Dream of Being Rich – Meaning and Symbolism

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Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to be a millionaire? Not having to worry about your own finances and expenses, being able to buy whatever you want?

In your mind you may live in a huge, beautiful castle, drive an expensive car, and wear the finest jewelry…

For most of them, this remains wishful thinking, reality looks different. The symbol of the millionaire can still find its way not only into our conscious world of thoughts, but also into our dreams. It might even feel real here to be a millionaire.

Dream of Being Rich – Meaning

Sometimes you need a few seconds after waking up until you realize that it was really just a dream, that you are now a “normal person” with “normal money worries” again.

But what can such a dream of the symbol “millionaire” mean? Is he perhaps predicting the imminent windfall?

A dream in which the person concerned is suddenly a millionaire or has a lot of money in his savings account is almost never a vision of the future, that is, the dreaming will not really get rich soon.

Rather, the symbol “millionaire” can show that the person concerned is in a difficult financial situation in reality, financial worries dominate his current thoughts.

This may go so far that he can no longer concentrate on the essential things, but rather the inner fears can even find their way into dreams, he cannot even tear himself away in his sleep.

According to general opinion, it is advisable to pay attention to your own expenses in the near future, to try to save.

If the dreaming does not acquire unnecessary things, he will be able to overcome the financial low and be able to indulge in more pleasant thoughts again in the waking life.

If the person concerned in the dream is not a millionaire himself, but sees another person who is rich, the symbol relates less to their own finances.

In this case, according to general interpretation, the dream heralds disappointments in interpersonal relationships. A friend threatens to deceive the dreaming, to lie and deceive him.

The person affected should think carefully about whom they can really trust and, if in doubt, try to satisfy themselves and learn to cope with everyday life on their own.

According to a psychological view, the dream symbol “millionaire” allows statements to be made about the self-worth of the person concerned. This also applies in sexual terms.

If it felt good and right in the dream to be a millionaire, the person concerned drew from the full, this represents a healthy, high self-confidence.

The dreaming knows what he wants in life, what desires and needs he has, and how he does this can meet.

Psychoanalysts see the opposite when the dreamed life as a millionaire was perceived as wrong and strange. In this case, the person concerned may feel inferior and do not dare to assert their interests in everyday life. Sexually, too, he threatens to remain unsatisfied.

In a spiritual dream the symbol “millionaire” stands for one’s own spiritual wealth. If the person concerned dreams of being a millionaire, they have special knowledge and wisdom.

This is one of the dreams that authors often have discrepancies to give an exact interpretation when dreaming of being rich or millionaire. What there is a common premise for dreams of being millionaires: They originate more in adults and in the male gender.

Another common characteristic is that many people fantasize about what they would do if they were millionaire’s minutes before falling asleep: The car they would buy, the mansion on that exotic beach, that extraordinary yacht, etc. It is also one of the favorite lucid dreams that many people are capable of self-inducing.

Some authors have determined that dreaming of being rich and powerful originates from people who are dissatisfied with their personal and work life.

Although they are not ashamed of their financial situation, they are frustrated at not being able to achieve the goals they wanted when they were young.

Perhaps many doors have closed before you, you have lost many opportunities to grow personally or financially.

On the contrary, other authors determine that dreaming of being rich and a millionaire originates from people who are greedy for power.

Also these dreams are interpreted in the following ways according to the context of the dream.

Dreaming of being a millionaire and you start squandering your wealth means that you do not value money enough. Nor do you value your material possessions. That abandoned car you have from the hit you gave in the mall is a clear example that you don’t give a damn.

Dreaming of being rich and a millionaire because you have won the lottery. You are an optimistic person but also somewhat deluded. You can read more about daydreaming. You’re waiting for hits of fortune to come to you.

You should know that you have to look for lucky breaks. You must have your feet on the ground and carve out your own destiny… there is very little chance of getting rich by waiting for a fortuitous blow.

Dream of being rich and a millionaire. Some authors mean that you have achieved your purposes and objectives. You are calm with what you have. Life has been good to you and you to it.

However, there are certain quirks that you would like to obtain: Dreaming of traveling, dreaming of jewels, dreaming of gold, dreaming of F1.

