Chiron Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Chiron in astrology is responsible for the principle of unity and struggle of opposites.

Allows a person to combine personal interests with public ones, to balance between opposing views in society.

Gives the ability of a diplomat, the ability to negotiate, perceive someone else’s point of view, and look at the problem from the point of view of the opponent.

Chiron – Meaning and Info

In astronomy, Chiron is an asteroid. Its cycle around the Sun is about 50.7 years. Chiron’s orbit is elongated, its far part reaches the orbit of Uranus, and the near one is located between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn.

As you know, Jupiter is the principle of collective existence, and Saturn is the opposite principle of individualism. There is a legend according to which the planet Phaethon once existed in the solar system.

This planet was responsible for smoothing out the contradictions between opposites, in particular for combining the collective and individual principles of existence. The phaeton was destroyed in a disaster.

After that, Chiron took on the astrological load that Phaeton carried.

People who are strongly influenced by Chiron in their horoscope are able to adapt to the changing circumstances of social life, they are able to fit into a new social environment. They show themselves well where there is opposition and contradiction. They know how to balance and benefit from contradictions.

North Node – Meaning and Info

I shave my will for a future meeting. The spheres in which the North and South nodes are active must be carefully balanced. Your dynamic temperament attracts people to help you in your endeavors.

The aspect is unfavorable for astrology studies, since a person will not be able to adequately evaluate the map all the time it will be correct, but do I doubt it?

Description of the North Node of Rahu in the first house and the South Node of Ketu in the seventh house of the natal chart of the horoscope. I would like the whole world to be at peace and we could live a golden age.

The conjunction of Chiron with Venus The conjunction of Chiron with Venus in the natal chart indicates dissatisfaction with love life, excessive shyness in expressing feelings, or, conversely, swagger and aggressiveness, masking inner uncertainty.

Mendeleev was simply doomed to work in this direction along the Mars Saturn pentagon. Some small details and details acquire an exorbitantly large, directly symbolic meaning, but why they are perceived as signs of fate, no one can say.

Clarity of perception helps a person – spirits are in good contact with spirits and uses them are possible with the help of white magic, calling the ancestors of souls, working with incorporeal substances.

Squaring the map means problems that require close attention. The point here is not only in the lust for power of solar Lions, but also in the fact that the impulse to action entails an action that is determined by other planets, and they are, most likely, not as free as the Sun in this case.

In the negative – against everyone, the human race – violence, methods of struggle to extremes.

However, almost always, if the planet of communication with the South Node is struck, this is an indicator of the deplorable fate of the ancestors, roughly speaking, did not die a natural death.

At the same time, communication problems are possible due to the inability to correctly define life tasks and achieve their fulfillment.

The wedding took place on the harmonious transit aspects of Chiron with personal planets, and the divorce on its connection with the North Node and tense aspects to personal planets.

The simultaneous one and a half square of the directional cusp of the 3rd House to Venus speaks of the manifestation of personal initiatives by the ruler of the Ascendant in teaching the art of painting Venus.

This person avoids imprisonment and loneliness of any kind, finding nothing good or pleasant, and only those addressed to himself understand the victims, and this is the only type of the twelfth house that he recognizes.

You need to learn to rejoice and feel proud of yourself and your children’s creations, roles, paintings, cakes and so on. You are sensitive to the subtle world and are able to discover the meaning of your existence.

The Neptunian is able to intuitively guess the mood of the partner, although that is why the latter can get emotional dependence on him.

During these years of travel and negotiations, he conducts a huge correspondence in accordance with the fact that Jupiter controls his card 3, the House of Communication.

Partners get hung up on aspects associated with these houses, say the first house will show partners who are incredibly important what other people think about their union, the fifth house is about romance, entertainment or children.

In the worst case, anarchism, unrestrainedness, indiscipline, lack of a sense of duty, impracticality, willfulness, eccentricity, pretentiousness, denial of any experience.

A person is able to correctly assess the situation and apply their knowledge at the moment by methodically moving forward with the simultaneous solution of problems along a well-established track.

Since the 40s of the current century, a generation with the natal position of Eris Taurus will begin to be born.

You may or may not be the authority for the 10th house character, it depends on how you feel about it.

This person can become a complete social nihilist, perverting and denying both tradition and all progressive trends, and burning with fierce anger towards society as a whole.

Chiron Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

That is, all life is built on one planet Mars, this is an example of the life of past generations, nutrition in the Paleolithic era when the planet was connected to the South Node, and the more accurate the connection, the more the obsession was.

Such relationships are enriching and helpful, this is positive karma. Go consistently forward, keep your own I and never forget that it is you who are the creator of your reality.

Such an aspect should be in the Great Reformers, it can also be in nuclear physicists. Here I want to share my observations about situations where there is a connection between this coincidence and synastry.

Tense Mars Cosmogram connects the theoretical concept, born of the psychic depths of consciousness, with the enlightened discoveries of the mind.

The conjunction of Chiron with Venus gives specific problems of love and art, a person does not succeed in everything like people, but has great intuitive perception abilities, especially works of art and a loved one.

In Aries, Venus is imprisoned, which does not mean her weakness, women often behave masculinity, in fact, they hunt for their beloved.

Conjunction is the strongest trine-sextile relationship — it’s friendships, and squaring is challenging.

In general, the connection of the North Node with any planet is much more favorable than the connection with the same planet of the South Node.

Unwillingness to accept the point of view of another person, an inveterate arguer, will stand up to its end with foam at the mouth, even if not with the rights of retrograde Mercury – will curse everyone, his motto We do not use foul language – we speak it !.

Venus at the 14th degree of Leo is half-square to the North Node 28 ° Gemini. By 16 o’clock of the current day, it disintegrates due to the divergence of the orb of the displaced moon.

Suppose you met someone born under the sign of Taurus, but his behavior, the impression he made on you, is so strikingly different from everything that you know about Taurus that you are overcome by doubts about whether he really is Taurus?

Frequent bathing, visiting, swimming pool baths are not recommended. It can be an indication of a large family, a special attitude to childbirth, patriotism, and tradition.

Karma is not a system of punishments and rewards handed out by God, it is a kind of law of nature, similar, for example, to the law of conservation of energy, only at the level of information.

Chiron – the South Node of the synastry – you can get the feeling of a long acquaintance.

If the horoscope reflects a high level of elaboration of the planets, this is a good psychotherapist, psychologist, hypnotist, such a person can heal people.

But if an individual begins to get too carried away with his own, adventures can cost him dearly, as he does not know how to stop like this on time, and he will not have time. We take a woman’s card and assume where she can most often be invited on dates and what atmosphere these dates take place.

Chiron card is identical to Tarot XII – the Hanged Man gives an opportunity to look at the problem from a different point of view.

All of the above is doubly important when Chiron is in the sign of Aries, and the Sun sign, in turn, is subject to the element of Fire or the element of Earth.

Chiron Jupiter The tendency to bypass psychologically unpleasant problems often manifests itself in the first half of life. The position of the Black Moon and the North or South Node within the same zodiac sign.

The North Lunar Node will open up complete freedom to a person and literally force him to be active, you will have to do something.

For example, Venus is a man to Venus is a woman? Lunar Nodes in astronomy are abstract concepts, and in astrology they have a specific meaning and interpretation.


The main theme is the conflict between a rational approach to everyday routine and an irrational sense of the futility of efforts in the physical world in the face of Eternity, the connection of Chiron and the north knot between the prose of reality and the poetry of lofty dreams, between the voluntary inclusion of the system of rational labor and the sacrifice of selfless service.