Mars Trine Jupiter Synastry

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People were amazed by the stars and planets since ancient times. They realized their impact on human lives and the world in general and gathered the knowledge about their influence in a discipline which they named astrology.

Since antiquity, astrology was used as a means to foretell the future and discern human traits.

Astrology is very old and its origins date back to ancient Babylon. Unfortunately, till today, astrology doesn’t have a scientific status and is still considered a pseudoscience.

Most people know something about astrology; they at least know their Zodiac sign and its basic traits as well as the basic traits of other Zodiac signs. It is a good subject for a fun conversation.

Astrology has much more value than just being an interesting subject of conversation. Its predictions and analysis can be very accurate, and many people have witnessed that for centuries.

Astrology is mainly used to analyze people’s character traits and the destiny they are likely to experience. Astrology can be used to predict global events and can also be used to analyze relationships and compatibility between two people.

Astrology analysis begins with a natal chart which is a chart of the planet’s positions in a certain moment in time, usually someone’s birth. Astrology analyzes the positions of planets in signs of the Zodiac, the meanings of their placements in the natal chart houses, and the aspects between them.

This is a basic astrology analysis which nevertheless gives sufficient information to determine someone’s personal traits, interests, and possible choices they might make in life.

The positions of planets in the natal chart houses are very important because they show where the focus of attention and activities will be. The aspects show the personal traits of a person as well as the events they might experience.

The aspects are angles between planets with certain meanings. They can have favorable or challenging nature. The nature of the aspect also depends on the nature of the planet making the aspect.

The aspects are mainly divided in major and minor aspects. The major aspects are the most important and are used in every astrology analysis.

These aspects are the conjunction, opposition, trine, squares, and sextiles. The strongest aspects are the exact ones.

Trines are major aspects with favorable nature. They bring good fortune into the person’s life. They create wonderful opportunities for achievements and success. They form when the planets are 120 degrees apart. Most astrologers consider the trine the luckiest of all aspects.

This aspect helps the person accomplish their desires without putting in much effort. 


Besides analyzing individuals, their traits, potential, and possible destiny, astrology can also be used to analyze relationships and their potential.

Synastry is an astrology technique which is used to analyze the pasting power of a relationship and basic compatibility between the partners.

Synastry uses the same analysis like in analyzing individual charts. It first analyzes the partner’s individual charts to determine their personality traits, their preferences, and other relevant data, and after it compares their individual birth charts.

The idea behind synastry is that people are their planetary positions and when they come into contact their planets are in contact as well.

When comparing the natal charts of two people, astrology determines the aspects between their planets and also determines the houses where the one partner’s planets fall into the other partner’s chart.

These houses show the areas where this partner will most likely affect the owner of the natal chart.

The different aspects between the planets in two natal charts describe the nature of the relationship between these two people. If the aspects are mostly favorable, this is usually an indication that they have compatible characters and they get along well.

This is usually an indication of sincere interest and will to maintain the relationship. They accept each other’s differences and are willing to make compromises, which is essential for maintaining a relationship.

When the aspects between two charts are predominately challenging, that usually indicates lack of compatibility between their characters.

This is often an indication of conflicts and disagreements between them due to lack of tolerance and compassion. They often don’t understand each other, and this relationship often doesn’t have a chance of lasting.

When there aren’t any supporting aspects to neutralize the challenging ones, the partners usually don’t have will to overcome their issues and differences and they keep piling up until they create chaos.

In some cases, this is an indication of violence in the relationship.

Challenging aspects don’t always indicate a short-term relationship, but if such a relationship lasts, it is certainly an exhausting experience for the partners.

Sometimes the analysis of two natal charts discovers lack of any significant aspects between the planets. This is usually an indication of lack of interest and basic compatibility between the partners.

Mars – Basic Traits

The planet Mars is the second smallest planet. Although small, this planet has a fearsome reputation. The surface of Mars is covered with iron dioxide which has red color.

Because of this color, Mars appears read, hence the name “red planet” which is often used as a synonym for this planet.

Mars is similar to our planet in many ways and that’s a reason why some people believe that life will one day be present on this planet.

According to some theorists, life was present on Mars in the distant past.

Mars is considered a planet of conflicts, aggression, destruction, and other bad things. This planet can truly have a destructive impact on people and world in general. Just like the ancient Roman god with the same name, Mars is the ruler of war and conflicts.

In astrology, Mars also rules brutality, intolerance, impatience, aggression, wounds, scars, cuts, weapons, military, violence, criticism, disagreements, and other similar matters.