Dreaming of being rich and a millionaire. It may be that you are a very proud person with overwhelming self-confidence.

However, you give too much importance to material things. You tend to set goals that are too high and failure to achieve them produces a state of anxiety.

Dream of Being Rich – Symbolism

The dream in which you are rich and a millionaire has a meaning linked to illusion, like when you dream that you win the lottery, that the joy is already immense even though it cannot come true.

The best thing about this dream in which you enjoy your wealth and lack of financial concerns is the strength it gives you when you wake up.

As much as in the morning you find that your bank account continues to decline, the dream occurs to remind you that you can be successful in life. Maybe not in the form of millions, but wealth is not a matter of money.

You can take this dream of being rich and a millionaire as one more vital frustration. Let sadness fill your life and allow worries to keep you from being happy.

It happens to a lot of people. Like when they dream of a wonderful vacation and they break down when they realize that the alarm clock has gone off at the same time as usual and they have to go to work.

Or you can take this dream to see your life from another perspective. What if the dream has already come true and you haven’t realized it? No, sure you don’t have more money than yesterday, but you’re already rich.

The wealth of learning to be happy with the resources you have and the wealth that you get from maintaining the illusion of your dreams cannot be compared to material wealth.

Dreams that are related to money and wealth are, according to the dream interpretation, mostly related to inner values, wishes and hopes of the dreamer.

The interpretation of such dreams is therefore quite logical and, in comparison with other dream images, rather simple.

However, it is important to note that it makes a difference whether you dream of banknotes or coins. Because the nature of the money is also a not insignificant indication for the dream interpretation.

How one stands on the subject of money in real life only plays a limited role in dream interpretation.

Of course, exceptions confirm the rule, for example if a person is greedy and stingy in real life or has enormous financial worries that depress him, then it can be that his thoughts and worries haunt him in dreams.

Fundamentally, however, money is to be seen in dream analysis as an indicator of one’s own energies. Who has enough money (in a dream) is in reality largely satisfied with himself and his life, because he knows how to satisfy all his needs.

He knows how to manage his energies and can use talents in a targeted and efficient manner. Mostly the dream shows money in the form of bills, credit cards or comparable monetary items.

However, it is different if one dreams of coins. The respective material plays a role here. While copper coins reflect simple or hard work with unregulated or insecure income, shiny silver coins represent success in the professional field.

Gold coins, on the other hand, are mostly viewed as a treasure that is particularly valuable and promising. From this, previously undiscovered talents and unexpected opportunities for the realization of personal dreams can be interpreted.

And there are even more money variants – with even more possibilities of interpretation: Foreign coins, for example, indicate help, support or suggestions from an unexpected, often distant side. This can be material as well as spiritual and mental assistance.

The collecting of coins, on the other hand, shows in the dream analysis – contrary to what this old hobby suggests – the preoccupation with unusual matters that may be related to traditions and traditions or announce special experiences.

If the money increases in the dream, that does not mean a material gain. Rather, it is about inner values, be it new talents and skills that are discovered or a character trait that attracts more attention and appreciation.

The increase in money can also mean more energy. For example in that the dreaming develops spiritually and knows how to use this for himself. A money win in a dream can – in whatever form – herald an expected success in real life.

If an increase in financial means in the dream analysis generally means something positive, then a dream of loss of money should shake the dreaming awake. He should be more careful with his strengths, talents and possibilities.

If money is stolen from one in a dream, this warns of spiritual theft or that someone (or something) wants to rob you of energy and strength.

So it can be that someone implements an idea that he has stolen from the dreaming or he implements it before this can do it.

However, if the dreaming is himself the thief, this indicates that he is standing in his way in the implementation of his goals.

Especially for people who place a high value on their careers and social prestige, the interpretation of money also stands for the desire for power and influence.

Loss of money in the dream means in the case that power and influence can get in danger.


Many insist on denying it, money is so important in our lives that it often appears to us even in dreams.

Dreaming of being rich and a millionaire is a dream that unfortunately is not premonitory, although we would love it.

But it has an interpretation that may help you see life from another perspective.

Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of being rich and a millionaire.

You can dream it when you are asleep and when you are awake.

Can you imagine living without financial problems? It is all a dream, really, but in this case it is not a premonition or a vision of the future.