Dream About The Past – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sometimes we like to sit and look at old photographs or share the best moments of childhood with our old friends.

That is why it is not strange to dream of memories of the past, a dream that we must take with caution due to the nostalgic load that it entails.

Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about memories of the past.

Dreaming about the past is one of those dreams that can confuse our memories and create new ones.

The interpretation of dreams with memories of the past speaks of nostalgia, a feeling that you must learn to manage if you do not want to be trapped in an unsatisfying and frustrated life.

It is most tempting to look back and remember the moments of childhood where the illusion remained intact and the problems were solved without great difficulties.

The subconscious is not immune to this temptation to hide among memories because the reality of the present seems too harsh. That is why it is a dream that you should be alert to.

That the subconscious brings you memories of the past, especially if it becomes a recurring dream, it is because you are unhappy in your present and you are one of those who thinks that any time in the past was better.

It is not like that, do not fall into melancholy and lock yourself in your past because your present is full of things that are worthwhile. In addition, your future even more.

Even if you think that this dream with memories of the past is a beautiful way to spend the night, be on your guard, because it is a dream that you have when melancholy has settled in your life and you may be on the verge of a depression.

Be happy remembering the past, but do not let those memories occupy your entire present.

Dream about the Past – Meaning

“The good old days” or “Anno dazumal” are expressions that one hears repeatedly in connection with the term “past”. For many people everything was better in the past, life seemed simpler and easier.

However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Usually it is an individual feeling that a lot was easier in the past. Because often events from a greater distance appear less bad than they actually were.

However, why do you dream of the past now? Does what has been in the dream still have to be worked up on something that was long forgotten in the waking life?

Have you seen a clock that suddenly started running backwards, or a hint to a different year?

In addition, what does it mean if you suddenly find yourself in the age of knights or with a T-Rex, as in a journey back in time? Learn more about it in the following article.

In the general interpretation of the dream symbol “past”, a distinction must be made between a dream content from one’s own past and a dream in a past epoch.

If experiences from one’s own life story appear in the dream, such as from childhood or adolescence, this can indicate the desire for a way out of the stressful everyday life.

The dreaming feels shortly in the hectic waking world as trapped and sometimes overwhelmed by his tasks and responsibilities. He would like to escape these and take a break for himself.

Therefore, in his dream, he goes back to his carefree childhood.

The dream symbol “past” can also be accompanied by a warning not to forget your own basic needs.

Because if you see yourself as a child earlier, you should realize that as an adult, you still have the need for love and security.

Anyone who experiences a kind of “déjà-vu” in the dream world, in which one has the feeling of having already experienced a situation in the past, is subconsciously concerned with an action or decision from earlier times. The person concerned now doubts whether he did everything right back then.

However, if the dream has nothing to do with one’s own past and one sees oneself in long ago epochs, this can symbolize the dreaming’s wish for the values ​​of that time.

For example, a medieval dream can indicate the longing for more chivalry, which is why such a dream content often appears in women’s dreams.

Traveling into the past often entails other dream symbols that should also be interpreted. Particularly important are people from the past who appear in the dream.

In order to interpret such further dream images, simply type a desired symbol into our search on this page. You can find the search bar at the top right.

According to the psychological dream interpretation, the worry of the dreaming about aging can show in the dream symbol “past”, especially when he “dreams back” into his own past. He would like to do some things differently in life.

In addition, such a dream can contain a message of the unconscious, which would like to point out something important to the dreaming.

The dreaming can consciously no longer remember it, but in his dream, his subconscious leads him back to the appropriate place in order to remember it again.

If you relive unpleasant stories from earlier in the dream, it is shown to you that you have not yet processed these events. These have been repressed and should now be worked through in the awake life.

Dreams, which play in days long past, want to illustrate to the dreaming how he would like to be perceived by others in the waking world.

In such a past dream, the dreaming can recognize sides of his personality which he was not yet aware of or which he would like to have in his life. He should therefore very carefully analyze his appearance and behavior during the dream.

According to the spiritual conception, the ideal ideas of the dreaming about past events show up in a dream with the symbol “past”.

Dream about the Past – Symbolism

Each of the dreams that we can have has a hidden message, some of them can be very good, but others not so much, so dreaming about the past can be difficult, nostalgic or traumatic, as a dream with the Past can mean that you want to relive some past event in your life because it was good and you felt happy with it.

like your childhood for example, but it can also be because you did not want to do it, because it was a trauma, an accident or some problem which It still remains in your mind but what you wish had not happened.

