Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Seeing someone we like steers our imagination and makes us wonder about this person’s character and interests.

We keep imagining about the possibility of a relationship with this person and how we would get along, so we keep searching for data about that person.

A valuable set of information can be received from astrology.

If you make an astrology compatibility analysis comparing your natal charts, you can find out a lot about the compatibility with this person and the potential for a relationship between you two.

You do it by making a list of aspects your natal planets are making and determining their meanings.

The meanings of the aspects will describe the nature of your relationship, that is, if they are predominantly bad, the relationship doesn’t have much chance of being a good one, and if they are predominantly good, that is a good sign, and indicates a lasting and harmonious relationship.

To make someone’s natal chart, you need to have their precise birth data, i.e., their exact time of birth, and also their date and place of birth.

Since acquiring such information isn’t always easy, if you don’t have it, you can still use astrology to discover the compatibility between you two by using your horoscope signs.

You can compare your horoscope signs traits to see how well you two would function in a relationship.

Their horoscope sign traits will also give you a lot of information about their personality.

In the article below, we are comparing the traits of a Capricorn man and a Taurus woman to see their compatibility in three different relationships.

Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man often appears serious and rigid. Often he is. These men are cautious and don’t do things hastily. They love to think well before they act. They are not quick to act like some fire signs for example. They take their time to ensure the success of their actions.

These men are very confident and have faith in their abilities. They are very intelligent and quick-witted, but they act when they estimate that the time is right.

Capricorn men are very organized and fulfill their obligations. They plan their actions when they want to accomplish something and make sure they don’t skip any details. They are usually very successful and ambitious. They know what they want and have an idea how to achieve it.

These men are often manipulative and can control other people’s actions for their own goals. They are often very self-centered and put themselves first.

Their financial security is very important and they put in a lot of effort to provide it. When a Capricorn man has a goal in mind, he focuses all his power and attention to achieving it.

These men love the benefits which money can bring them, and they strive towards being financially independent and having a stable financial foundation for the future.

One of the reasons for their desire for financial stability is their need to be the provider of their families. These men are very traditional and consider their masculine role as a leader and provider of the family very important.

They take good care of their loved ones and do their best to provide them with more than they need. These men love quality things and know that only money can provide them.

Some Capricorn men have a superiority complex and consider others inferior beings. They can be very self-absorbed and selfish which can cause people to avoid their company. These men need to learn the gift of humility and thinking about others for a change.

Many Capricorn men are overly ambitious. Their unhealthy ambition often makes them unscrupulous and prone to using others for their plans and accomplishment of their goals. Their intelligence and talent for pretending enables them to manipulate people with them being unaware of that fact.

Not all Capricorn men are deceiving and manipulative, but many of them have these traits and abilities.

Many Capricorn men use their abilities to manipulate women they are dating. These men are often prone to cheating and promiscuity, although they don’t appear like that. To hide their actions, they are prepared to lie without a sense of guilt. One thing is also characteristic about Capricorn men. They are often prone to lying to protect their interests.

These men are commitment types and strive to establish their home and family. The ones who are prone to cheating their women, tend to do that even after they are married, without much sense of guilt. They are usually able to hide their extramarital activities from their wives without arising suspicion.

Capricorn men are usually not very emotional, and make rational decisions rather than ones coming from their hearts. They often appear cold and detached, unless they have a prominent water influence. With a dose of emotions in their beings, these men become transformed entirely and are capable of deep feelings and devotion to one woman.

They become caring, tender and protective, which are traits every woman wants in her man.

These men often have leadership qualities and are often in a position to organize and lead others. They usually end up in managerial positions or they own their own businesses. These men have domineering nature, and don’t like being told what to do. They like women who have mild personalities and are very feminine.

Their woman must behave like a real woman. They don’t like masculine types of girls, and especially don’t like women who are loud and aggressive, and could pose a threat to their masculinity and traditional role in a relationship.

Capricorn men are providers, who take good care of their families.

They make sure their wife and kids have everything they need and more, and they often take care of the older members in the family. They are strict but good fathers, and protective of their girlfriends and wives. They play their role of a man in a relationship with perfection.

Life with him is peaceful and secure, providing you don’t provoke him and agree with his leading role in your relationship.

