Saturn Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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If Venus, Mercury or the Sun are in an unfavorable position, you can become a pessimist who sees only the dark side of life, everything seems hard to him and requires a lot of work and effort.

You are serious, in your youth you are more serious than usual for these years, but with light aspects you know how to relax and enjoy life, and it seems that over the years you become younger.

Saturn, ASC trigon, trine in the natal chart a decent, slightly cautious demeanor does not allow to act hastily. Thanks to their practical acumen and sincerity, they are respected, although they are considered cold.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

Reliability and responsibility, you can rely on them. They give the impression of isolation, prosaicism, seriousness, Spartacism, restraint, which frightens others. Restraint is mistaken for arrogance and coldness.

It is difficult to imagine that there is embarrassment behind this, from overloading them not to trifles. Difficulties from an early age. Bony, tall, or vice versa, dwarfs.

Saturn in conjunction with the ASC – Saturn brings an element of seriousness here. You are a little gloomy, rarely smiling (especially in your youth), responsible and reliable person. You are known as stable and confident. You have a good skeleton, you are usually photogenic, and this position of the planets can mean thinness.

Wherever Saturn is, this planet limits, and when it is located near the ASC, this may mean that it is limiting your physical size. In severe aspects, this can mean health problems that can pose a threat to life in early childhood.

But as the first seven years of life pass, your health will begin to improve and you can hope for a long life.

But they can enter into promising relationships by completing plans with others. If there are no contradictions, they cope with responsibility. Few favorable chances for marriage, but stability in marriage.

Saturn in Trigon Sextile with ASC – you are a stable, loyal and hardworking person. Thanks to the seriousness of your views, you can easily cope with any responsibility, and others happily trust the role of leader.

You are loyal and reliable, and people know they can rely on your sense of reality when they need to get things done. Basically, you are attracted to any rewarding activity that requires discipline, you can excel in math and music.

You despise any superficiality and hate adornments. Friends play an important role in your life, especially if Saturn is in the 3rd or 11th house and you prefer few real friends. You are prone to pedantry and adhere to already established and proven paths and do not dare to trust the new and unknown.

However, with the strong influence of Uranus, this feature decreases.

Saturn, ASC opposition in the natal chart has the ability of warmth and friendliness, sour physiognomy, coldness, lack of communication, indifference, few friends are blocked. Difficulty in marriage or inability to find a suitable partner.

A feeling of lethargy, inability to please, and a tendency to get tired quickly, it is easy to freeze, susceptibility to rheumatic diseases.

You do not know how to relax, and when it comes to love, you are passive. This does not mean that you do not show emotions – you have them, but at the same time there is a feeling of guilt, so you hide them and look withdrawn, cold and possibly unfriendly. You are a successful person, work

Is of great importance to you and always comes first. With significant emotional support, you can overcome a deep tendency to repress feelings.

You must learn to love yourself and then people will love you for your valuable qualities. You often hide feelings of insecurity behind the role of a clown or comedian who chips jokes in his own address.

This position can cause health problems that can be overcome with proper nutrition and healthy living.

You like older people, especially in opposition, because you feel better in their company.

Relationships with people, to put it mildly, are not easy for you, and with the difficult aspects of Saturn, you can be a lonely person, avoiding every touch with people.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

According to mythology, he castrated his father Uranus and populated part of the universe with his wife Gaia (Earth), and his sons Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto divided the world. Saturn’s castration of Uranus ’father is a common element to all ancient traditions.

Uranus was overthrown by Saturn, which was then overthrown by Jupiter. These rebellions take place in the reverse order of the zodiac signs, that of the precession of the equinoxes: Aquarius – the sign of Uranus, Capricorn – the sign of Saturn, Sagittarius – the sign of Jupiter.

Because the planet Saturn is associated with a prehistoric god from the distant past, it is considered cold, old and melancholy.

Saturn is known as the Father of Time and is associated with old age, limitations, and death. This is shown by the fact that Saturn is the enemy of the Sun and the Moon, that is, the Light of Life, and as such is weak in the signs in which the Sun and the Moon are delighted — especially in Leo and Cancer.

It has a special relationship with the Moon – while the Moon represents the changing law of life that gives birth to us, Saturn is at the entrance to the world of immobility into which we enter through death. For this reason, Saturn is very easily associated with fears, depression and despair.