In this way, there can be many meanings of dreams with the past, depending on the context of each of them, where many dream interpreters assure that when dreaming of the past are events of our life roasted that remain in our mind and that is why this that our mind shows them in a dream.

Dreaming about the past can be a good dream or a very bad one; everything will depend on the details of it, and what happens in each dream, because the details allow us to understand the true message of each of them, knowing if they are only memories of childhood that we would like to relive.

Because it was a calm, happy and joyful time, or to know if they were traumas from the past which we still cannot overcome in the best possible way.

That is why having a dream about the past can be positive or negative; it can even become a nightmare, so it is best to pay attention to the details of each of these dreams, and to the general context of them, managing to understand the true meaning of the dream, and the hidden message behind each of them.

As we have already explained, dreams with barbecue can become a good memory, or an experience that makes us happy, and you will continue to sleep very peacefully, because it is something beautiful that you remember.

However, it can also be a problem that you have not been able to solve. In the best possible way, and it still haunts you because you worry about not solving it, and your mind just tries to remind you, where this type of dream usually turns into a horrible nightmare eventually.

While on the other hand, you can desert nostalgic, and even crying, because it depends on each dream, the details and the context you can wake up in many ways and feel in different ways, that is why we have for you a wide list of dreams with the past, which we will explain in detail each of them.

Dreaming of childhood or past friends are symbolic of melancholy for good times lived and bring with it very good memories, but this type of dream is usually one of the most recurrent in people who feel overwhelmed, full of stress, of worries.

Therefore, the best thing would be to take a rest, a day off, or a vacation to recharge your batteries and be able to solve everything that worries you in your life in the best possible way.

When dreaming about the past and the golden years of childhood or youth, they can indicate two things, one of them that it was a good time and that you remember that time with affection and nostalgia, so you would like to relive some events, although already not possible, and that is why only the memory remains in your mind.

While it can also mean immaturity, because you act like a child, despite the time that has already passed in your life, which is not favorable for your present, because you do not act with determination or responsibility and this is usually very negative for you.

When you have a dream about a moment in the past, it is because you long for this event, and you would love to live it again, it can be a good memory, a good experience and it is only the desire to relive it, to feel the same happiness that a couple of years ago.

years in that memory, it is not a bad dream, it is good to remember the good times in the past, but it is not good to live in the barbecue and wish to be in it, because this can become very complicated for you, because wanting to be in your past will not allow you to live your present in the best possible way.

Finally, we want to tell you that they are not all dreams, and that there is always a new one, but those described below are some of the least common, or less frequent in human beings, however they are important to know and understand.

That is why we also explain them in detail, so continue to know more than what s dreams about the past and its true dream interpretation.

If you dream of returning to the past, it means that you want to change some aspects of your past life, so that they are better in the present, but this cannot be done because if you are still in time to remedy the damage, you can do it, start acting in a different way in your life.

Look for happiness in yourself and you will see how little by little everything bad from the past will be left behind, because it is time to change from the inside and do things differently, to be a better person, and avoid mistakes or problems with important people in your life.

If you are in a relationship and dream of a love from the past, it means that your current partner reminds you of some aspects or qualities of your former partner, so it is difficult not to feel the similarity between the two, and your subconscious shows you in a dream.

However, it can also mean that there is something to heal and change in your love life, and that you should not live like the past, you should try to improve some details so that future relationships are fruitful and thus achieve success in love, because the true Interpretation of that dream is in your hands and in the way you live your present.

When you dream that you go back to the past, it is because you want to change situations or actions that you performed in the past, which were not the correct ones and caused damage in your present, but unfortunately, time cannot go back.

Therefore, it is best that you dedicate yourself now to change, to do different things, which do not damage your present and you can little by little be a better person and make better decisions in your present.


In the general interpretation of the dream symbol “past”, a distinction must be made between a dream content from one’s own past and a dream in a past epoch.

Mysterious messages received in the dark of the night – the dream interpretation is probably as old as the human dreams themselves.

In addition, almost everyone has woken up at some point and wondered: Was that a strange dream last night! What does it mean?

Dreams cannot be prevented and can only be controlled willingly to a limited extent.

Every night there are pictorial adventures in our world of thought, which can vary from expressionless courses of action to intense and tense imagery.

While science is still intensively researching what exactly triggers and controls the nocturnal fantasies, we asleep are allowed to view the daydreams as an interesting variety of our brain.

Dream interpretation comes into play, especially when you remember significant incidents after waking up or when recurring episodes determine nightly dreams.

Sometimes more, sometimes less scientifically, it has been practiced since antiquity and is intended to be a guide through the nocturnal world of thought.