Mercury in Scorpio

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The mysterious and very complex diagram that represents your horoscope hides many valuable details about your life.

Every single aspect in it, a planet, a zodiac sign, a house, all sorts of relations between these elements and more represent your destiny, written in the largest guidebook ever, the universe itself.

Many people expect their natal chart to give them concrete answers and tell them this or that is about to happen at a defined point of their lifeline. It is, of course, impossible. The motion of planets in our Solar system is a complex kind of work.

Our technological advancements help us understand it better, in terms of physics, mathematics, astronomy and other exact sciences.

However, it hides much more. Energies in cosmos affect our individual lives and, according to astrology and some other non-scientific approaches, shape up our destiny. Mysteries of universe are endless. It takes time, effort, passion and dedication to understand it. Astrology tries to unravel things our official paths do to some point.

Back in the day, it was an established, regular way of understanding the world.

It was officially recognized and, in fact, it was identified with astronomy or vice versa. Many of the greatest royal courts in history had their much-appreciated astronomers. Some notable scientists of the past, astronomers in the first place, were also astrologers.

With technological growth and development of modern science, astrology was put to the corner, with esoteric and mystical. However, even so, many people take it seriously and are eager to know what their horoscope has in store for them.

What is horoscope, actually? Horoscope or a natal chart is basically like a photograph of time, translated to a graphic.

It shows positions of planets and zodiac signs in an astrological chart. This chart is divided into twelve fields – houses – that represent different areas of an individual’s life. Houses correspond to all important areas that make one’s life, such as health, finances, family, love life etc. If you wonder how an astrologer could actually make one, her it is.

He or she needs only your date, time and place of birth, in order to re-create the image of the sky in that particular moment.

Some contemporary surveys show that it makes sense; people born at similar time of the year, for example, often opt for similar professions. Zodiac signs have some ground in reality, although nothing of it is officially accepted.

Mercury and Horoscope

Okay, but what planets have to do with your horoscope, exactly? Planets make an important element of each one’s birth chart. Today, you do not even need an astrologer to create your birth chart in person; there are many online calculators that will quickly and accurately deliver one.

However, it takes some expertise to interpret it.

General textual information that stands along with the diagram is a good guideline, but it needs deeper analyses. What does it mean to have accentuated Mercury in your horoscope?

Mercury determines the way you communicate with the world around you and within yourself. It is the planet of intellect, reason, rational thinking, commerce, connection and communication.

In ancient mythologies, such as that of old Mesopotamian cultures, Greece and Rome, planets were associated with certain deities. Western astrology relies on this ancient heritage, for a great part. Mercury is associated with Hermes, the messenger god, the one that communicates between the worlds.

Hermes or Roman Mercury, is a deity associated with eloquence, trade, travel, but also curiosity and trickery.

In astrology, it is a defining element. The lace of Mercury in your birth chart determines the way you are going to express your thoughts and emotions. It is also associated with youthful spirit, restlessness and cleverness.

Depending on its correspondence with signs in your natal chart, you could be less or more talkative, you could prefer saying things aloud to writing your thoughts down and so on. It could spark your curiosity and drive your imagination to bring out some practical solutions.

Its energy is unsteady, but it is rational. There is not much fantasy in Mercury.

Mercury in Scorpio is quite an interesting combination. Let us, for a brief moment, turn to basic qualities of the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is known as the most sensual and the most exotic sign of zodiac.

It is passionate, determined and proud. Scorpio would not openly show their emotions and they often play tough. They appear strong and often very cold on the outside. They have excellent taste; they are elegant and mysterious.

Mercury in Scorpio – General Info

Scorpio enjoys being in the center of attention, but often acts as completely non-interested.

They have magnetic aura. Scorpio is intense, curious, and emotionally deep. They have amazing intuition and like to have everything in control. They could become possessive, jealous, and emotionally selfish. Scorpio prefers working alone; they are self-reliant, proud and brave.

They are imaginative, creative and disciplined. They hate being told what to do and they have an adventurer’s heart. Scorpio does not give up their causes easily; they could be quite stubborn, which is both good and bad. They find it hard to accept defeat.

Scorpio is honest, judging, loyal, active and passionate. How Mercury affects these qualities?

Mercury in Scorpio represents thoughts, intellect and activity in service of Mars’ aspiration, since Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars (and Pluto). It makes one’s mind a detective’s mind. With Mercury in Scorpio, one tends to go deeper in analyzes, he or she is intrigued my mysteries, interested to uncover all the layers, to find not easily reachable information.

People with Mercury in Scorpio have their intuition translated into rational, even more analytical approach.

They enjoy revealing secrets and great mysteries and they are extremely efficient in it. They are not afraid of going deep into places of unknown; they are magnetically attracted to everything hidden or even forbidden.

Mercury in Scorpio brings one more determination and tenacity to explore our opportunities and to resolve puzzles in our lives.

It helps you approach problems with an intuitive-rational mind and it gives you patience thoroughly to go through all options. Mercury in Scorpio grounds you and helps you focus on what you are interested in.

With Mercury in Scorpio, you can really get to the very essence of things you are interested in. When it comes to communication, Mercury Scorpio people could be really hard to deal with.

One of the basic Scorpio qualities is stubbornness; accentuated Scorpio in a birth chart makes you determined to defend your opinion, even if, at some point, you realize it is invalid, false, wrong. Mercury in Scorpio promotes your verbal skills.