He retreats from Jupiter’s desire to break down all obstacles in front of him, so Saturn is weak in the sign of Cancer, right where Jupiter is strongest, while Jupiter on the other hand is weak in Capricorn, the sign in which Saturn is elated.

If it weren’t for Saturn, we would be living without limits. If Jupiter is yes, Saturn is no, letting us know when it is time to stop and forcing us to grow by learning self-denial and renunciation by postponing ultimate pleasure.

Through his influence we learn about the limits of our possibilities, and the greatest of all teachings is that of our mortality, which we must adopt by the river of life, learning about our own purpose in life.

Viewed in this way, Saturn is a planet of ambition and achievement, which is evident in its influence in the female sign of Capricorn.

The natal chart points us to the qualities we need to achieve life’s successes, which come down not just to struggle as Mars suggests or just to the happiness that Jupiter relies on, but to hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

It represents the limitations and difficult life lessons we must learn. It reminds us of the importance of order and discipline in life. Its position in the natal chart indicates to us the area of ​​life in which effort is needed to overcome obstacles. Saturn exhausts us to the extremes in order to arrive at favorable results.

Some of the positive traits of Saturn-type people appear in the form of good old values, such as politeness, accuracy, and decency. People with strong Saturn characteristics often take life too seriously.

Saturn Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Square blocks the intuition and character traits necessary for successful advancement in the affairs of the planets and houses in which they stand.

A person accumulates internal dissatisfaction with himself and obstacles in these areas, where, ironically, he unbearably wants recognition and awards.

This is especially pronounced when participating in the aspect of the Ascendant – a symbol of social success.

Saturn initially creates barriers and slows down creative processes. Weighed down with a square to the ascending sign, it forms pessimism, a sour facial expression, a closed, unsociable character.

Contacts with people are easy, which makes it difficult to achieve success on the chosen path. The native’s work comes first, he is a professional to the core, and nevertheless, he is not noticed or praised.

Therefore, the aspect requires careful and long study. The owner of the horoscope dreams of being the soul of the company and envies people who are easy to communicate with.

In his youth, his attempts to imitate them were met with ridicule by his interlocutors or embarrassing situations when he told a joke, but no one was funny.

This can be easily worked through the strengthening of Mercury and Chiron, but more often than not, without understanding the astrological tools for harmonizing the planets, the native closes in on himself and prefers to be proudly silent in the company of his peers, putting on the mask of a cold and arrogant genius.

After all, the ability to work tirelessly, the thirst for knowledge and the desire to succeed in areas of interest to him always lead to a high level of professionalism.

The main thing is to be able to show it and get recognition from wide strata of society, but this property is blocked in the carrier of the Saturn-Ascendant square.

Given the coldness in communication and denial of authorities, he rarely has helpers and teachers who will show weaknesses and ways to get out of the saturnine prison of mind. In addition, there are a number of other factors that aggravate fate: a serious and sad attitude towards life, disbelief in the right to success, apathy, coldness.

Without working out the aspect, old age will be severe, and the body will suffer from rheumatic changes. However, by harmonizing Saturn, you can ensure your longevity, and professional achievements will delight your descendants for centuries.

Love and marriage in the square of Saturn – Ascendant It is hard to believe, but arrogant and silent men and women with the square of Saturn – Ascendant dream that they will be loved and melted by the icy shackles in their hearts with warmth and sympathy.

Of course, they will not immediately make contact, and failure in personal life is not a curse or an evil eye, but a lesson in fate.

If there is a favorable aspect from Venus, and she herself is strong in the native’s horoscope, then the higher forces really give a meeting with a partner so loving and kind that his feeling ignites a spark in the heart chakra of the quadrature carrier.

In return, he or she becomes a loyal and devoted spouse.

First, realizing that they are unable to find a better companion, and second, the highest principles of Saturn’s justice include honesty and constancy.

If the planet of order is the ruler of the 7th and 8th houses, it is undesirable to marry before the age of 29.


Working out the square of Saturn – Ascendant The karmic task is to learn to love and accept yourself as you are, appreciating talents and forgiving shortcomings. This same principle will help you build relationships with other people.

You shouldn’t demand perfection from them. You should avoid jokes in your address, belittling your dignity, just to please others, and not allow yourself to be made a scapegoat, suffering for the mistakes of more successful rivals.

Physical exercises are recommended to develop joint flexibility and coordination: gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, dancing.