Dream of Being Naked – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about nakedness or being naked fall under a moderately common and complex category of dreams. Dreams about being naked or seeing naked people could often appear very odd.

Sometimes such dreams make us only feel curious about them, other times they are scary and unpleasant.

There is also a possibility that a dream about nakedness is a pleasant one, depending on circumstances. Details in such a dream define the meaning of the dream.

These are dreams that everyone has. It is not unnatural to dream about being naked or about nakedness, since this is how we are in the first place. We were not born dressed, so dreams about being naked have to do with primordial, with natural, with bare essence of a human being.

However, we have created social constructs out of everything. If we talk in terms of modern western world, nakedness is a taboo on many different levels.

People have various opinions on nakedness as a concept, depending on their local tradition and personal attitude and perception. Nakedness, as a concept often has much to do with one’s own sense of the human body, especially of his or hers own body.

Society plays a big role in defining the nakedness as a concept. Civilization made us cover our bodies, more or less.

Different ways of covering our bodies are a story of its own; there are tons of symbolical meanings in it. Nakedness remains behind it, whatever we do. In the most intimate situations, we are naked.

Therefore, nakedness, as a concept, is incorporated in our perception of the society and of the world as a whole. Dreaming about it is not uncommon.

One of the most logical reasons for the occurrence of dreams about nakedness is probably exactly the fact that nakedness is something that we made private. Being naked in public is considered indecent.

Public nakedness is socially unacceptable. In terms of modern urban world, clothing that reveals ‘too much’ often gets specific connotation.

Dreams about being naked

Dreams about being naked are common. However, the interpretation varies depending on specific circumstances and details in such dreams. The most common scenario is that a dreamer is him or herself naked whilst doing some regular daily business.

Usually, he or she is completely unaware of being naked, until certain moment after which the panic sets in.

Most commonly, people dream being naked in public, at work, at school, in the streets, at the mall or anywhere else where they could actually be seen.

Dreams about being naked in the privacy of your worn home are not as common, because, well, you can walk naked around your home without any unpleasantness, if you are alone or if it is something considered regular.

Dreams about being naked usually relate to being naked in front of others or seeing others naked.

Nakedness in a dream may symbolize various things, depending on a dreamer’s current life situation.

Let try to see into it, from a psychological point of view. AS we have said, dreams about being naked ring an alarm at the moment you actually realize you are being naked somewhere where you definitely should not be naked. You start feeling exposed, stressed, very unpleasant, even panicking.

Psychologists interpret this phenomenon as a state of being vulnerable and sensitive, possibly also very shy. There is another interpretation that is also common; it could happen that you are hiding something and you are afraid that other would find out about it.

Metaphorically, just as physically, clothes are some sort of covering. In a metaphorical sense, clothes hide something more abstract than our bodies. Wearing specific clothes presents us in this or that light.

Clothes are a message to the outer world about what we do, what we, like or do not like and many more. By choosing specific clothes, we either revel something about ourselves or hide. We could also do both at the same time.

Therefore, being naked leaves people without any covering, any shield. Naked, we are exposed. Metaphorically, our soul is exposed, not only our body. Being yourself naked in a dream makes you exposed.

However, seeing other people naked can also have a deep meaning and we will talk about it later on. Let us see into specific categories of nakedness related dreams.

Being naked at work

Dreams about being naked in public are the most common. However, the meaning depends on how you feel about it and where exactly the nakedness takes place. Some of the most common scenarios are usually related to some sort of vulnerability and insecurity.

People usually dream about being naked at work, especially at their new workplace. It is an extremely delicate situation.

The dream possibly suggest that a dreamer feels very insecure in his or hers new environment, in which other people expect something from him or her.

Maybe a person doubts his or hers own qualifications for the job or a particular task.

There is a suppressed fear of failure, disappointment of their employers or such a thing. They same applies when a student dreams about finding themselves naked in the classroom.

Being naked at an event

Dreams in which a person arrives naked to a gathering or a celebration have different meanings, depending on whose celebration it is.

If you dream, for example, being naked at your own birthday party, wedding or so, it means you are really afraid of being embarrassed and of making mistakes that could ruin your image in the eyes of other people.

However, if you dream about coming naked at an event organized by someone else and for someone else’s sake, a celebration you were invited to as a guest, it could mean you secretly do not want those people to be happy, for any reason. In other words, you will not to spoil their happiness, even by embarrassing yourself.

