Dream of Seeing Someone Beaten Up – Meaning and Symbolism

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Asleep in our own bed, we want to feel safe and secure – even worse, when we suddenly start out from a dream in which someone wanted to hit us or even hit us.

People who hit other people lead to conflicts with physical violence.

The cause is often a dispute about values, beliefs, money, power or jealousy: If none of the opponents gives in, many a dispute culminates in a tangible brawl.

Dream of Seeing Someone Beaten Up – Meaning

The fact that, conversely, women also beat their partners has only recently been discussed. The shame of the victims suggests a high number of unreported cases.

Have you been hit in a dream or did you hit yourself? Both of these are likely to have an unfamiliar and unsettling effect on you – not least, because you secretly know about the aggression that everyone naturally carries within himself or herself.

For the dream interpretation, it is of great importance whether someone wants to hit you in the dream or has hit you, or whether the hitting came from you.

In the context of traditional dream interpretation, hitting is primarily the dream symbol for an injury in your waking life.

If you dream that people you know or stranger are beating you, it is usually not about a real physical attack, but about a mental injury that you have suffered.

The popular dream interpretation sees in the blows received in the dream but also a possible sign that you are being promoted in the waking world by an influential patron.

In your dream, do you want to hit someone or have you slapped someone? If you see yourself in the role of the hitter, this dream image wants to show you your tendency to influence your environment with aggressive actions and violence. We all have a tendency to aggression – but you may find it particularly difficult to get a grip on it right now.

You lose the fight: a serious disappointment threatens; maybe you feel like an “eternal loser” who does not want to succeed. Hitting a child: In the awake life, you run the risk of taking advantage of a defenseless or weak person

In the dream you are hit randomly: You feel the need to take revenge on people who have insulted, insulted or degraded you – do not swallow everything without complaint, but seek the conversation and verbally confront your adversaries

From the point of view of the psychological dream interpretation, a distinction is made with the dream symbol “hit” according to whom the hits come from.

Psychoanalysts interpret the dreamed hitting as an expression of your strong willpower and assertiveness – this is especially true if you emerge in a dream as a winner from a physical confrontation.

If you tend to play the role of the tolerant “whipping boy” in your dreams, this is a sign that you are subordinate to a stronger person or institution in the awake life, but you do not get along well with it.

Perhaps you feel disregarded and inferior because superiors, work colleagues, false friends or your own life partner are subjugating you. Your repressed frustrations only come to the surface of your dream consciousness in the protective atmosphere of sleep.

In your dream, do you see how other people hit each other? If you stay in the role of the uninvolved observer of a brawl, this dream scene refers to conflicts in your social environment that do not affect you directly, but keep you thinking.

In general: If the dream symbol “hit” occurs more often in your dreams, it can also be a warning of your subconscious to adhere to social rules and norms.

Perhaps in some situations you find it difficult to curb your aggression.

According to the spiritual dream interpretation, dreams about hitting symbolize impending challenges in the waking world associated with agony, suffering and pain. You may need to study an important topic, which in turn could be linked to emotional pain. Suffering experiences are also an inseparable part of spiritual development.

Dream of Seeing Someone Beaten Up – Symbolism

A brawl is an often-bloody conflict that involves physical violence. Most of the time, it is preceded by an argument or riot in which two people get so furious that they eventually use their fists.

The reasons can be arguments about money, convictions or a certain behavior. Often times, jealousy is a trigger for aggression.

However, sometimes it is just blind anger. A brawl or brawl between two groups of people can escalate dramatically.

In a mass brawl, practically everyone beats everyone up. The cause of the mob is often no longer comprehensible. The consequences are often serious injuries, for example to the genitals, or tooth loss.

If someone dreams of a fight, it will probably be very upset. The brutality of the hits is frightening, but on the other hand, everyone knows their own aggressions.

It is also significant for the interpretation of dreams whether one is beaten up in the dream or whether one hits someone yourself.

Anyone who dreams of an argument and a subsequent brawl should also be prepared for arguments and problems in the awake life.

However, the dream also shows that the sleeper does not behave prudently enough in difficult situations. He really wants to assert himself. He lacks inner maturity. The brawl is therefore a direct invitation to grow up.

Dreams in which you can win a brawl are traditionally considered promising.

Although a tangible argument or knocking out indicates a lack of maturity, the winning role in the dream situation also heralds future successes. The sleeper can easily overcome problems and achieve his personal goals.