Now you are even better equipped to defend your opinion with all sorts of arguments. Arguing with a Mercurial Scorpio is a pointless job.

They enjoy polemics, debates, arguing. They readily engage in a verbal conflict. On the other hand, Mercury in Scorpio offers great rationality and actually helps one come up to causes of things that were bothering them for long; it helps you change, reform and establish new points of view.

However, it is unlikely a mercurial Scorpio would say aloud: “Yes, I need to change”.

Nevertheless, their highly intellectual detective mind, as well as their need to explore and systemize everything, eventually leads to discovery. These people often find efficient solutions to their problems, but they would not admit they had a problem in the first place.

It could make communication with others difficult, but it promotes your personal development and growth.

Since Scorpio is associated with eros, passion and intimacy, Mercury here plays an important role. People with Mercury in Scorpio openly express their opinions on these delicate and sensitive subjects, which appears shocking to others, too direct. They know no taboos.

On the other hand, there is also more thinking about the opposite; darkness, death and afterlife, as well as talk about it.

Good Traits

Mercury in Scorpio are highly intuitive and there is nothing that could cloud that ability.

They have investigative mind, which helps them get deep into the core of any problem. It makes them efficient in finding solutions to anything. They are very perceptive and self-confident. Mercury in Scorpio makes one’s mind strategic, systematic and analytical.

There is no rush or hasty decisions. These people are extremely honest and loyal.

They value truth over anything else, so there is no way they would cheat or lie, although Mercury is associated with a bit of trickery. They never use their extreme intelligence, their incredible sense for details to deceive others.

They use their abilities to reveal the truth, to unravel mysteries, to remove veils. If you are hiding something, you should be very cautious around them. Mercury in Scorpio makes your mind in search of new ideas and inventive solutions, new, exotic ones, not known to the wider public.

People with Mercury in Scorpio make amazing researchers, explorers, detectives, even psychologists.

Everything that has to do with searching for knowledge and truth inspires them. They have amazing understanding of human mind and nature in total.

Bad Traits

Mercury in Scorpio makes one tense, maybe too outspoken and direct in subject others find too intimate, too sharp and stubborn. Mercury in Scorpio makes one patient when working on something they are interested in; everything else, they will try to avoid.

If unavoidable, they would become nervous, tense, ready to argue and stubborn. They are people who would never admit they are wrong.

They are hard to get along with and difficult to work with. Their need to know the truth about everything is dangerous. They might reveal things that are not theirs to reveal.

Mercury in Scorpio makes one skeptical, which could get to extremes. Once they start questioning literally everything, they get confused, lost and moody.

Mercurial Scorpio should try to dose their need for truth. You should be more tactful in revealing the truth, since we know all Mercurial Scorpios, no matter of their ruling sign, value their own privacy and are masters in hiding their true feelings.

Be more understanding of others, because you can easily hurt someone, in the name of truth and that is not always desirable.

Mercury in Scorpio Man

Mercury in Scorpio in men signs makes one a kind of perfectionist character, the one in search and defense of truth. He values truth above everything else, he protects the truth. He bold, determined and self-confident, which are qualities Scorpio sign provides.

Mercury promotes his verbal skills and makes him express his ideas, plans and intentions precisely. He does not play games and he is truthful to his causes.

Mercurial Scorpio man loves planning things. He is efficient in his job, which is definitely something that has to do with investigation and the defense of truth.

For example, a man with Mercury in Scorpio could make an excellent judge, a detective or a scientist. He is a perfectionist and he would never leave his business unfinished.

In love, he is romantic and direct, which is an amazing combination.

Exotic, sensual Scorpio makes him a true seducer, while rational, communicative Mercury helps him translate his passion into direct, yet so mystical messages.

He expects his lover to be devoted to him and he offers the same. He is deeply passionate and he will show it to you.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman

Mercury in Scorpio in women signs makes a lady a bit dangerous; man would describe a Mercurial Scorpio lady like this.

She is intelligent, courageous and outspoken. She is not afraid of asking what she wants and she would defend her causes at all costs. She is creative and independent woman; Mercurial Scorpio could be an amazing explorer, researcher, a psychologists. She likes working on all sorts of investigative projects.

Mercurial Scorpio woman is not easy to deal with if provoked; both Mercury Scorpio men and women are not people you want to argue with. She is even more direct with words. Mercury in Scorpio promotes this woman’s natural intuition. She balances her emotions and reason with easiness. She is protective of her ideas and would always have firm arguments.

Like her male counterpart, she is romantic, passionate, enjoys being adored and pleased.

She is demanding in love and needs a partner who can match her both physically and intellectually. She could be possessive and jealous, so be ready for that. She is a detective, when it comes to starting a relationship. She would investigate everything before entering one.


As we have seen, Mercury in Scorpio shapes up an incredible personality. Depending on other aspects in your birth chart, these characteristic would dominate your personality more or less.

Nevertheless, this astrological aspect definitely makes you a person of sharp, intellectual, detective’s mind. You have innovative way of thinking and you are in search for answers to the deepest mysteries.

In terms of communication with others, Mercury in Scorpio makes you bold and persistent in defending your opinions. It makes you open in expressing your ideas to others.

Mercury Scorpio people do not mind if others would find their discoveries or anything they have to say shocking; truth is all that matters.