Dream of Being Arrested, In Prison – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams in which freedom of movement is restricted need not be a direct analogy to being physically trapped in reality.

On the contrary, those who are locked up dream of freedom, even if the circumstances can lead to nightmares.

Dreams about prison can mean psychological confinement. One can feel ‘tied up’ / ‘locked in’ in a personal relationship, or in a responsibility that weighs heavily on one. The details of the prison stay should be examined carefully, especially whether there was any relief – the view from the window to the outside, a friendly guard (and who in the awake does this personify?).

Dream of Being Arrested, In Prison – Meaning

The dream interpretation prison associates dream symbols with all topics that restrict the dreaming in the real world. Imprisonment in a dream, being arrested or a prison cell in a dream – all details are relevant.

Anyone who is sentenced to imprisonment in a dream experiences imprisonment as a terrifying scenario.

Also in the waking life the dreaming feels psychologically cramped when this dream symbol appears.

The association’s imprisonment, distrust and punishment raise questions in the dream interpretation prison. For example: where and how did I make a mistake? Every detail matters in dream work.

In the dream interpretation prison it can be about restrictive relationships, restricted freedom of choice, burdensome responsibility or wrong ideas about the reality of life. The dream symbol prompts us to think realistically.

The reasons for captivity in a dream or the details in a prison cell are decisive factors in the dream interpretation prison. Arrest and imprisonment also warn of self-inflicted stumbling blocks that make life difficult.

If you manage to escape from prison in a dream, you have the strength to free yourself from stressful situations and worries.

When you are released from prison, a new chapter in life begins. In the general dream interpretation escape, the dream sign is an expression of the desire to evade responsibility. But it also means that the dreaming recognizes dangers early.

These dangers can represent repressed experiences which the dreaming does not want to face in the waking world.

Opting for a professional dream interpretation of prison, imprisonment and escape can be of great help to you in dealing with negative events. Experienced advisors recognize the meaning of the dream symbols and bring them into harmony with your life situation.

If your own father is suddenly a prisoner, the guilty conscience sloshes to the surface of consciousness – your own!

Often, however, the negative remorse has to do with the father. If you find a connection here, you should discuss the matter with each other. If the relationship to the father is unencumbered, the jail brother symbolizes with the fatherly appearance in the dream another close male person.

Basically, the mother embodies everything feminine, the caring, protection and the deep emotional world in the dream interpretation. If the mother is now in prison, this dream situation points to the narrowing of one’s own feminine character traits.

Sensitivity and compassion, which are found in women and men alike, are actively suppressed. A possible interpretation is also that a certain person almost overwhelms the dreamer with their maternal concern. Anyone who feels this way should ensure clear words.

When the husband of all people is behind bars in a dream event, the astonishment is certainly great. The imprisoned partner only represents a feeling of emotional constriction.

The dreaming person would like to give himself as he really is, but has to bow to social constraints. There is also a possible trap in reality that the sleeper threatens to fall into if he is not careful. The consequence would be a negative impact on the real marriage.

Similar to the husband in prison, the imprisoned friend is also to be interpreted in the sense of the partner.

However, if the friend is not the companion in life, but a friendly relationship with a boy or man, it is difficult for the dreamer to forgive in reality.

At the same time, the real friendship with a person can be called unhealthy, because the sleeper clings too much to this person and becomes dependent.

This dream image is one of those dreams that have restricted freedom of movement as a topic. The dreaming then usually experiences a psychological constriction in the waking world, which is expressed in this symbol during sleep.

It can be about a constricting relationship or an overwhelming responsibility which the dreaming has to carry in the waking life.

For a comprehensive dream interpretation, the exact circumstances of the stay in prison should be taken into account.

Important details can be the window and the view from there, or the contact with the guard or other prisoners.

Forced labor is an important aspect. You may also see barbed wire on the prison wall or come in painful contact with it.

The reason for the imprisonment and the person who sent the dreaming to the prison are also decisive for the dream interpretation.

These important details should then be interpreted separately according to dream research and brought into the overall context.

The prison in the dream world often interprets the dream interpretation as a warning of traps, which the dreaming sets for himself and thereby makes his life difficult. In addition, this dream image can warn against not listening to bad advice.

If there is a brawl in the dreamed-of jail, in reality he wants to free himself from his constriction with all his might and force.

At the same time, the person wants to get his way at all costs. It is questionable whether inconsiderate methods are suitable for this.

If the dreaming sits innocently in the “hole”, the prison, then this indicates coming mistrust towards him.

If the dreaming visits a person in prison, then a guilty conscience plagues him or he shows remorse for something; if one is a prison inmate and receives a visitor in prison, someone in the guard world is keeping the truth from him.