Watching a fight, watching how it goes and who is superior in the scuffle – such a dream of violence is rarely really relaxing. He symbolically refers to conflicts in the direct social environment of the person concerned. There is very likely a bad mood among friends or family now.

Even if the sleeper may not be involved in the quarrels himself, he can still be negatively influenced by this.

If in a dream the own friend is involved in a brawl, this certainly triggers worry: first, one hopes that he will not be hurt.

However, the idea that he could be taken away by the police for dangerous bodily harm and sentenced to imprisonment is anything but nice.

In the context of traditional dream interpretation, hitting is primarily the dream symbol for an injury in your waking life.

If you dream that people you know or stranger are beating you, it is usually not about a real physical attack, but about a mental injury that you have suffered.

Such a dream symbolically shows that something is wrong in the partnership. You have already perceived the problem subconsciously.

The exact circumstances in the dream can provide information about what it is specifically.

If the brother takes part in a dreamed fight, the symbol warns of unfavorable developments in one’s own life. In men’s dreams, in particular, it heralds a quarrel.

Occasionally the dream situation can also indicate that the sleeper rejects certain male parts of himself.

These include, for example, a tendency to aggression, violence and intransigence.

Dreams in which you have a fight with your friend traditionally have a warning function. They often draw attention to negative experiences, disappointment and dissatisfaction.

The circumstances under which the fight occurs in the dream can provide information about where the problem lies specifically. Why did you beat yourself? Who was superior? Could alcohol be involved?

Alternatively, has the partner or perhaps you cheated on yourself?

In general, the dream symbol “brawl” stands in the dream interpretation for the need to assert oneself with all might and his n to exert influence. The unrestrained use of brute force is like the uncontrolled outburst of anger of a child who desperately wants to get his way.

If it is the dreaming, from whom the violence emanates in a fight or when fighting in the dream, the dream symbol is an invitation to him to examine himself. To what extent has part of his personality not yet grown up?

On the other hand, a fight from which the dreaming emerges as the winner can also symbolize in the dream interpretation that one will overcome difficulties that one has at the time in real life.

Anyone who loses out in a brawl in a dream, maybe hangs in a headlock, is likely to be struggling with mishaps or disappointments in reality now.

The experience of dreamed violence and brutality can sometimes also point in the dream interpretation to a mental emergency of the dreaming. You have the feeling that you have to plug it in all the time and you cannot defend yourself.

The dream symbol “brawl” then expresses the desire to counteract the aggression, which can also be verbal or psychological.

If you are injured in a fight with a pimp, you should check your behavior in the awake life. Because one seems to behave quite inconsiderately here in order to gain advantages. A brawl with a drunkard can be a dream warning of bad company.

In psychological terms, a dream of a fight in the dream interpretation is an expression of the strong will and the assertiveness of the dreaming, especially if he keeps the upper hand.

At the same time, the dream symbol is also a warning of the subconscious to discipline itself and to observe social rules.

The dreaming should consciously question whether he tends to aggressive behavior in real life, if he cannot verbally enforce his interests.

The dream symbol “brawl” can stand in the dream interpretation for the feeling of the dreaming, not to be worth enough, if he is beaten thereby and does not make any resistance in the dream. He submits to violence, which in real life can be a boss, a colleague or sometimes a partner.

The dreamed blows make the dreaming aware that he suffers from the mental brutality, but has apparently repressed it.

If one is in the dream an uninvolved observer in a brawl or fight, this indicates conflicts in the living environment of the dreaming, which affect him only indirectly.

The dream symbol of hitting symbolizes humility, agony and pain on the spiritual level in the dream interpretation.

Possibly the dreaming has made experiences in his spiritual development, which unsettle him.


Beating a person is a form of violence against other people that can rightly be fearful. Domestic violence is a very serious problem and street violence is often characterized by being hit or kicked.

The times when it was considered perfectly normal to beat up one’s own children for educational purposes are over in many families – and yet many children still have the regular experience “My father beats me!” Or “My mother hurts me! “. The cane is banned as a punishment in schools these days.

Sometimes children or adolescents beat each other up to assert themselves; adults hit each other in a brawl in a pub. In the most harmless case, someone will only lose a tooth, in the worst case even his life.

Today, beating is no longer considered a means of resolving a conflict.

Boxing as a sport is a socially accepted way of giving someone a rub. In addition, in our fantasy we sometimes imagine that we are beating someone up in the ring as a boxer in order to process our anger or frustration.