When Mars is well-placed in the natal chart, it gives the person some good traits, such as endurance, power, confidence, determination, perseverance, strong will, initiative, courage, passion, leadership skills, energy, etc.

Mars in challenging aspects usually makes the person aggressive, violent, and prone to conflicts, intolerance, and brutality. Such Mars can have a devastating effect on the life of the person and others this person contacts.

The planet Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and Aries. In these signs it has the most power and expresses its true nature. In Capricorn, Mars is also powerful, but its traits can be a bit exaggerated.

Those under the influence of Mars are usually powerful people; they have dominant nature and magnetic effect on others.

The final judgment about Mars’s influence comes after analyzing its placement in the natal chart and its aspects with other planets.

Mars people with challenging aspects of Mars are prone to destructive behavior and violent outbursts of anger. They usually have a conflicting character. If Mars’ aspects are harmonious, this makes the person confident, brave, focused on their goals, and persistent.

In general, Mars people are much focused on their goals and almost never give up on them; not many things that can prevent them from getting where they want to be.

They are temperamental and can be very loud. They can also be provocative, controlling, competitive, domineering, and intolerant. 

Jupiter – Basic Traits

Jupiter is the biggest in size planet in our Solar system. It is composed mostly of hydrogen, and is without solid surface. Jupiter was the ancient Roman sky god. He was also the king of all gods.

This is considered the luckiest planet since ancient times. It usually has a beneficial influence and brings good luck, wealth, and abundance into our lives.

Jupiter well-placed in the natal chart usually makes the person lucky. A well-placed Jupiter is considered a blessing from the Universe.

Such people don’t have to wait for opportunities to come, they come without asking. These people are usually financially secured and don’t have problems making money.

Jupiter rules higher education, distant travels, foreign countries, strangers, students, professors, excess, overindulging, abundance, exaggeration, increase, luxury, joy, optimism, happiness, spirituality, accumulation, hedonism, etc.

This planet is the ruler of Sagittarius and its exaltation is in Cancer. Jupiter has a beneficial nature in general, and rarely causes disasters; if afflicted, Jupiter can cause financial issues, and in worst cases, bankruptcy.

The person under a bad Jupiter influence might be prone to overspending, risky investments, and jeopardizing their finances.

Well-placed Jupiter usually takes credit for great wealth and money accumulation. It creates the person wonderful opportunities to succeed in their endeavors.  

Mars Trine Jupiter Synastry

Mars trine Jupiter in synastry is a very beneficial aspect for the relationship of two people.

They share many interests and traits. These two are both energetic and love action. Both are sports types and can have many sports activities together.

This is a passionate relationship because both Mars and Jupiter are passionate people. Mars has deeper emotions than Jupiter, but this aspect enables them both to tolerate each other’s different attitude towards their emotional expressions.

They enjoy doing things together and experiencing adventures. Travel and sports activities are something they love the most.

They both love winning and there might be a dose of healthy competition between them present. They will, of course, be happy and supportive of their partner’s success.

This is a great aspect for joint ventures because it promotes cooperation, initiative, and energetic actions. Another thing important for this aspect is the fun they have when they are together.

They love doing things together and learning new things. These two inspire and stimulate each other, especially when it comes to physical activities.

Together, they are able to experience the most amazing adventures and go on distant travels that will expand their consciousness and spirituality.

The relationship they have inspires them to grow and become better people.

They open up new horizons and insights to each other. They respect each other’s individuality and independence. They support and encourage each other in expressing their individuality and creativity.

This can be a great business partnership that will bring good luck to the partners in earning money.

The physical side of relationship will also be a fulfilling experience. They are both willing to adapt to the other person’s needs and satisfy them.


The Mars trine Jupiter aspect in synastry is a fortunate one. It makes the relationship a satisfying experience for both partners.

Both Mars and Jupiter person are into sports and physical activities. This creates a base for many activities these two will do together. They inspire and support each other to pursue their goals and desires.

They also admire each other’s strength and individuality. They are independent and respect the need of their partner to do their own thing sometimes. This brings them closer together.

These two have a lot of fun together. They also learn a lot from each other. They have the will and desire to tolerate each other’s differences and put in the effort to maintain their relationship.

This aspect neutralizes the negative influence of some other challenging aspects. It helps the partners grow and learn from each other. They often travel together.

They are also very passionate and their physical intimacy is a source of satisfaction for both of them.