Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our sun sign traits reveal the way we appear in public and the way that the public perceives us. Our moon sign on the other hand reveals our inner being, and our subconscious content. Both of these sides of our personality make us unique.

People with sun in Cancer and moon in Taurus are usually very gentle and tender beings with a kind heart and good soul. They are usually very traditional and respect their ancestors and family tradition.

They are very proud of their family and often choose to continue the family tradition. These people are very attached to their families and they love spending a lot of time with their family members.

In many cases, these people choose to live with members of their wider family in one household.

They are typically home types and their homes are like sanctuaries for them where they enjoy spending their leisure time and recuperating their energy.

Their homes are usually beautifully decorated and very pleasant because these people have a great love for beauty and are usually very creative and artistic.

People often admire their homes and their personal style because these people usually have excellent taste.

These people are very stable and reliable. They are emotional but also realistic. They don’t let their emotions overwhelm them and they think well before they take actions. They want to make sure they prevent potential mistakes of their thoughtless decisions and moves.

These people don’t let anything surprise them because they are very organized and love to plan ahead.

People with this Sun/Moon combination are usually excellent cooks. Both the sign of Cancer and Taurus are gourmands, which makes these people food lovers and often overweight due to their tendency to enjoy and indulge in food.

These people enjoy preparing food for others but also for themselves. They have a talent for inventing new dishes but they also in constant pursuit of new recipes and foods they have never tried out before.

They love trying out different food, especially the local specialties of the countries they visit.

Then they try to cook these dishes when they get home. These people have a warm and welcoming character and love to entertain their friends and family members in their homes.

They enjoy preparing some of their specialties for their guests and often make cooking experiments to surprise their guests. They are very generous and helpful. These people are truly selfless and enjoy helping others.

Their character can be a bit difficult and it takes time to get to know them to understand them well. They can be very rigid in their attitude and beliefs and refuse to change their mind even if they are aware it is for their own good.

These people can also be moody and prone to mood swings which often have no apparent reason.

They are not very open to strangers and prefer waiting until they know them better before they can relax. They don’t give their trust easily to people, and they usually have several trustworthy friends while they keep others as their acquaintances.

These people are not very sociable and they don’t like to get out much. Their home is the place where they prefer spending most of their time. When they need to meet their friends they first invite them to their place.

The main reason for that is they feel safest when they are in a known environment. These people usually have a balanced personality and appear calm and down to earth.

They love financial stability and are willing to work hard and put a lot of effort into providing it.

These people love the comfort and relaxed feeling which money and savings provide for them and they usually know how to rationalize and deal with money so that they always have something on the side just for safety.

They also have a talent for wise investments, usually in real-estate or objects of beauty (such as artworks or jewelry). They are reliable and responsible and usually the ones their friends and family members turn to when they need financial help and support.

They are not very ambitious, but their strong will and persistence usually bring them career advancement and success at work.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio:

– reliable, organized, responsible, caring, emotional, giving, helpful, nurturing, good providers, good with finances, home and family types, sensitive, passionate, loyal, devoted, good-looking, beauty lovers, artistic, creative, tender, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio:

– moody, prone to mood changes, stubborn, hate changes, inflexible, overprotective, etc.

‘Cancer’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Cancer and moon in Taurus are very emotional but are also down to earth and stable. They don’t let their emotions rule them over.

They are in control of their emotions and their natural sensitivity. They can be easily hurt but usually take precautionary measures to prevent that from happening.

These people need a stable and emotional partner, and someone who will be able to share the responsibilities of a long-term relationship and marriage.

They are traditional in any sense; in regards to relationships as well. That is the reason why they desire to formalize their relationship and marry the partner they have chosen. These people are kind and tender and make great partners and spouses.

They can be a bit stubborn and refuse to change their mind about certain matters. They can also be prone to mood swings and sudden drop of enthusiasm, but in general these people are an excellent choice for a long-term commitment.

They are loyal and devoted partners. They are good at performing relationship duties and maintaining the relationship’s dynamics.

These people are both tender and passionate. They love hugging and kissing their partners, but they also have strong physical urges which they need to satisfy.

They have a need to be surrounded by beauty and often desire to have a good looking partner. They too are usually good looking and handsome.

They are reliable and are good providers. In some cases, these people experience situations where they need to take care of the members of their wider family both financially or physically.

They are caring and nurturing persons and they don’t find that difficult. They love to take care of their loved ones and provide for them.

They are good spouses and are able to take charge of organizing in their relationships or marriages. They love to fulfill their partner’s wishes.

These people are family types. Ever since young age many of them dream about having a family of their own, and many of them marry young and establish their family in their early age.

They are tender and caring parents who make sure their children have all the needed prerequisites for using their full potential. They are caring and protective of their children and that often suffocates their kids, making them feel it as a burden.

They need to learn to give their children space without stopping the surveillance of their behavior and their actions.

They love to entertain guests in their family home and they desire a partner who will have the same preferences in regards to their mutual activities. They need someone who will feel as comfortable in their home as they do.

Their ideal scenario is doing things together with their partner or spouse in their house (cooking or entertaining their mutual guests).

They also need someone who is very emotional and could make them feel loved and cared for.

Best Match For ‘Cancer’ Sun ‘Taurus’ Moon

The best match for a person born with the sun in Cancer and the moon in Taurus are water or earth signs (with the interchanged influence of both signs in their chart).

Their ideal partner would be someone who could be stable enough and reliable enough to make them feel secure and relaxed.

They also need someone who is emotional as much as they are so they could enjoy the mutual exchange of emotions.

Fire and air signs are not a good match, unless they have some water or earth element in their natal chart, and even in that case they would need to compromise to make the relationship stable and satisfying.


People with sun in Cancer and moon in Taurus are usually very traditional, stable, and emotional.

They are very reliable and thoughtful and make sure they have taken all measures of precaution before they act. They could be stubborn, have difficulty changing their mind and beliefs about certain matters, and be prone to frequent mood changes as well.

These people can be a bit difficult to get along with because of their sometimes unpredictable reactions, but people who know them well know how good and kind these people are and never take that against them.

These people are organized and usually very careful about spending and investing their money. They need to feel secure and they need a solid financial base for that. Because they are aware of that fact, these people work diligently to earn enough money for their future safety.

They prefer saving to spending money. They have a talent for wise investments which in turn increase their income and provide them with even more financial stability.

They are loyal and devoted partners. They take care of the people they love, and sometimes that means even the members of their wider family.

They are home types and that is their favorite place to spend their time. They enjoy inviting people that are dear to them into their place.

These people are very hospitable and entertaining. People enjoy their company. They look after their guests, often cooking delicious food for them.

They could be prone to weight gaining and struggling with their weight because they love food so much. These people make reliable spouses who take great care of their beloveds.

They are also good and caring parents who make sure their kids don’t lack anything.