Dreams About Being Pregnant – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about pregnancy are moderately common. Although both women and men can have dreams about pregnancy, naturally such dreams more often occur in females, especially dreams strictly related to being pregnant.

Men can have such dreams as well. However, that is a rare phenomenon and such dreams appear to be extremely strange, sometimes very uncomfortable and even scary.

The very idea of pregnancy equals the idea of birth and life. Thus, pregnancy symbolizes new beginnings, life force, vitality, longevity and health, but also growth, development and creation.

Pregnancy symbolizes beginnings and creation in art and literature, as well as in dreams. It could be a good metaphor to present an idea of creation, for instance.

Pregnancy is always related to something new. In biological sense, of course, it means a conception, growth, birth and life; to put it simple, a child. In symbolical sense, however, it could be related to various ideas. Pregnancy can symbolize anything new.

For an individual, it could represent a new chapter of life, a new aspect of that person’s personality, a new opportunity, a plan or anything similar.

Dreams about pregnancy reflect these concepts, so it explains why men could also have such dreams, although these are more common in women.

For example, pregnancy in a dream could represent yet unfinished projects, ideas that are to get a final shape, something that we are expecting.

These dreams could also be related to something we are already working on.

Dreams about pregnancy

Dreams about pregnancy are generally far more common in female dreamers, as we have mentioned. It is easy to explain, because women are naturally predisposed to get pregnant and give birth.

For many women, dreams about pregnancy reflect their real desire to get pregnant, but also that deep inner maternal instinct that speaks to them in riddles.

Some women are not even aware of their true desire to have a baby, until a dream about being pregnant occurs. Of course, women who are planning to get pregnant or who are already pregnant have dreams about pregnancy more often.

These dreams come to them induced either by their impatience and positive anticipation or out of anxiety and fear about different aspects of being pregnant ion general.

For others, dreams about pregnancy are not related to parenthood at all. Dreams about being pregnant could be related to any other sort of anticipation, to personal development, to plans and organization of life, projects, growth, health and a great deal is related to our relations with people around.

Dreams about pregnancy are often associated with deep and unconscious need for a big change.

Dreams about being pregnant could be associated with our waking life dreams and fantasies. They could also be related to certain needs and desires we have, that grow inside our heart or mind, but we still cannot express them; they do not have their final form.

Dreams about being pregnant could also be associated with concepts of caring, nurturing and responsibility.

On a negative side, dreams about being pregnant could be very disturbing and could reflect real life frustrations. It could mean you have taken too many responsibilities in your waking life, you are under great emotional pressure or that you have completely turned your attention to other people’s lives.

Dreams about being pregnant also reflect the need for freedom and relief.

Dreams about planning pregnancy

Dreams in which you express your desire to become a mother, in which you clearly state that you want to have a baby or in which you are planning to get pregnant, represent your sense of becoming an adult.

It does not actually matter how old are you, because this dream could symbolize the sense of responsibility for something, at any stage of an individual’s life.

It could mean you have finally realized what you want to accomplish in your life in general or related to particular aspect of life or even to a single small project. This dream also represents your need to dedicate time to yourself; to work on something you truly desire.

You are ready to take new steps and make big decisions that will definitely affect your life in a good way.

If you are a woman, this dream could of course be strictly related to your real life plan to have a baby and get pregnant, which only confirms you are aware of responsibility you are about to take.

In male dreamers, this equals to a dream of planning to become a father; those could be dreams in which you discuss pregnancy with your partner.

Dreams about a positive pregnancy test

Dreams about a positive pregnancy test could have different meaning. This dream could symbolize an accomplishment, fulfillment of goals, happy news and happy events. It could be a hint of good times that are ahead.

It could also mean you will be awarded for your dedication and effort in particular aspect of life.

On a negative side, interpreters claim dreams about a positive pregnancy test are not a good sign for a relationship. This dream means something will come out unexpectedly and it will not be a good surprise.

Maybe someone else will enter your life or life of your partner. Maybe you will end up in a situation that calls for a separation for any reason.

A positive pregnancy test in a dream could symbolize new problems, not happy news, especially if you felt bad seeing it positive in your dream.

If this dream has made you feel uneasy and anxious, it reflects problems you are not aware of, troubles you are trying to put aside and avoid and everything that is bad and that you pretend you do not see.

Dreams about being pregnant in women

Dreams about being pregnant could mean various things for female dreamers. In addition to natural occurrence of such dreams in women who plan pregnancy or are pregnant, these dreams symbolize a fresh start, especially in an emotional way.

This dream could indicate a beginning of a new romantic relationship. It could mean you are about to meet the man of your dreams!

This dream is also positive in terms of material well-being. This dream symbolizes more money, material freedom and financial stability, regardless of the fact that having a baby actually literally means far more money spending. Generally, it is a positive sign.

If this dream occurs in girls or young women, it could symbolize love and affection they have for someone.

On the other hand, it could actually represent being envious to those who are in love, because you are not. If an older woman dreams about being pregnant, it reflects her desire to have children or longing for children who are adult and live their own lives.

If a woman who is already a mother has this dream, it could be a fortunate sign for her family life. It means there will be a lot of laughter and joy in her home. This dream could also represent a mother’s need to protect and pamper her children, regardless of their age.

Dreams about being pregnant in men

You have to agree that the very idea of a pregnant male makes you feel odd. That is not a natural phenomenon, so it logically makes a dreamer feel strange about it. If a man dreams about being pregnant, this dream could reflect his emotional instability and problems in relationship.

It could mean his partner wants him to change, but he is unwilling to let go of his habits.

Dreams about being pregnant could occur in men who have great ideas and projects on their mind. It could symbolize ideas you want to realize and dreams and fantasies you want to come true. It means you are dedicated to your project and you are feeding yourself with creative ideas.