The escape from a prison shows that the dreaming can solve many of his worries. Breaking out of jail goes hand in hand with a new feeling of freedom.

If you are freed from prison by a crowd with the intention of lynching in your sleep, you will have to deal with the unpleasant consequences of your own actions in the awake life.

Anyone who is sentenced to imprisonment in a dream experiences imprisonment as a terrifying scenario.

Also in the waking life the dreaming feels psychologically cramped when this dream symbol appears. The association’s imprisonment, distrust and punishment raise questions in the dream interpretation prison. For example: where and how did I make a mistake? Every detail matters in dream work.

If he is released from prison in a dream, then a new phase of life begins for him in the waking world. If he sees other people who are released from prison, then he will survive his personal misfortune.

The prison or prison is interpreted in the psychological dream interpretation as a symbol for the feelings of the dreaming in the waking world.

Sitting in jail shows in the dream that the person concerned feels trapped and restricted in his life. The subconscious sends a warning via the prison in the dream world to think and act more realistically again.

Often also feelings of duty or guilt are the reason that the dreaming feels like in a prison.

If the prison appears in the dream world, then this is interpreted in the spiritual dream interpretation as refusal of the dreaming to take on responsibility.

Dream of Being Arrested, In Prison – Symbolism

People who have committed a crime and have been sentenced to imprisonment are arrested or arrested.

The convicted person is placed in a prison, often handcuffed, and also known colloquially as jail or kitchen.

The judge of the trial determines the duration of the detention. If the person is too dangerous for his fellow men and there is no improvement in sight, then he will have to stay in prison for life.

In the past, prisoners came to the “penitentiary”, this is the title of an institution in which prisoners served their time with a heavy prison sentence.

An important part of a prison sentence was the compulsion to hard physical work, not infrequently to the point of complete exhaustion. This work often took place in quarries or while cutting peat.

The fear of prison is in many people, after all, one is deprived of one’s freedom and isolated from society.

Anyone who goes to jail innocently and has to endure imprisonment for years becomes desperate and may even dream of breaking out of jail.

Such an escape from the correctional facility (abbreviated: JVA) can be spectacular, and perhaps exciting scenes from a Hollywood film that you have seen mix in the dream experience.

Alcatraz Island, which is located in the USA in the Bay of San Francisco and which was converted into a federal prison in 1934, as an escape seemed impossible due to the location, is certainly a well-known, famous and at the same time very real high-security prison.

Some of America’s most famous criminals have been imprisoned here. In 1963 the prison was closed because of excessive costs, but can still be visited by tourists as a museum. If the dreaming is imprisoned in the dream world, then it is usually a frightening experience for him – with or without forced labor.

Different people can appear in a prison dream, for example the prison guard, a child, your own son, the husband or the father.

Such a dream situation does not always make sense at first glance – but at second glance you can see what the dream symbols mean and how our subconscious tries to convey messages to the conscious mind.

Let us first take a look at the above-average number of prison dreams before we turn to the general, popular dream interpretation further down in the article: If you are arrested in your dream, convicted and sent to prison, you should be prepared for difficulties even while awake.

Going to prison as a dream signals a problem that the dreamer has to face, but the person concerned – the symbolic convict – will not allow himself to be thrown back by it.

On the contrary, he will be able to free himself from all sorrow if he regularly sees himself locked up in his sleep. Handcuffs are symbolic of the restrictions that one experiences through one’s living conditions.

To come innocent in jail refers to suspicious fellow human beings who can be found in the environment of the dreaming.

Those who dream of prison often experience a prison break too. The escape from prison symbolizes in general that the dreaming can finally free himself from long made worries. Breaking out of prison goes hand in hand with a feeling of freedom in reality.

If the prison breakout goes smoothly in your sleep, the grief will also be gone faster than you might think.

However, if something goes wrong on the dreamed escape, a new problem will arise for the person concerned.

The dream experience of a visit to the prison is interpreted differently, depending on whether the sleeper himself is the visitor or, conversely, the prisoner who receives visitors.

If the dreaming visits a prison inmate, he still has anger in the stomach at a real person who has made a big mistake in the past.

Although the dreaming person is meanwhile ready to forgive, but he expects a reparation from the “perpetrator”.


Because one is always ‘sent’ to prison, someone must be responsible for the impairment of freedom of movement in reality.

The prison itself thus stands in the dream for the traps that the dreaming sets for himself. It is not external circumstances that make life difficult for him on the emotional, material or spiritual level, but he himself.

Prison has a meaning similar to imprisonment. In individual cases, there can also be concrete fear of punishment if you have behaved incorrectly. Old dream books also interpret the symbol as an invitation not to listen to the bad advice of others.