Dream of Being Chased by a Man – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming that someone is chasing us is quite common, in fact more than a dream it is considered a nightmare due to the distressing experience that it generates. Who is that person, animal or being? Why are you following us?

Dreaming that we are being persecuted can have different interpretations, one of the most common has to do with the fact that there may be something in your life that at this time of restlessness, a concern that haunts you and that should be resolved.

It can also be about an issue, conversation or relationship that you have left unfinished and that therefore now overwhelms you.

Dream of Being Chased by a Man – Meaning

The dream interpretation pursuit often recognizes problems in the symbol that sit on someone’s neck. To be pursued in the dream is a confrontation with unconscious fears, often caused by changes of the soul situation.

Steps in a dark alley: We run, run faster and faster, and the hunter also makes speed. With a pounding heart, we startle – a persecution dream has woken us from sleep.

If these dream images repeat themselves, there are mostly unresolved conflicts and problems behind them. The dream interpretation pursuit takes into account the aspects of personality when interpreting.

The dream symbol persecution appears very often during sleep and is mostly associated with an unpleasant feeling of fear. These dreams quickly grow into nightmares.

The general dream interpretation persecution sees in the dream motifs an indication of the desire to escape a situation or one’s own emotions.

The persecution dream reflects in most cases not overcome fears from which the dreaming cannot break away. A well-founded dream analysis requires a good power of observation and must illuminate the dream elements precisely.

Is your pursuer carrying a gun? Is something rushing you in your own house? Or are you going through a chase like in a psychological thriller? If the scene in your sleep shows a pursuer who cannot be shaken off, the dream symbol stands for something stressful that catches up with you again and again.

This persecution dream can indicate recurring fear or trauma that has only apparently been overcome. If a friend clings to your heels, the dream interpretation interprets persecution of this dream event as a warning of the sneakiness of a confidant.

If you experience a nerve-wracking chase in your sleep, the dream images often hide stress in your professional or private everyday life.

Above all, pressure to perform in the world of work is reflected in a persecution dream. The dream symbol can also refer to a partnership connection in which the dreaming feels like in a driven hunt in the trap.

In the dream interpretation chase, danger to life and fear of death represents a warning from dubious people who carelessly gamble away your trust.

A chase scene in your own house can indicate unpleasant surprises or unconscious thoughts. To be followed in the dream allows diverse interpretation options, but mostly the dreaming tries to suppress his fears or to suppress tensions.

Even in the psychological dream interpretation of persecution, the dream images symbolize fears that cannot be overcome. If you do not recognize in your sleep who or what is after you, an unknown fear is hidden in the subconscious that needs to be recognized.

If you deal more intensively with your emotions in real life, the next persecution dream will often provide you with clearer clues for running away.

If you know your persecutor, you should reconsider your relationship with that person in the waking world. Do you feel uncomfortable around this person? Or even pressured?

From a spiritual point of view, the persecution dream is a sign of fear of one’s own actions and fear of personal spirituality. Fears as to whether the behavior is correct with regard to the spiritual development are often reflected in dreams being pursued.

The dream interpretation pursuit has the sense to support the consciousness in order to relate the dream content to real life put. This is the only way you can find inner peace.

Spiritual dream experts combine your imagination with the dream images so that you can change the course of events and negative feelings for the better.

At first glance, a persecution dream is an uncomfortable dream sign because it is associated with deep-seated fear.

However, the dream interpretation chase and persecution harbors great opportunities to deal with his fears and grow with them.

Online dream lexicons are helpful tools for a rough classification of the dream images. However, only a qualified expert in dream work will give you a detailed interpretation. Would you like to know what your persecution dream means?

Experienced analysts can accurately describe the dream symbols. With their media skills such as clairvoyance or telepathy, they can explain what your dream means for you personally and what you can learn from it.

Dream of Being Chased by a Man – Symbolism

This dream can be a sign that tells us that it is time to act, to attend to what causes us anguish or to put an end to that issue that we have been dragging on for a long time.

If you dream that they are chasing you but that they finally cannot reach you and you escape, this situation can show that you are going through or will soon go through difficult situations that, however, you will be able to overcome successfully.

Addressing these problems and trying to find their prompt solution will be key to overcoming them without conflict.

This dream can also have another positive connotation, and that is that if you have successfully overcome recent difficulties, dreaming that they are chasing you and escaping can mean that you feel free and that a positive change will soon come in your life.

Sometimes whoever harasses us cannot reach us, but it is also possible that you dream that they chase you and reach you, it is just at that moment when we usually wake up anguished by the nightmare.