This dream represents your inspiration, motivation and dedication. It could symbolize your need to move forward, to advance in your career or to take important steps and make big changes.

Unlike in women, this is rather related to professional aspect of life, then to the idea of parenthood.

Dreams about your partner being pregnant

If a man dreams about his wife or girlfriend is pregnant, it could be interpreted in different ways. It could mean that you are ready to start a new project, because you are confident about the outcome.

On the other hand, it could mean your partner is hiding something from you and you are anxious to find out what it is and why is it hidden in the first place.

If a woman dreams about her husband or boyfriend is pregnant, it is her inner voice telling her that her partner has taken all the burden of their mutual life on his back. Maybe you are feeling sorry because you do not know how to help him or you feel guilty because you let him take all the responsibility.

It could be related to any aspect of your mutual life and relationship.

Dreams about your mother being pregnant

Dreams in which your mother is pregnant are generally considered bad. Such dreams could reflect your worry about your mother’s health and well-being. It could even mean that your mother is actually ill.

This dream could also be an indicator of things that are wrong in your family and within relations with your closest ones.

This dream could also reflect your jealousy and need for attention from someone important to you.

For example, if you have a younger brother or sister, maybe your mother dedicates more of her time to them, so you feel neglected and it seems unfair to you. It could also be related to some other relation; for example, your friend or partner is fascinated by something or someone and not by you.

You are jealous because you are not the one who gets all attention. Stop acting childishly, this dream suggest. You should be aware that other people have more things on their mind than you; you should understand them and let them deal with their problems on their own or enjoy certain things you do not find amusing.

They still care for you, only you fail to see that because of enviousness and jealousy.

Dreams about someone else is being pregnant

Dreams about seeing a pregnant woman could have various meanings. Such a dream could mean you are about to experience certain unpleasant things in your near future. Most likely, it is something that has to do with your own plans and desires and expectations others have from you.

If you are a woman, this dream could reflect your frustration induced by others pressing you to get pregnant.

Alternatively, this dream could reflect fears related to your relationship. It means you are suspecting your partner is cheating on you and you are afraid he or she might leave you.

On the other hand, if you dream about a woman you know is pregnant and she is not pregnant in reality, it means that person will face big changes in near future.

This dream could also mean you are getting closer to someone you know and you care about that person. It could be someone very dear to you, most likely your best friend. This dream commonly appears to women and the pregnant one in dreams is usually her best friend.

It could also reflect your fear of being abandoned, after something big changes in your friend’s life.

Dreaming that something is wrong with your pregnancy

Dreams in which something is not right with your pregnancy are common in pregnant women, in the first place. In that case, dreams, of course, reflect their real fears about pregnancy, worries related to baby’s health, anxiety induced by sense of responsibility etc.

A pregnant woman has too many worries on her mind, in addition to joys.

If you are not pregnant, but you dream about being pregnant and something being wrong with your pregnancy, it means you feel something bad will happen in near future. It means something will go wrong or not according to your plan.

It does not necessarily have to be extremely negative, but it will definitely shake you.

This dream is a reminder that you should be ready for unexpected things in life, meaning you have to have in mind the possibility that things do not always end up the way we desire or plan.

It could sometimes be good, because you could get some new opportunities. This dream suggests you should be flexible and adaptable to changes.

Dreams about giving birth

Dreams about giving birth are another of common dreams in pregnant women and they reflect the same ideas, thoughts and emotions as dreams about being pregnant in general.

In other cases, dreams about giving birth symbolize new beginning and relief. This dream could symbolize an end of a project, an end of a life chapter, some important accomplishments, realizations and discoveries in your life, about the world and about your own self.

Dreams about giving birth are related to the idea of creation and creativity. These dreams could be a metaphor for a birth of new ideas and plans. If you dream that the labor has started and you did not even know you are pregnant, it means big surprises and great, dramatic changes in your life.

You will get something you have never dreamed of; these dreams are usually a good sign. It symbolizes a reward for great efforts and dedication.

Dreams about an abortion

Dreams about abortion are dreams that reflect your self-destructive behavior. It means you are the only one who has control over your own life, but still you always find excuses why you did not do this or that.

You are preventing yourself from moving forward, because you are afraid of what awaits you around the corner. This makes you feel both safe and frustrated at the same time.

You are literally ‘aborting’ your plans. You feel insecure and not determined enough. You rather stay in your comfort zone and each time you face a possibly good opportunity, you cut it down without even trying.

This dream tries to make you realize what you are doing and see that is actually not helping you at all.

Dream about giving birth to a strange baby

If you dream about giving a birth to a baby of an unusual appearance, it means you will face something you have no experience with. Perhaps it will be a completely new job or a situation in other area of your life.

Maybe you will meet a person who is an eccentric and strange to most of people, but he or she will amaze and inspire you greatly.

Dreaming about a stillborn

Dreams about being pregnant and giving birth to a dead child are particularly scary and uncomfortable to any dreamer. In pregnant women, such a dream reflects an extreme sense of fear and anxiety a future mother has about the pregnancy itself, the labor and her future baby’s health.

In most of such cases, this is only a reflection of this fear, nothing really to worry about.

In other cases, a baby symbolizes ideas, plans and projects, just as in other mentioned above. Dreaming about a stillbirth means your plans are falling apart. These dreams symbolize loss, announce failure and loss or reflect your frustration about something that has already happened.

This dream could mean all hope is gone you could improve something.

On the other hand, such unpleasant dream also reminds you bad things do happen and they are part of life. It means you sometimes have to face difficulties, to overcome them and grow stronger.

This dream means you should not look at life only through pink eyeglasses, but also not to be desperate. You should embrace the life as it is and try to make it better for yourself and those you care for.