Dream About Losing Teeth – Meaning and Symbolism

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Teeth are a fairly common motif in dreams. It is very likely that every person in the world once had a dream about teeth, most probably his or hers own. It is very interesting to note that dreams about teeth are one of those that usually appear very realistic.

Most of people experience such a dream as something physical, material and as if it was actually happening. Dreams in which something bad is happening to a dreamer’s teeth are particularly disturbing.

Why dreams about teeth are so realistic? Dreams about body parts are commonly very lively and it happens that a dreamer can often feel the sensation related to it.

Teeth in dreams reflect many things and we will talk about variations in meanings, depending on particular teeth related dream type. Teeth are a very important feature of our face and also an essential part of our survival equipment kit.

Our teeth have one essential purpose, which is chewing food. Without teeth, one cannot properly chew and eat food. Food is, of course, essential for a healthy organism, nutrition and survival.

Of course, we can eat liquid food or take drinks without teeth, but that is not how it is supposed to be. Our teeth are designed so that we can eat solid food. Teeth are also a tremendously important facial feature; everyone can see your teeth.

Therefore, they play an important aesthetic role. Teeth play an important role in self-representation and facial expressions. It is interesting to notice how teeth appearance is socially constructed. For example, in modern Western world, bright, even, white polished teeth are a must in the world of celebs and famous.

Artificial teeth prosthetics, veneers or simply whitening interventions are what we commonly associate with famous people. Perfect white teeth are a product of Western consumerism realm; they are also something you can buy. It is meant to make you look more perfect. The better looking teeth make one more attractive, or at least, it is supposed to be so.

However, natural teeth are often what we are more pleased to see, if they look healthy and normal in terms of an average human being appearance.

Although we seek perfection, at the end of the day, we are more pleased with natural appearance, even if many would never admit it. In addition, interventions on teeth are commonly closely related to one’s self esteem.

This is where dreams about teeth step in. At the same time, teeth are something others can see and a feature that plays a major role in interpersonal relationships and something deeply intimate.

Teeth are a mirror of one’s genetics, but also of one’s health, self-care and more. They are a social construct, but at the same time, something naturally designed and intimate.

Dreams about teeth

Besides dreams about losing teeth, to which we will pay special attention, there are many others, equally strong teeth related dreams. Understanding these dreams could help us better understand the terrifying dreams about losing teeth.

Teeth are very common in dreams and it often happens that a person dreams negatively about them. There is, perhaps, no better relief than waking up from a rotting teeth nightmare!

These dreams greatly vary, but are commonly awkwardly realistic. A dreamer could only see a tooth or teeth in a dream, dream about his or hers own teeth and rarely about someone else’s teeth (although animal teeth could appear as a meaningful motif), dream about teeth falling out, rotting teeth, toothache and so on and on.

Details are of the essential importance to understanding teeth dreams.

It is interesting that such an important feature has mostly negative symbolism in dreams. Teeth are not something you would wish for to appear in your dreams. Dreams about teeth are commonly associated with negative events and outcomes.

They are often associated with a dreamer’s health or that of someone dear to him or her. It is believed teeth in dreams symbolize illness and loss of any sort; even death.

People who had a dream about a tooth that fell out or something like that could very often connect the unpleasant dream with a negative event that happened some time after the dream occurred.

It does not always have to do with their own life or that of their closest people, but it could be something that does take place in their environment. Teeth in dreams are commonly associated with sadness, pain, loss, grief and misfortune.

On the other hand, there are, of course, dreams in which teeth have positive symbolism. Sometimes, they represent a solution, an ending to a tough phase or a problem and else.

However, it is a rarer version. Very often, dreams about teeth reflect one’s self-image, self-esteem, inner strength, self-confidence and anything that has to do with their self-perception and insight.

The only way properly to analyze your teeth related dream is to try recalling as many details as you are able to. Each detail could represent a clue to the meaning behind the dream. Of course, it is of a major importance to think about what emotions the dream induced.

Did it make you feel anxious and frightened or it brought some kind of relief?

Since there are many variations of teeth related dreams, let us look into some of the most common scenarios. By analyzing these dreams, we will be one step closer to understand the one in question, which is actually a category of dreams related to losing teeth.

Let us see into the most common teeth dreams and possible meanings behind those.

Dreams about healthy teeth

Interestingly, but dreams about healthy teeth are usually not considered a good sign, regardless of if you dream about your own teeth or about someone else’s.

Dreams about having healthy teeth do not mean you will be either healthy or lucky. Such a dream allegedly announces some bed new or an unlucky situation in near future.

