Dream About Beard – Meaning and Symbolism

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The beard is usually associated with manly power, strength both physical and internal; it shows that the man is on the top of his game, so to speak.

The stronger the beard, it seems that the man is more masculine, and therefore potent.

Here, we must add that there is scientific confirmation of it since it is proven that beard growth is directly connected to male hormones and libido.

In a symbolical sense, a beard is a symbol of masculinity, maturation, grown-up of men, and their readiness to rule, to have power, and get married, become parents, the ones that are providing for the family.

The bigger the beard, the more respect for that man.

A beard is at times symbolically connected to the seriousness and maturity in every field of life as a whole; it is the moment in life where a boy becomes a man, or a man becomes the real man.

However, according to a different symbolism, those who have long and strong beards maybe a are the ones who hide secrets (his real face from the world, showing only the necessary, what he wants to show).

Also, the fact that he has a beard may be the cause for others who see him as superficial. Messy and neglected beards are associated with those who are lazy, relaxed, and in their own world, not caring what the will world say of them.

What does it happen when the beard appears as a dream motive? Does it contain a similar meaning, depending on the way it is depicted in a dream? Read here and find out the answer.

Meaning and Symbolism

First of all, before we speak of the dream itself, it is important to find out whether did a woman or a man had this dream; since it changes its meaning.

Some general interpretation of a dream about the beard in the case when it is seen in some general way is that this is the dream associated to the secrets but also strong sexual activity of the person who has a dream, male or female.

So, if in a dream you see yourself with the beard, which in reality you either do not like or do not have, it means that in fact, you are a person who has no self-esteem or self-confidence and that although you want success and power, you are neither persistent nor brave and energetic to take some risks. You just cannot move on and overcome any obstacles or problems you encounter.

This is the aspect of your personality that needs to be altered as soon as possible. Stop hiding, and face your flaws, in a metaphorical way, shave the beard.

A woman with a beard, in reality, is seen as a representative of “circus attraction” or ugliness and horror, something that is weird and the opposite of what a woman should be.

Gross social exclusion or rejection in reality for sure, at least for the majority of us. In a dream seeing a woman with a beard is a bad sign.

In reality, such a dream is the symbol of illness, loss, some great grief that will come to you very soon.

In a worst-case scenario, this dream (for example, if in a dream you are the woman who had a beard in a dream) could predict the coming death of a member of your immediate family.

It is the worst cases scenario; in the alternate version, it could predict the sickness of someone you love.

A dream in which a person you know in reality has a beard symbolizes that you are a person who, in fact, has fears of people that are in your surroundings and that you are prone to distrust of friends.

This, by itself, is not the worst thing in life, but the fact that such doubts upset, anger, or stress you and a feeling of anger and restlessness in reality.

Not having faith in the world that is close to you just show that you do not have any trust in yourself, and the person who you need to address is you, not anyone else.

Also, the same dream can imply that you are a very hasty or naive person who makes decisions of some great importance quite recklessly, having to suffer and deal with the consequences that are catastrophic oftentimes. They are making problems to your life on more than one level, and additionally, such a dream shows that you often make mistakes or various omissions.

In a version of a dream about the beard, where the unknown person has a beard, such a dream is an indication that very soon, you will hear some good and joyful news in reality.

This dream also suggests that you will be surprised in terms of someone’s success, promotion, or maybe even sudden pregnancy, the proposal of marriage, etc.

The fact is that someone else will have all of it, and you will be surprised by it; it could be even news of some wealth and gaining power and reputation.

Try not to be spiteful because someone else is going to experience all of it, try to stay positive, and find an inspiration to do the same.

Decoding the Dream about Beard

Now, one more interesting aspect of this dream is the one in which the beard has a different appearance, regardless of whom is wearing it.

Its length and color are the most prominent traits that change the meaning of a dream a lot.

The most common versions are those where the beard appears pitch black or gray.

For example, in a version of a dream where you see an older man with a gray beard, such a dream in real life means that you will face some significant troubles and obstacles, but which you will be able to overcome if you are completely collected and reasonable, and that your work and effort will pay off.

It is the moment in time where you are mature enough to see that with calmness, peace in your mind, maturity, and experience, you can reach your goal, regardless of any obstacles that are coming your way and that you cannot avoid.

This kind of dream can also imply that you are completely emotionally exhausted and that your marriage or relationship has fallen into a crisis not seen before. It is the first of its kind, and that you need to show compromises, patience, understanding, and faith in your partner.

These are all traits that are building in time. They cannot come overnight, but if you set your mind, give your focus, and do your best, all of this could be achieved in time. If there is love between you and your lover, the agreement will be reached.

A dream in which you see a young man with a gray beard has a negative symbolism in reality, and it means that you will soon be revealed and that all your secrets will come to light, and that a very difficult and bad period awaits you, which will be full of sadness, worry—suffering, anger or distrust of dear friends or close people.

Brace yourself for things that are coming your way, and you need to show a lot of patience and strength and take the lead of your life. It is not going to be an easy task, but it is the test of your character.

When a young man in your dream has a very thick and extremely black, dark beard, such a dream is a clear symbol that you will soon make acquaintances with some people who will delight you at first sight and that their acquaintance will be very pleasant, but also that you will disappoint those same people very quickly.

This disappointment will come right about at the moment when you spend some time with them, and spending time with them will become an effort for you, or that it will cause you a feeling of anxiety and restraint.

The best advice is to avoid such people and not to be so naive when you meet someone.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Sometimes the dream about the beard symbolizes in reality that some unexpected loss will happen to you or that you will become seriously ill or have an accident.

Do not be worried, because this is just one possible version; for example, if you had a dream that you are wearing a beard that does not look nice, you do not feel comfortable with it; and the dream looks more like a nightmare, then anything else.

Sometimes the dream about the beard, especially if it is nice, can come as the symbol of your very strong feeling of deprivation for some kind of reward that follows you, and you feel very angry or sad or even disappointed.

Also, have in mind that this dream does not so rarely does it imply some potential and imminent loss, humiliation, or great poverty.

It is just one of many possibilities when it comes to the dream that has the main motive of a beard.

For example, a negative connotation of this dream that carries a positive symbolism is the one dream where the beard is very, very long, and it is pulling on the floor, dragging along.

In this version of a dream, you should know that it means that you will have the great business success, as well as financial gains in the form of inheritance or gains in games of chance or in some types of “dice” and risky but profitable investments.