Dreaming of Natural Disasters – Meaning and Symbolism

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One of the most exciting functions of dreams, which, as a rule, attracts the greatest attention of people, is the possibility to predict an event, both pleasant and unpleasant.

This is possible if your dream is analyzed in the right way, of course.

When most people think and speak and try to recall all the details of their dreams, the majority of us assume that their content has the same meaning as any kind of divination.

Therefore, they believe that dream analysis will lead to some sort of prophecy and that we likely understand the dream we had, then we will know what waits for us in the future, and that we will know for sure what will occur in the upcoming time.

Unfortunately, we will tell you that this is not as simple as you think and that if you had a dream that you are dying, it does not mean that you will die in real life.

But, in a symbolical sense, such a dream may be connected to the idea of ending something meaningful in your life, which is plausible.

Now, when we are speaking of dreams, and the possibility of becoming a reality, dreaming of natural disasters is what leaves an instant fear and the feeling of dread that such an event can become a reality.

Of course, this is not the case, but significant changes are plausible, depending on how you dreamed of natural disaster and many other elements of a dream.

We also must add that dreams that have a central motive for a natural disaster are not as common, but they are essential and need to be taken seriously.

Have you ever had dreams about natural disasters? What does it mean to dream of escaping a terrifying earthquake that never seems to stop?

What are the interpretations and meanings of such dreams? Are they connected to reality? Fear of the experienced?

Read here, and find your answer.

Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a natural disaster can have different interpretations depending on how you dreamed it, what type of a disaster was in question, etc. Did you died, or you managed to escape – all of this changes the way such a dream is interpreted.

If you dreamed of a flood and if your vision was cloudy and full of mud, it could mean that you are about to have a period in which your health will be impaired and the health of your family. You may get a virus that you will transmit to your family, and that you will be bedridden.

Equip yourself in time with soups from the bag and other groceries because none of you will have the strength to leave home.

But, this dream may come with a twist – if you had a dream that the flood would take you far because you failed to resist it, it means that you will be the only one in the home who has contracted the virus and try to stay that way.

If you dreamed of a flood with very clear eyesight, it might mean that you are trying to atone for some of your sins.

In the past, you did something you are still ashamed of and tried to correct it somehow. If you have done something wrong to someone by any chance, that person will forgive you if you sincerely ask them to do so.

Another equally interesting version of a dream is the one in which you have a dream of a volcano. Suppose you dreamed of a large volcanic eruption whose eruption devastated all the surrounding settlements.

In that case, it might mean that some people in your area will lose patience because of your behavior. It is possible to have a trait that irritates other people, and whatever it is, try to eradicate it in yourself.

If you dreamed that lava was coming towards you from that eruption from the volcano and that you climbed some big rock to avoid it and now you are trapped there because of the hot lava around you, it might mean that your friends and colleagues will leave you.

Strain at the moment when you need them the most are most needed. Learn from this and try not to depend on other people whenever possible, and this bad experience will show you who is your true friend and who just introduced himself as one.

We must add one more dream about a natural disaster that has a central theme, an earthquake.

So, if you are dreaming of a big earthquake that has destroyed your house, it might mean that you have most likely mortgaged your home for some reason and that you will not have the opportunity to settle your obligations for some reason any time soon.

This will lead to the fact that your family’s existence will be jeopardized, and you will do everything in your power to prevent it as your know-how. You are the one who took that wrong step and thought carefully about your actions in the coming period.

If you have dreamed that a big earthquake is causing almost the end of the world, it may mean that the company you have been working for many years will probably have to close its business due to the debts it has fallen into.

The owner of the company probably borrowed more so that he could cover all the costs, and now that it has been collected, there is no money, and the company will have to be sold in order to repay the debts.

Also, as an alternate meaning of this dream comes the one of the deterioration of your family, where a terrible conflict that was neglected and pushed under the carpet for a long time has come to the surface and ruined everything along the way.

It is truly important to stay calm in these moments and be as honest as you can toward members of your family.

Decoding the Dream about Natural Disasters

Another common version of this dream involves the element of a big fire, like a natural disaster.

Right away, we will tell you that the fire, in some cases, has a meaning of purification and that it does not carry a negative symbolical value (of course, depending on a dream itself).

To dream that a great fire is burning everything in front of you can mean that you should calm your passions and stop getting upset about everything and everything. You have become a person who is very easy to get annoyed, and it is something that can adversely affect your health in the future.

Try to remember what kind of person you used to be and what you have become now and try to find the cause. You have to understand that your nerves are not eternal and that when their connections are broken due to nerves and worries, they can never be renewed, and then comes a period of drug therapy that will dull your whole being. Don’t let this happen, but find a way.

Do sports, meditate, go for long walks and avoid people who deliberately provoke you to see your reaction. This is what we mean – you need to purify your mind so that you do not break down and burn down completely. This is the meaning of a fire in this concrete dream.

If you dreamed that you were killed in that great fire, it might mean that you will surely succeed in finding a way to regain your peace of mind. In time, you will understand in which direction your current mental state is leading you, and you will be able to cope.

Another natural disaster that could find its place in a dream as a motive is a dream about the tornado. We must add that this is the dream that even people who have seen a tornado just in the movie can dream of.

If you dreamed of seeing a big tornado destroying everything in front of you, it could mean that you will witness some big quarrel that can escalate into something much more serious.

It is possible that you will attend a large school of people like a wedding or baptism and that people will quarrel for some reason.

Don’t be collateral damage and choose your words carefully because people who are seriously affected by alcohol will take part in the quarrel.

Sometimes it is best to keep it aside when it comes to situations like this, and even to stay away from the celebration so as not to get the better of you.

If you dreamed that this tornado lifted you high in the air, you would be in such a situation that you will not be able to avoid this quarrel because someone will drag you into it.

Be careful not to get too upset because there are people who have known each other for many years, and we don’t need to guess which side they will be on if things get out of hand and fists to start to shine.

Following this lead, another version of such a dream is plausible, but now the tsunami is in a lead role, like a natural disaster.

So, in a version of a dream where you are witnessing a huge tsunami wave coming towards you while sunbathing on the beach, it could mean that something in your life will suddenly happen, which will change it forever.

This aspect could be understood in both good and bad ways – but nothing in life is black or white, something good from your life may be gone, and it will have its dark side. It is life.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

What should always be seen as a probable indicator of dreams about natural disasters is the possibility that one and the same dream is repeated, carries a warning message, and should be understood as such, of course.

With care and deep understanding, in most cases, there are strong emotions and fear that both carry a major change.

You need to understand, if you had dreams with the central motive “natural disaster,” that it is the dream that is present to tell you that to successfully face problems, you need to face the major change, and you going to have to accept the good and the bad, equally.

For example, if you dream that you are in the company of your partner during an earthquake, then the affective and sentimental parts of your life have become a little too stressful, and you want to change or break the connection that connects you to the other person in your dream.

In these cases, escaping the earthquake means not being able to find a solution to the problem that is present in the couple’s life.

Certainly, the problem exists and must be solved, but not run away from it. You need to take your own responsibility, face the discussion, talk, and find a solution to a problem that could be the end of dreams like this.

Following the same analogy, dreaming about any other natural disaster requires a mature conversation with your own soul and face with fears.

Only then can you move on. What are you afraid of in your life, what are you trying to escape from, or what are you trying to avoid?

Maybe some great responsibility you have accepted is too great for you. Deal with it.