This could mean something entirely different. It could mean that you are finally gathering the courage to talk aloud about your causes and opinions.

You had enough of following others orders and letting everyone else decide your life path. In this case, the strange dream indicates you are courageous and you will dare making a change, even a radical one.

It could also mean that you cannot express your opinion in real life, for any reason, but it has to find a way out, because it burdens you. Dreams are a powerful channel for all sorts of suppressed thoughts and emotions.

Dreams about being naked are often dreams of revelations and relief, if not of fears, insecurity and embarrassment. Every coin has two sides.

Feelings about being naked in a dream

Interpretations greatly vary depending on whether you feel fine with being naked in your dream or you feel ashamed. If you dream about being naked in public and not giving a thing about it, it definitely means you are ready to make some serious decisions in your life.

You are determine to do so, in spite of everyone else. You are no longer following others’ rules, but creating your own.

This dream means you are sending a message to the world, telling that you are here, that you have your cause and that you will not let others spoil your plans. It should be an encouraging and strengthening dream.

However, it is also a warning dream, reminding you mind your attitude and actions and not overdo things and cross limits of morals and decency.

If you feel ashamed about being naked in your dream, in front of other people, it means you doubt some of your decisions and you are very uncertain about the outcome.

You did something, but you question it and, more importantly, you burden yourself with opinions of others. You are afraid of what would others say, because you are insecure.

This dream could mean that you feel very vulnerable and exposed in general, for any reason. You feel naked in the eyes of others, as if everyone could hurt you, metaphorically. You feel too weak to stand for your causes and you cannot protect yourself from harm.

Feeling ashamed about being naked in a dream often means you are either ashamed of your emotions and thoughts or extremely vulnerable.

If feelings are close to neutral, meaning you do not feel particularly daring because of being naked or too ashamed, but just content with it, it is a good dream. It means you are accepting yourself the way you are.

It could also mean you have finally let go off some inhibitions or limitations you put down on yourself.

This is a dream of relief and a new beginning. We are born naked, being naked in a dream also symbolizes rebirth.

Dreams about being naked and no one notices

There is a strange and also a common type of a dream in which you are naked, but no one around ever notices that. You may feel unpleasant, ashamed, in panic and fear, but still people in your dream act as everything is just fine.

For example, you are naked at your working office, but everyone seems to ignore it. You are naked on a bus, in the store, at the restaurant and so on.

This dream indicates that you worry about irrational problems, make a big deal out of minor inconveniences and obsess yourself with irrelevant details.

The dream suggests you are overreacting and that you should calm down.

You are insecure and you think others can see that. This dream reflects anxiety, which is something you should work on.

Being naked with another person

Being naked with someone you like and know means closeness. It does not have to be a romantic intimate dream, but simply a dream in which you find yourself naked with another person from your life.

Although it might appear awkward, such a dream suggests you have a strong connection with that person. You believe that person and he or she trust you. This is a dream of mutual trust and opening up.

It means you are ready completely to open up to someone or to let somebody into your life.

Alternatively, it could represent a romantic desire that is suppressed, of course.

If you long for someone, it might happen you dream about being naked with that person. It could be a lover, a friend, someone you lost even or so.

Seeing your family members naked

Well, this is an odd dream, definitely. This is usually a dream that indicates you feel very sorry about something you have said or done to your parents, but you never admitted how sorry you are.

Them being naked suggest they were exposed and vulnerable and you got an advantage of it. The dream is about your conscience. See what you can do about it.

Seeing your relatives naked indicates misery. This dream is a reminder of values you have in life, because this dream metaphorically represents people who live poorly and who are in your environment.

This dream should make you value your life more and support others. Maybe someone needs your support, so take a better look around.

It could be that someone from your family needs financial support. Just see if you can help them in any way. Maybe you cannot aid them materially, but try to be there for them. It does not have to be about materiality at all.

Maybe someone from your closest environment needs you emotionally. Maybe you neglected other people, due to your occupations or else.

Seeing people, you do not know naked

Dreaming about seeing complete strangers naked actually reflects your own insecurities, especially when it comes to public performance.

Such a dream means you are insecure in front of others and you often keep your opinions to yourself, because you are afraid of judgment. This dream reflects this situation and the purpose is to make you change something.

You believe others will laugh at you and you are reluctant to take any step ahead. The others are naked, because they actually have all the freedom and in their freedom lies their self-confidence and power.

You feel as if you do not have it. You have wrapped yourself up and you are afraid to express your opinions.