When the persecutor finally reaches you, it is interpreted as that the problem or situation from which you intend to escape is not being adequately resolved, either due to lack of attention on your part or because you are not using the appropriate means.

A common dream is to escape from a jail or a place where you are held captive, this dream reflects that you feel the need to make a change in your life, to escape from some specific situation in your real life with which you feel uncomfortable: a love or friendship relationship, a job that you do not like, a person that overwhelms you.

Analyzing what is this situation that makes us “feel prisoners” will be important to overcome it. In the event that you are fleeing from an animal then the connotation is positive, it is an omen of good luck that tells us that we will achieve that goal that we set for ourselves, that we will achieve what we have in mind.

Despite being a distressing dream, it does not have a negative connotation.

Pursuit dreams are the kind of nightmares almost everyone has had. Nightmares, in which the dreaming is pursued in the dream and flees, usually symbolize the escape from certain situations and feelings.

There is a feeling of fear associated with being hunted. In most persecution dreams, the persecuted person fails to shake off his persecutor.

Most of these dreams end with the fact that the dreaming is overtaken or the escape route is cut off by a gorge or a high wall. He doesn’t get any further at this point and is caught up by his pursuer.

The dreaming is in a situation of threat and fear of something, what he wanted to let go or leave behind, what now catches up with him again.

Dreams of persecution are generally about the fact that the dreaming is on the run from something. The dreaming runs in fear of death for his life and of course does not want to be caught, because the pursuer scares him very much.

Only in the rarest of cases can the persecuted person escape in a dream. Most of the time he runs blindly in one direction and no matter how fast he tries to run and how hard he tries, the pursuer stays on his heels.

The chase usually has a lot of energy, the chase can drag on for what feels like an eternity. The end of a typical nightmare of persecution by others is usually a negative ending to the chase.

Either the dreaming is caught up with or he arrives at the end of the escape route from which it no longer goes on for him. At this point he is in an even more hopeless situation, because he simply cannot escape the pursuer.

The pursuer can have several meanings as a dream symbol. Examples would be relapsing into discarded, unpleasant behaviors, recurring fears or traumas believed to have been overcome.

The interpretation of dreams of persecution is extremely complex. There is no such thing as “the classic dream of persecution”, but an incredible number of variations that have different meanings and for which different dream symbols are characteristic.

Fundamentally, however, a persecution dream is almost always about not being able to escape one’s (mostly unconscious) fears.

In order to find out the meaning of such a nightmare, it must first be determined what or who exactly pursues the dreaming.

The symbol of the persecutor provides further clues as to the meaning of the dream itself. If the dreaming does not know who or what is following him, the interpretation is relatively problematic.

It concerns here a still unknown fear, something that the dreaming has to fathom and identify. In the waking world, he should wonder what the trigger could be. The fear that triggered the escape reflex has to be made tangible somehow.

By thinking about it, the persecution dreams may not stop, but they will probably change so that the dreaming gets further clues from his subconscious in the dream and can finally identify the persecutor.

If the persecuted in the dream knows his persecutor, he has to find out the meaning of the symbol suitable for himself.

If the persecutor is a shadowy being or simply a shadow whose shape cannot be clearly determined, the meaning usually lies in the fact that traumas or other bad experiences that were believed to have been overcome come up again. The long repressed reappears. One can also say that the shadow of the past tries to catch up with the dreaming again.

As a consequence the dreaming should think about whether he has really overcome the experience or only repressed it. The dream is to be understood here as a hint from the subconscious to really process what has been repressed, to face one’s memories and to overcome what has been experienced.

But it can also mean that the dreaming has an unconscious fear of something that could still happen to him. In this case the dreaming should find out what this could be.

If the pursuer is a madman, this always indicates that the dreaming is not at peace with himself and his feelings.

Animals usually represent emotions and instinctual behaviors. He may suppress certain feelings and be afraid to face them or to allow them to happen. The type of animal is of great importance.

If the persecutor takes for example the symbol of a wolf, the meaning can be that the dreaming is afraid of the characteristics with which wolves are mainly associated.


Psychology identifies in the dream interpretation chase or persecution relationship and behavioral patterns that indicate negative experiences in the past. This can be a repressed trauma from childhood. If your life partner appears to be followed in the dream, it can also be about sexual insecurities or the fear of vulnerability.

If you chase shadow beings in your sleep, the dream symbol is often an expression of emotional threats in the future

If you are chased by monsters or something enormous, the psychological dream interpretation associates persecution with avoiding a confrontation with seemingly overwhelming difficulties.