If you dream about your own teeth, it means either you will hear bad news or that you are about to experience some health issues. Such a dream could also mean that you are going to go through an unpleasant phase or a situation.

It could make you feel in low mood and be particularly nervous and irritable. You know the expression about showing one’s teeth. It is an expression of frustration, anger and a threat.

If you see your own teeth in a dream, for example, looking at the mirror, it could mean you feel endangered and you want to protect yourself.

If you see someone else’s teeth in a dream, it means all the same, but about another person.

Perhaps he or she will have problems or feels bad. Maybe you are the one to tell that person some bad news, so you dream about this. It is as if your dream tries to prepare you for such an unpleasant situation.

On the other hand, it could mean that another person feels endangered. Maybe he or she feels threatened by you.

Dreaming about someone you know and seeing their teeth, commonly suggests that that person is going to fall ill or have some health issues. Think about that person and any signs that suggest he or she faces any such problems.

Maybe you could help them or even prevent the unfortunate outcome by offering some good advices.

There is, of course, a chance that dreams about healthy teeth are not negative. If you dream about seeing your own reflection and teeth while smiling, does not necessarily have to be a bad dream.

It could be a reflection of your self-confidence. It could also be a dream that suggests you have the strength inside. It could be a dream of confirmation and encouragement.

People tend to hide their teeth if they feel insecure (especially if they are insecure because of the appearance of their teeth).

If you smile widely in your dream, with your healthy teeth visible, regardless of their appearance, it means you are proud of yourself and that you value all of your talents. The dreams also suggest others admire you, as well.

The same applies if you dream another person with visible health teeth. Such a dream, however, could have an additional meaning, depending on how precisely you feel about it.

You may even feel outshined and threatened by someone or jealous because of his or her self-confidence. Think about whether there is an actual reason for that or not at all.

Dreams about unhealthy teeth

Dreams about healthy versus unhealthy teeth are actually not in an opposition. In fact, dreams about unhealthy teeth have similar negative symbolism. These dreams are mostly negative and they suggest troubles, worries and difficulties in nearer future.

Unlike dreams about healthy teeth, though, unhealthy teeth mostly suggest problems of financial and material nature. They also indicate problems in interpersonal relationships and communication.

Unhealthy teeth seen in dreams often indicate bad relationships and problems in making or maintaining a connection with people and troubles in communication.

The exact interpretation varies depending on if you dreamed about having unhealthy teeth yourself or seeing or knowing someone else has bad teeth. If you had unhealthy teeth in your dream, it indicates certain relations will go very badly in the future.

Be careful about whom you talk to and especially whom you trust. Dreams about having unhealthy teeth sometimes mean there are false friends in your closest environment or some people that would like to make use of you and trick you. Be cautious and open your eyes.

Dreams about having unhealthy teeth indicate arguments, conflicts and lose. It is the best advice that you try to avoid any confrontation in near future. The dream could indicate financial loss, due to poor communication and tactics, but also an emotional loss.

If you dream about another person having unhealthy looking teeth, it means that all the potential problems mentioned apply to another person’s life. It is especially important of you dream about a person you know.

If you dream about someone close to you has bad teeth, it means they possibly have problems they do not feel like to open up about.

Maybe you should see if someone of your loved ones seems a bit down lately and perhaps offer to talk with them about it. Maybe they are ashamed or something or just too shy to ask for help.

It could also happen that you dream a stranger has rotten, unhealthy teeth and this is not a good dream. It means you are in danger of people with bad intentions, so you should be careful.

It could also be that you dream about someone you do not like has unhealthy teeth. The interpretation, of course, varies depending on details.

If they seem as if they do not mind having unhealthy teeth, it means they are stronger than you are and that they really frighten you. If they struggle with it, it means you will not let them take control over you.

Dreams about broken teeth

Dreams about broken teeth are one step closer to dreams about losing teeth. Dreams about broken teeth could be extremely unpleasant and scary, especially if you got your teeth broken in a dream.

This is a complex category of dreams, because there are many different scenarios that could lead to broken teeth, so meanings also vary.

Basic interpretation differences relate to whose teeth were broken, yours or of another person.

Broken teeth in dreams are not a good sign. Anything broken is always associated with intense feelings. In dreams, it could be a reflection either of overwhelming emotions or feelings we try to suppress.

Broken teeth are always associated with our own strong feelings, regardless of if teeth were ours or of another person. Broken teeth indicate disappointment, betrayal, broken promises, broken expectations, and broken relationships.

They usually have to do with relations with other people, since they play a role in communication. Broken teeth often represent anger and frustration. If you had broken teeth in a dream, it could mean several different things.

