicity as a major guiding principle.

Brown moth symbolism

Most of moths are grayish or brownish in color. They are not eye catching as their colorful winged relatives.

Moths are simple and commonly not as easy to spot, if they are of a very small species especially.

Brown moth represents essentiality and natural order of things. It represents transformations that are common in everyone’s life, regardless of how we take them.

Brown moth stands for natural transformation: like all other moths and butterflies, it goes through stages from a caterpillar to a grown up insect. It is a journey we all take, in a way.

If we think of the color brown, we could easily make a connection with the element of earth.

Brown moth represents the connection with it.

It also flies, so it stands for a connection between the air and the earth, which could metaphorically be seen as a connection between a realm of heavens and that of earthly life.

If we consider how moths become seduced by flames, a brown moth could also represent our inner desire to reach the unreachable in this life, to rise up to heavens.

Little and simple brown moth lives short, in comparison to human life. It represents the simplicity of life and its transience.

In that sense, it should make us take the best out of it, without worrying too much about whether we would be prized for what we do. Sometimes, modesty is wisdom.

Brown moth as a totem animal

Brow moth is an unusual totem, but people guided by it hold a real treasure, because they are capable of seeing virtue and value in things others overlook.

Brown moth itself does not appear an attractive totem, such as a strong lion swift cat, dangerous snake, magical dragonfly or else.

It is a simple and tender insect that does not draw much attention alone.

However, brown moth totem is amazing. This is a spirit that teaches you modesty and appreciation. It teaches you to accept yourself the way you are, in the first place.

The intention is not that you remain so, if you are not satisfied, but that you should allow yourself to change.

You could never do so, before you accept all of your flaws and good qualities.

Brown moth represents transformation through learning and experience, through getting connected with the world around you. This tiny insect embodies all characteristics seen in general moths’ symbolism.

Spirit insects often represent spiritual journey; the moth is your inner guide. This one guides with warmth and kindness.

There is a lesson to be learned from moths’ mistakes, as well. You should know to use the energy your totem gives you pro0perly.

Try not t get seduced by all the good things. Your totem wants the best outcome for you, but it could get too passionate, too driven to light. Be careful about it.

Dreams about a brown moth

If you dream about seeing a brown moth, it could mean two different things regarding your self-image. The exact meaning depends on how you feel upon waking up, of course, or in the dream.

It could reflect your acceptance of yourself the way you are. It is a positive meaning.

On the other hand, it could reflect your dissatisfaction. It means you see yourself an unimportant figure, someone unappreciated, not even recognized in any social circles.

If you dream about brown moths in your house, it could be a sign of some minor, but frustrating inconvenience or an unnerving feeling you cannot get rid of.

Think about what is it that irritates you.

Is that something about the people you are constantly surrounded by? Are you in the toxic environment? It may be so.

Besides good things a single brown moth could represent, more of them would most likely reflect the pest nature and symbolism.

Dreams about killing a brown moth are not particularly good, because it means you are trying to suppress your true, pure, natural self.

You would like to be someone else, instead of trying to change yourself for better.

You should recognize your qualities, besides all the things you feel negative about and start valuing yourself much more.