Taurus Woman

Taurus women are real ladies and often real beauties as well. These women have an excellent style and love beauty. They are women in the full sense of the word and they embrace their femininity wholeheartedly.

These women enjoy being women, and that is evident. They love beautiful clothes and are often an object of admiration of both men and women for their impeccable style.

Although they might have some weight issues because they love indulging in food, they look very elegant even with a few numbers over their ideal size. These women love to enjoy in the pleasures of life and to be pampered by their man. These women love the good things in life, and love luxury and things that money can provide them.

Although they are usually well-off financially and are able to provide for themselves, they expect their man to be capable of earning enough to provide for them and their family.

These women have an eye for quality as well as beauty. They are also very creative and able to create beautiful things. Venus, their sign ruler, gives them these gifts, and talents for different forms of art. These women are talented for music and love art. They often create music and art and often have a creative profession.

They also love to decorate the space they live in because it is very important to them. they spend much time in their homes, and they are usually beautifully decorated.

Taurus women are very attached to their homes, and love to make them places of comfort and joy. Even when they are single, they enjoy spending time there, alone or accompanied by their friends. They love gathering close friends at their home, and are very good and entertaining hosts.

These women are very intelligent and usually very educated. They are graceful and elegant, sophisticated and mannered, and it is a pleasure to be in their company. They detest people who are rude and impolite.

Although they are very kind and amicable, they can be very direct and determined when they are somehow jeopardized. These women are very confident and are not afraid to speak their minds. They know what they want and they have high values.

They respect themselves very much and don’t let anyone cross their boundaries.

Taurus women have a passionate nature and prefer men who are passionate as well. These women have strong emotions and are capable of doing everything for the man that they love. They are traditional types of women, and expect the man to do their traditional role in a relationship. They usually don’t give the initiative and wait for the man to do the courting.

These women value themselves highly and they don’t tolerate cheating and deceit. They are very honest and truthful and are devoted and loyal to their partners. This woman most likely wouldn’t tolerate being cheated on and would leave the man who did it to her regardless of how strong her emotions for him are.

Taurus women are very caring and nurturing beings, who enjoy taking care and pampering the people they love, especially their men and their children.

They are great wives and moms, but they have boundaries both their men and their children need to respect. They are good at organizing all their duties and manage to finish everything in time, both at work and in their house.

She expects her man to do his role as a man, husband and father, and she will do all her feminine roles with excellence.

Love Compatibility

The Capricorn man and the Taurus woman are usually a good combination.

These two enjoy playing their natural roles in a relationship. He likes to have a feminine girl by his side, while she enjoys having a strong, masculine man by her side.

They also have complimenting characters, and their interests and goals are similar. This relationship often naturally leads to marriage.

She is smart enough not to provoke his masculinity and doesn’t mind him being the leader in their relationship, which is something she expects her man to do, and he will be smart not to provoke her jealousy with unnecessary adventures on the side, if he feels deeply for her and realizes that she is the one.

These two both love their home and spending time there. They love pleasures and luxury and enjoy them together.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between a Capricorn man and a Taurus woman has all chances of being a lasting one. These two are a good match, and complement each other. They have similar goals and desires in life.

They both play their roles in this marriage. She is the perfect wife and mother, while he is the perfect provider, husband, and father. They enjoy each other’s company and love spending time in their home.

They both enjoy decorating it with luxurious items, and enjoy spending their money on quality items and mutual pleasures.

These two know how to enjoy in life and spend money. He could be the more restricted one when it comes to spending because he prefers earning it, but he will enjoy making this woman happy with the money he has earned.

This marriage is usually a lasting and happy one. 


A Capricorn man and a Taurus woman are good friends, who share similar interests, and have compatible characters.

They are both not into adventures and love activities which are calming and nourish their knowledge and brains. They love art and history and they often have them as their subjects of conversation.

Cool Facts

Both the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman are earth signs, and are not hesitant to take actions.

They think well before they act. They can be considered slow by some other members of the Zodiac, but these two rarely make mistakes because of their cautious approach. 


All in all, the Capricorn man and the Taurus woman make a wonderful couple in general, unless there are some negative influences between their natal charts.

They are supportive of each other’s dreams and goals, and they inspire one another to be better and achieve their full potential. They take good care of each other.