It could reflect your disappointment in another person and yourself being deeply hurt by something someone else has done. Your trust in that person got broken and you feel exposed and hurt.

Broken teeth could symbolize broken self-image, downfall induced by other people. It means you suffer consequences because of someone else. It could also mean that you sacrifice for someone else’s good.

It could as well mean that you deeply regret something you have said or done, but you do not admit it in public. The dream suggests you are aware such actions have consequences, but you are either unready or unwilling to face them.

If you dream about another person had broken teeth in your dream, it could mean that someone will get what he or she deserves for bad actions they have taken against you or someone you care for.

It could also suggest that another person tries to communicate with you, but he or she cannot find words. It especially applies if someone has done injustice to you and cannot force him or herself to say how sorry they are.

Dreams about losing teeth

Dreams about losing teeth are a wide category of dreams. They always have a strong significance and represent one of the most unpleasant and the scariest category of dreams.

In addition, dreams about losing teeth are often dreadfully realistic and find dreamers in cold sweat upon waking up. Losing teeth in dreams is an awkward and terrifying experience. Moreover, it falls under category of fairly common dreams.

This is a particularly ominous category of dreams, because teeth falling out in dreams are associated with the most negative and scary outcome, death.

This is the most drastic interpretation of dreams about losing teeth.

However, such interpretations are usually more specific and they apply to specific teeth falling out.

Death and broken relationships

Single or a couple of teeth falling out are more likely to indicate a dreadful outcome than losing all teeth, although it could be a particularly scary dream experience.

According to some interpreters, the sides of jaw from which teeth are falling out are signs. If a dreamer loses a tooth or teeth from the left side of his or hers jaw, it indicates death of a female person.

If a dreamer loses left jaw side teeth, it indicates death of a male person. If a dreamer loses their front teeth, it could be a particularly vicious sign, because it suggests death of someone very young and especially someone you know very well.

Losing back teeth indicates death of an older and not very close person. None of these dreams has any positive symbolism, seen in this light.

However, such dreams could always be taken allegorically. If it was so, then death is a symbol for an ending. Losing teeth represent death and death represents ending, so losing teeth may represent an ending to a relationship.

Most commonly, the interpretations is related to an ending of an emotional relationship of any sort; a friendship, a romantic relationship, a separation from loved ones etc.

If we interpret dreams about teeth falling out this way, then the side of the jaw from which you lose teeth could tell from whom you are going to break, since it tells about the gender or maybe the age of a person and your closeness to him or her.

This dream could also indicate an argument, a conflict, a fight with someone.

Insecurity and helplessness

Dreams in which your teeth are falling out could represent inner doubts, insecurity and deep feeling of helplessness.

Since dreams about losing teeth often mean it is just happening and you cannot stop it, no matter how much you would like to, they have a lot to do with your self-confidence and the sense of control over your own life.

This dream often provokes feelings of desperation and panic, since it is extremely scary and uncomfortable.

If you had such a dream, think about whether you let others control your life. The right, left, front and back ‘rule’ could be applied here, as well. If you dream about losing all of your teeth, it could mean you lost track in your life, you feel purposeless, incompetent, lost and afraid of the future.

You have lost the bare essential part of your body in a dream, which is only a reflection of losing a part of yourself in waking life.

Losing all of your teeth in a dream suggest you are deeply insecure and that you feel ashamed of who you are, in a way.

You lack self-confidence and you fear others would make a joke out of you. You are probably very afraid of failure, of embarrassment and of loss.

This dream also suggest that you are afraid of ‘showing your teeth’ to someone in reality.

You feel under pressure and manipulated, but you are afraid to stand out and confront someone who presses you and exploits your energy. You lack courage and do not believe in yourself.

Losing all of your teeth in dream could also be one of those reminder type dreams. It occurs to remind you of things you do still have in your life.

Values, losses and beginnings

This is a type of a dream after a dreamer awakens in cold sweat and thankful and relieved that it was only a dream.

The purpose of such an effect is that you value your life more. It should make you realize that there are much worse things in life (e.g. losing all your teeth!), than those you keep stressing about.

Take every moment in your life as something precious and do not waste it away.

This scary dream could indeed suggest things in your life are falling apart, especially if you dream about rooting teeth and losing them due to some nasty infection or else.

The dream reflects your realization that you cannot change things. It means you have surrendered; you have no strength to fight it and you feel as if you have touched the bottom.

Although it is a very negative connotation, do not panic. This type of dream indeed reflects negativities in your life, the worst kind of negativities you yourself could imagine.

However, it also represents an ending.

You know how they say, after you reach the bottom, there is only one way out of it and it is upwards. It makes it a dream of hope, which is difficult to recognize and interpret so.